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Chinese military lasers injure US military pilots in Africa
(CNN)Chinese personnel at the country's first overseas military base in Djibouti have been using lasers to interfere with US military aircraft at a nearby American base, activity that has resulted in injuries to US pilots and prompted the US to launch a formal diplomatic protest with Beijing, two military officials told CNN.
We can only hope and pray the recent internal EPRDF debacle and the long civil disturbance has not diminished Ethiopia's readiness for any eventuality in the Horn of Africa! The region is certainly becoming a hotbed for terrorists as well as superpowers.The least Ethiopia should do is strengthen its military readiness to balance its diplomatic influence!

Potentially the China of Africa
Ewnetu Haile 05-03-18 - The Growth and Transformation Plan Ethiopia designed to push its economy into lower middle-income status by 2025 bear in them a transition from an agrarian economy to an industrial one. In line with that goal, the country has been striving to draw in foreign investment to boost the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Western hypocrisy on human rights
Bereket Gebru 05-03-18 - Numerous western governments and NGOs produce reports on human rights conditions in countries all around the world. These reports generally label the developing world as major violators of human rights while depicting the developed as the guardians of these rights all across the world.

ናይማን ወርቂ ህዝቢ!
ስምረት ገ/ዚጊ 05-03-18

Daawwannaa Dr.Abiy fi Federaalizimii keenya!
Hiikaa Margaatiin 05-03-18 - Biyyattiin Itiyoophiyaa kun biyya buraanburreedha. Biyya sabaa fi sab-lammoota fi Uummataoota gosa 80 ol qabduudhas. Lammileen kunneenis aadaa, duudhaa fi afaan mataa isaanii kan qabanii dha. Sabaa fi sab-lammoonni biyya kanaa waggoottan dheeraadhaafis kabajaaf jaalalaan uummata waliin jiraachaa jiruudha.

የሰላም ተምሳሌት!
ነጻነት አምሃ 05-03-18

The Challenge for Ethiopia's New Leader: Unleash the Economy
Premier Abiy Ahmed inherited what the International Monetary Fund ranks as Africa's fastest-growing economy when he took office in early April. But he also confronts the biggest challenges to the ruling coalition's power in a quarter-century as sporadic unrest against its authoritarian rule and inter-communal violence threaten the federal structure of Ethiopia...

Ethiopia, Djibouti May Swap Stakes in Airlines, Ports, Telecoms
Ethiopia and Djibouti agreed to swap stakes in strategic public enterprises including airlines, ports and telecommunications companies, as the Horn of Africa neighbors pursue deeper economic integration.The deal would include exchanges of shares in Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise, Africa's biggest carrier by revenue, Djiboutian Finance Minister Ilyas Dawaleh said in an interview.

የጠል ደመና እንዳይሆን!
ቶሎሳ ኡርጌሳ 05-02-18

Ethiopia's largest hydro dam 66 pct complete: official
ADDIS ABABA, May 2 (Xinhua) -- Africa's largest hydro dam project, the 6,450 MW Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), is 66 percent complete, an Ethiopian official has said. Bizuneh Tolcha, Director of Public Relations said on Saturday the construction of the hydro project is going well and is expected to start partial test power generation soon.

Why are looted Ethiopian treasures still in Britain?
Ethiopia's government is calling for the return of cultural artefacts plundered 150 years ago by British military forces. The relics, some of which are currently on display at London's Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), were stolen in 1868 after the Battle of Maqdala, in which British troops raided the fortress of Abyssinian Emperor Tewodros II

ሶሪ ገመዳ 05-02-18

Guddinni Itiyoophiyaa itti fufeera
Tokkummaa Biyyaa tiin 05-01-18 - Akka biyyaatti yeroo waa’een guddina biyya kanaa dubbatamu faayidaa siyaasaa fi piroppogaandaa dhaaf waan dubbatamu namatti waan fakkaatuuf guddina jiru amanuun namatti ulfaata.

Remembering Ethiopian Patriarch Abuna Paulos - Princeton Years!!
On April 20, Dr. Karlfried Froehlich delivered the 2018 Frederick Neumann Memorial Lecture, delving into the Princeton years of Ethiopian Patriarch Abuna Paulos. Listen now on SoundCloud to learn more about His Holiness’ time at Princeton Theological Seminary.
See Also:  Princeton Years of the Ethiopian Patriarch Abuna Paulos (1936–2012)

China's Challenge to Democracy
The democratic cause is on the defensive today, and China’s pragmatic authoritarianism now offers a serious rival model, based on economic progress and national dignity.In his 1992 book “The End of History and the Last Man,” Francis Fukuyama famously declared the triumph of liberal democracy as the model of governance toward which all of humankind was heading.

Ethiopian Wins 2018 Africa’s Outstanding Food Services Award
Addis Ababa, April 30, 2018 - Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased to announce that it has won the 2018 'Africa's Outstanding Food Services by a Carrier' Award as voted by PAX International readers,...

Ethiopia Mulls Fertilizer Plant Tender as Army Deal Reviewed
Ethiopia’s government may cancel a contract for a fertilizer plant awarded to its military-industrial conglomerate and offer it to international tender, the Public Enterprises Ministry said.The possible revision of the contract is the latest sign that Ethiopia’s new prime minister...[The revolutionary democrats should know China's development was not without its shortcomings!China has seen many failures during its economic transformation revolution! The neo-liberal does not like the developmental state model nor a black African nation developing its own know-how capacity!The neo-liberal always favors private companies and no surprise why this news is news at all! It is heralding the demise of an institution that could one day be the source of many indigenous industrial companies! Ethiopia will win in the end if it develops its own capacity to manage big projects regardless how it fights corruption! ]

Ethiopia renews efforts to return stolen artifacts
ADDIS ABABA, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Ethiopia has renewed its decade-old demand for 468 looted artifacts stored in British museums to be permanently repatriated. The artifacts were looted by Imperial British forces after their victory over an Ethiopian king, Emperor Tewodros I, in 1868 in Meqdela, northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia's Prime Minister Shows Knack for Balancing Reform and Continuity
Dr Abiy Ahmed faces an enormous challenge in satisfying the huge range of expectations from different constituencies clamouring for representation in Ethiopia’s multi-faceted ethnic federation.New prime minister Dr Abiy Ahmed is likely to enjoy a honeymoon period - and seems early on to have persuaded many he can bring stability, unity and reform to the country... By far the most readable and fair assessment of all the commentaries by outsiders!

Mekelle City Reportage on Chemical and Garbage Waste Environmental Hazards
Reportage on Chemical and Garbage Waste Environmental Hazards near and around Kebel 18 Mekelle City. Deputy Mayor of Mekelle explains the problem....+Audio Aigaforum April 27, 2018

Daawwannaa Zaayid Ra'aad Al-Huseenii fi Abdii Itiyoophiyaa
Hiikaa Margaatiin 27-04-18 - Dhaabbata Mootummoota Gamtoomaniitti, Komiishinarri Ol’aanaan Komiishinii Mirgoota Namoomaa kan ta’an Zaayid Ra’aad Al-Huseen guyyoota Afuriif waa’ee qabiinsa Mirga Namoomaa qorachuuf Itiyoophiyaa turuun isaanii ni yaadatama.

U.S. official pledges closer economic, security ties with Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, April 27 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Yamamoto wrapped up his three East African nations tour on Friday here with a pledge to boost economic and security ties with Ethiopia.

Ethiopia in bid to create SUPER CHICKENS using ALL breeds in the world
Through 20 years of crossbreeding, Ethiopian scientists, in conjunction with an unlikely ally in the form of Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, are close to breeding the best chickens the world has ever seen.

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