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Lsantegaru: VOA with Gebru and Mehari on current issue- May 2019


Andafta TV: Attack on all Doctors by Abiy Govt!



DW TV: With Author Kahsay Abraha


DW TV:Waldba- Part2


What a time! things we should have seen on the federal level is being staged in Mekelle! Amazing!




DW TV Documentary- City Developments in Tigrai - May 2019.


Award-Winning Photographer Showcases Ethiopia's Church Forests.


የጉሙዝ እናት
ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ5-6-19



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Ethiopia hit by power cuts

There are reports of massive power cuts across Ethiopia, affecting homes and businesses. The government is said to be rationing power but has not confirmed this nor explained the reasons behind the power cuts. The BBC Amharic's Kalkidan Yibeltal is in Addis Ababa.
If the fast-growing economy of the past was still continuing, the current shortage of energy could have been explained, but the economy is not growing under the Abiy government! In fact, the Abiy government has disrupted effectively the construction industry. It has crippled many mega projects and has killed the export industry. Abiy himself has assured the country that he is good at begging and not to worry! Now, where is he going to beg power from? From Egypt you say! Abiy do you understand why Hedase Dam was necessary now?

Understanding the Value of Negotiations...

Yohannes Gebresellasie (Ph.d) Addis Ababa 5-16-19 - As the wheels of time turn, generations come and go and so do their institutions and system of governance with which they are remembered. With a bit of luck, some countries get (somewhere in their history) generations that are able to establish effective institutions with capable leadership. Others happen to be in the opposite situation and their leaders fail to form a common national interest.

'Go and we die, stay and we starve': the Ethiopians facing a deadly dilemma
(The Guardian) - Last week, a car rolled through the town of Gedeb in southern Ethiopia, flanked by federal police. A local official made an announcement to roughly 150,000 people who, displaced from their homes, have sought sanctuary in makeshift camps in the town and across the surrounding farmland. In two days' time, they were told through a loudspeaker, their shelters - mostly built of firewood, banana leaves and the odd tarpaulin sheet - would be demolished.

Does Abiy have the gut for genuine change? Or is he saving his party?

(Serbessa K. ) May 14th, 2019 - The current Ethiopian prime minster Abiy Ahmed was a child soldier, intelligence officer and political operatives with in the TPLF led EPRDF regime. He is "considered" the most educated of Ethiopian leaders to assume Premiership position (Phd holder) in the last 40 years.

የትራምፕና ገዱ ውሎ
አልማዝ በዳኔ5-15-19

Travel Advisory Issued for Ethiopia

May 14th, 2019 - A Level 2 Travel Advisory has been issued by the US Department of State for the African country of Ethiopia. This new 'Exercise Increased Caution' Advisory was issued on May 13, 2019, and is related to civil unrest and communications disruptions in Ethiopia.
When it comes to their own citizens they are very well guarded, the same cannot be true when it comes to Ethiopians! It is all different matter when it comes to Ethiopians who are living in misery - didn't the US Ambassador praise Ethiopia's development over the past year the other day?
See Also from (The Economist): --- After drought, famine and war, ethnic conflict now plagues Ethiopia

Beware! "A buffer overflow vulnerability in WhatsApp VOIP stack allowed remote code execution via a specially crafted series of SRTCP packets sent to a target phone number.
Affected Versions: The issue affects WhatsApp for Android prior to v2.19.134, WhatsApp Business for Android prior to v2.19.44, WhatsApp for iOS prior to v2.19.51, WhatsApp Business for iOS prior to v2.19.51, WhatsApp for Windows Phone prior to v2.18.348, and WhatsApp for Tizen prior to v2.18.15. Last Updated: 2019-05-13...More WhatsApp exploit let attackers install government-grade spyware on phones

The Gumuz People Massacre -The Roles of the Social Media Activists and the Media

Makonnen Tesfaye, 14 May 2019 - The now widely evidenced massacre of hundreds of Gumuz people orchestrated and coordinated by ANM's and ADP's Amhara supremacists, is a dark episode in the annals of Ethiopian history, and as such must be condemned by all Ethiopian peoples and by the Federal and Regional Governments. Moreover, the perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to face justice.

JOINDER: "How Did Ethiopia Get from There to Here"

Muluken Yitbarek May 12, 2018 - I read an article post "How Did Ethiopia Get from There to Here: Questioning the Current Narrative" authored by Elias Dawit. He has followed his narrative with the second part as promised (part 2). The writer unmistakably elucidates the role of one of the key actors; explore the reasons behind and the underlying assumptions of contemporary Ethiopia. As to my knowledge the article states something that is necessary, verifiable, and attainable.

How Did We Get From "There" to "Here":Part 2(Who is Getachew Assefa?)

Elias Dawit 5-10-19 - In Part 1 of "How Did We Get from There to Here," I argued that Ethiopia's current narrative is flawed and built on the aspirations of external political actors, such as former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Donald Yamamoto. It is a simple narrative of good guys and bad guys. In Part 2, I look at the person Prime Minister Abiy has identified as the primary bad guy in this scenario--Getachew Assefa, former head of the National Intelligence Security Services (NISS).
See Also: Part 1

An Oral History of Trump's Bigotry
The first quotation from Donald Trump ever to appear in The New York Times came on October 16, 1973. Trump was responding to charges filed by the Justice Department alleging racial bias at his family’s real-estate company. "They are absolutely ridiculous," Trump said of the charges. "We have never discriminated, and we never would."

