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6th Year Anniversary Of GERD-London May 2017


Dimtsi Woyane Interview with Hara gebeya - Weldia -Mekelle rail project manager Gebremedhin Gebrealif. Aite Gebremedhin said the project is still ongoing and the rumor about cancellation is simply a rumor! He also said there is movement of workers from station to station according to the need!


Ethiopia among top 10 countries to invest in Africa


Mesfin Bezu on ESAT Lies!


Hawassa Industrial Park when Completed in Full will Provide jobs to 100,000 people in Ethiopia Such development in short span would not have been possible with a weak federal government and with weak politicians and ministers afraid to stand tall against detractors!We need more people who made such development a reality!


Precious Stones from Tigrai - Ethiopia.

"Dingayamaw Meret" is giving up it secrets one by the beginning it gave...


ACP 1-on-1: Ethiopian Ambassador Teshome Toga Chanaka


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Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.
INSA Signs Eutelsat Capacity for TV Platform in Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency (INSA) has inked a multi-year contract with Eutelsat Communications for capacity at its 7/8 degrees west neighborhood, which serves satellite TV in the Middle East and North Africa. INSA will use the capacity for its new TV platform, Ethiosat, which just launched.

Interlink between urban and rural development
Bereket Gebru 05-10-17 - Speeding up rural development is vital for urban development. A stronger purchasing power for 85% of the population, farmers, creates a bigger market for small to large enterprises.

How Ethiopia's flagship textile and apparel park is taking shape
The Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP) – the flagship facility in the government's vision to grow Ethiopia production hub and a blueprint for similar parks across the country – is taking shape, as juststyle's managing editor Leonie Barrie found on a recent visit.Leading the Ethiopian government's longterm vision for economic growth that taps into the country's huge potential workforce and low labour costs...
An Epic milestone for apparel made in Ethiopia

Wolrd Leaders Testament on Dr Tedros Achievements

Dr Tedros is a very well known former Ethiopian government official. He has served as Health Minister  and Foreign Minister before becoming a candidate for WHO. The following are few quotes from two former presidents of the United States of America as well as a former  British high official...More

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights visits Ethiopia
T. Desta May 08, 2017 - The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid bin Ra'ad Zeid Al Hussein, made a three-day official visit to Ethiopia this week (May 2-4). He came at the invitation of the Government and during his visit, he met with Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn;Foreign Minister, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu...

RSADO regarding the indiscriminate airstrike on the Red Sea Afar civilians
RASDO 05-09-17 - Rasdo is strongly outraged by the series of deliberate deadly aerial attacks on a Red Sea Afar Civilian fishing boats inside Eritrean territorial water by UAE forces stationed in Assab...

Critical Mind for Critical Times
Amen Teferi 05-09-17 - The theme of this year's world press freedom day astutely fits both Ethiopia’s and the world’s situations. “Critical Mind for Critical Times: Media's role in advancing peaceful just and inclusive societies was the theme of the 2017 World Press Freedom Day

Mauritius Is The Fastest Growing Wealth Market In Africa, Ethiopia Second
As part of the just released ‘AfrAsia Bank Africa 2017 Wealth Report’ published by New World Wealth in association with AfrAsia Bank, we reviewed the fastest growing wealth markets in Africa.

Indonesian textile industry facing competition from Ethiopia
The government's effort to lure textile manufacturers away from China to the archipelago is facing a rising threat from East African country Ethiopia, which is offering companies a competitive cost structure.

‹‹ራዕይ 2020››
ስሜነህ 05-08-17

Illusion or Reality: Is the town of Adwa growing in Leaps and bounds?
Professor Asayehgn Desta 05-07-17 - On March 1, 1896 Ethiopian patriots achieved an unprecedented triumph against Italy’s aggressive colonization at the Battle of Adwa. It is exciting to know that the honorable Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Ato Haile Mariam Desalgne has laid down a commemorative monument dedicated ..

ሚዲያውን የማጎልበት ስራ !!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 05-08-17

Manufacturing in Mekelle signaling environmental concerns
Mulumar Kiros  May 7, 2017 - I had the pleasure of travelling to Mekelle, the seat of the Tigray Regional State, last week and the Southern Zone of the region on a five-day fieldwork assignment. Before landing at Ras Alula Aba Nega Airport, I glanced down at the northern star only to get astonished ...

A New Dam on the Nile Reveals Threats from Warming
If countries don’t actively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, rainfall patterns over the Nile could change drastically, according to a new study published in Nature Climate Change.The study finds that countries in the basin might need to build more storage capacity—dams, essentially—to deal with the increase in flow and variability... Here is a perfect scientific study that helps Ethiopia's case for a win-win solution yet Egyptian stooges passing as experts are spinning the issue to favor Egypt! Sad!(Tizibit Nuw Terfu!)

In Ethiopia, UN rights chief urges authorities for greater freedoms; space for critical voices
4 May 2017 – Speaking to the press during his mission to Ethiopia, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today highlighted the need for greater and freer civic space, with “broader latitude for the contributions of critical or dissenting views” to decision-making in the country.

Note from our reader:- I am not a constitutional expert... Nevertheless, in order to invoke discussion on this issue, it is appropriate to read a recent article, which appeared in Foreign In my humble opinion, AA belongs to all Ethiopians and one nationality shouldn’t have an exclusive right. For example, the Australian Capital Territory can be used as a case study...Australian_Capital_Territory or close to Africa is Abuja was built in 1980 ...Abuja
Some countries do have multiple capitals and this option should be also be open for discussion... List_of_countries_with_multiple_capitals

Gov’t denies draft papers on Oromia, Addis Ababa relationship
A draft proclamation and a concept paper regarding Oromia's special interest in Addis Ababa surfaced online last weekend. HornAffairs published the draft proclamation and a summary at the time. We have now also published the concept paper as a matter of record. [Denying the draft exist on technical terms will not solve the perceived issue at hand! This draft, if it has passed its initial concept stage, must be discussed in a transparent manner going forward so extremist will not hijack it similar to the Addis Master Plan!The govt needs to handle this matter with care. Hiding or imposing the law at the end will not be helpful! Oromia regional has the right to request a law be enacted to regulate its interest in Addis and surroundings and the Federal govt must make sure the law is constitutional and does not infringe on other peoples and nations and nationalities rights! ]
Thanks Horn Affairs for publishing the Study Paper.

Ethiopia sets its sights on $30bn apparel exports
Ethiopia is raising the bar on its garment and textile ambitions, targeting exports worth $30bn by 2025: a huge goal for a country whose annual shipments currently sit at just $115m. Speaking for the first time about the plans, Dr Arkebe Oqubay, a minister and special advisor to Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, shares...

Drought mitigation: Lessons from Ethiopia
Ethiopia, at the forefront of preventing and reducing drought risks, offers lessons to prepare for future challenges, writes the Embassy of Ethiopia to the EU. Ethiopia is one of several African states in the Horn of Africa and East Africa suffering from drought, but has more resources and infrastructure to cope than many.

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.


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