US deporting more people to Eritrea -- a country it says tortures, kills its citizens
As the U.S. remains locked in a debate over asylum seekers from Central America, lawyers and advocacy groups say they are seeing an alarming uptick in deportations to the African nation of Eritrea -- a country that President Donald Trump's government acknowledges arbitrarily imprisons and tortures its own citizens. The plight of Eritrean refugees, while relatively small...

Blessing or Curse: Proliferation of Parties in Tigray

Yohannes Aberra (PhD) 5-12-19 Billy Ocean, the celebrated rock star sang a song in the 1980s. It goes like this: "When the going gets tough, the tough gets going". We all agree that the going is getting tough for Tigray. We also agree that Tigray must not fail as a result. It follows logically that those that can lead Tigray out must be those that can endure the challenges ...

Statement from Sidama born Ethiopian Diaspora Communities

May 12, 2019 - Sidama born Ethiopian Diaspora Communities held their Global wide extraordinary meeting on 9th May 2019 to deliberate on the status of the implementation of the choice and decision of the people of sidama according to the constitutional rights of the people of sidama and the peace and the deteriorating political Situation of the current Ethiopia.

Global Report on Internal Displacement 2019
This year's GRID focuses on urban internal displacement and presents new evidence on the humanitarian and development challenges presented by displacement to, between and within towns and cities."Ethiopia, DR Congo and Syria accounted for more than half of the 10.8 million new displacements triggered by conflict and violence in 2018. There were 28 million new displacements associated with conflict and disasters across 148 countries and territories in 2018."

This Call symbolizes the launching of a new academic journal called the Journal of Tigraian Culture and Development. Details about the Journal are available at Public inauguration of the Journal will be colorfully celebrated in a conference up on the publication of its first issue – hopefully in the historic City of Axum, Ethiopia.

The story of Oromo slaves bound for Arabia who were brought to South Africa
In September 1888, the HMS Osprey serving in the Royal Navy's anti-slave trade mission in the Red Sea, based in Aden, intercepted three dhows embarked from Rahayta and Tadjoura on the Ethiopia coast.Aboard were 204 boys and girls bound for resale in Arabian markets.

Freweini's Story
I was born and raised in a small town in rural Ethiopia. I come from a family of 8 - 3 boys and 5 girls. I am the 7th child, the youngest daughter. My parents never went to school but my dad learned how to read and write through the church. My father was hard-working and he was only 12 years old when he moved to start a life on his own in a city near his village.

Rotating the Governance of the Capital City of the Zones in the Regional State of Tigray
Desta, Asayehgn, 5-8-19 - After more than two decades of remarkable economic achievement, it is discouraging to notice that currently, Ethiopia is undergoing major social upheavals and economic crises. As MacDiarmid (September 12, 2018) aptly states, around mid- 2018, more than 2.6 million Ethiopians were displaced. Sadly, these Ethiopians now occupy downtrodden shelters, churches, and depleted homes.

The Uses and Abuses of "Neoliberalism"
Neoliberalism is the linguistic omnivore of our times, a neologism that threatens to swallow up all the other words around it. Twenty years ago, the term "neoliberalism" barely registered in English-language debates. Now it is virtually inescapable, applied to everything from ...

The Southwest Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples Democratic Movement (SWE-IPDM) strongly condemns the current escalating massacre against the marginalized indigenous Gumuz people
The Southwest Ethiopia Indigenous Peoples Democratic Movement (SWE-IPDM) strongly condemns the current escalating massacre against the marginalized indigenous Gumuz people of Benishangul Gumuz region.It is sad reminder of informed Ethiopian government's extermination measure practices to extinct already endanger indigenous populations...

ሁለት ሰዎች ተመሳሰሉበኝ
ከዘመድኩን ዘሪሁን 5-7-19

Ethiopia Region Demands Probe Into Killings Near Sudan Border
(bloomberg) - International investigators should probe the killings of more than 200 people in Ethiopia amid a territorial dispute near the Sudanese border, a regional official said.The violence occurred on Friday in Agew Awi Zone in Amhara state, according to Adigo Amsaya, the deputy president of neighboring Benishangul-Gumuz state.

How to spot a liar - even if he isn't a cabinet minister
To be perfectly honest, this seems to be a prime time for lies, mistruths and pants on fire. We have to navigate fake news constantly, while dodging conspiracy theorists, antivaxxers and misleading anti-abortion activists on social media. Last week, the Washington Post calculated that Donald Trump had told his...

Constitutional backsliding in Ethiopia?
Tesfai Dirar 5-7-19 - This paper examines whether there have been symptoms of constitutional retrogression in Ethiopia since April 2, 2018. It draws on two of the five indicators of constitutional retrogression that Huq and Ginsberg (2018) identified. These are centralization and politicization of executive power and shrinking of the public sphere. April 2, 2018 is important because that was the date Ethiopia's current Prime Minister took power...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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