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Current Events

US State Department confirms that Undersecretary Sherman’s recent remarks regarding the Ethiopian Government and the opposition reflect the US Government position.



African Diplomat Of the Year 2015 UK



Ben's Point of View: 28 Apr 2015


Ethiopia Open for Business


Analyst Abdul Mohammed with Tefera Gedamu


Getnet Eneyew powerful poem Egnaw Nen


Eritrea: Escape from modern-day Sparta
An estimated 305,000 Eritreans, or five per cent of the population, have left the country, making them one of the largest groups of migrants into Europe



News, Analysis & Articles

The Chicken Come Home to Roost
Yebio Woldemariam 05/02/15 - Lets face it, the refugee/illegal migration problem so ‘compassionately’ featured in the world today is the symptom of the political and economic malice gripping the many peoples in the South...

Why your next food porn will come from Ethiopia
(CNN)Ethiopian food may still be a niche cuisine across the globe, but that might not be the case for long. From Washington, D.C. to London, Ethiopian restaurants are earning awards and accolades.
Yemen in Crisis
Author: Zachary Laub, Online Writer/Editor Updated: April 29, 2015


ራዕድን ሽበራን ስልጡን ፖለቲካዊ መስርሕ ኣይኮነን.....ማሕበር ተጋሩ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ (ማተሰኣ) ኤፕሪል 30/2015

The Vicious Circle of Ethiopian and Eritrea
Tibebe Solomon 5-1-15
Lift up your Heads Ethiopians: You are the Greatest People that Ever Walked the face of Earth
Tecola W Hagos 5-1-15 [Dear Tecola, Ethiopia's number one enemy at the moment is poverty. In order to defeat poverty Ethiopia has designed a foreign policy that is less likely to cause friction with other countries. Do you want us to remain poor, destitute and illiterate and yet a proud ancient Ethiopia? Or do you have a plan to fight, be it diplomatically or with arms, with any ignorant and anti-people government around Africa and Arabia, and still defeat poverty? Dear Tecola, not sure if you are really aware but Meles is gone...instead of fighting his legacy make your own legacy that we can remember you like Meles'. You are a scholar, an intellectual, the product of renowned institutions, and I am sure, you can do a lot more than what you are doing...check mating Al Mariam is the least I expect from you since that man is not worth your time. Let him live in his wishful utopian! ....Zeru Hagos 05-01-15]
The United States’ irresponsible praise of Ethiopia’s regime
It is highly probable the statement from the editorial board was done to please some of the institutions acting "guardian of democracy in Africa" and third world countries in general and there is nothing to do to convince them otherwise when it comes to their view on Ethiopia...but they must be told they are wrong nonetheless. Please login and leave your comment and educate them about Ethiopia's progress towards becoming full fledged democratic country in short time unlike the USA that is still struggling to make democracy work after 300 years!
Ethiopias stellar growth: Lessons for Kenya – and perhaps South Africa
Over the last decade, Ethiopia has emerged as one of the fastest-growing – perhaps THE fastest-growing – economies in Africa. Even though “double-digit” growth has become something of an official mantra, independent appraisals still put it at over 10 percent from 2003-13....More
Chinese company to build tallest building in E. Africa
The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has signed an agreement with the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) for the plan to build a 198-meter building for CBE's headquarters in Ethiopia, which is expected to be the tallest structure in East Africa.A signing ceremony of the 46-storey building was held on Tuesday at CBE's head office in the capital Addis Ababa
Good news on basic service provision in Ethiopia
Bereket Gebru 04-29-15 Just days after the mass killings of Garissa University College that claimed the lives of more than 150 people, I was surprised to read an article by Mwaura Samora entitled “Kenya canot, wont be Ethiopia.” ...

A rejoinder on “Kenya Can’t and Won’t be Ethiopia”
Meles A. 04-30-15 J

Government Ready to Sue Over 100 People including Semaywi Party Members!..... Reporter April 29, 2015
Too bad Kenya canot be Ethiopia, it badly needs to!
Bereket Gebru 04-29-15 Just days after the mass killings of Garissa University College that claimed the lives of more than 150 people, I was surprised to read an article by Mwaura Samora entitled “Kenya canot, wont be Ethiopia.” ...
Comment on Akilog Birara: Any Relative?
Wuletaw from Seattle 4-29-15

How Ethiopia Managed To Ward Off Terror Attacks
Tsehay Adugna 04-28-15 - The terrorist group Al-Shabaab conducted one of the worst attacks on civilians this month. On Thursday, April 2, 2015, masked gunmen from Al-Shabaab stormed...
Camels March, Dogs Bark
Desta B. Sbhatu 04-28-15 - One of the instruments that ensure and sustain the unity and overall transformation of Ethiopians is democratic election – that put required tools that promote...
Ethiopia Ponders Stiffer Penalties for Human Smuggling
Ethiopia is drafting a new law to stiffen punishments for human trafficking in an attempt to stem a wave of dangerous migrations to Europe, the Ministry of Justice said.
The Voice For The Voiceless
Maryihun Tsegay, APRIL 2015 - The current and burning issue that has overwhelmingly taken a wider area coverage of the print and electronic media of the world is the satanic and barbaric deeds of the ISIS ...

Ethiopia: Update on ISIL Killings of Innocent Ethiopians and Current Events
Aigaforum April 27, 2015 (edited) As you all know Ethiopia declared three days of mourning to remember those killed by the evil force ISIL. Although no one for sure knows why the evil force killed innocent refugees and emigrants, it is widely believed,
The Moral Turpitude of Semayawi Party
Ezana Sehay 4/27/2015 - The most important thing to understand about extremism in general and political extremism in particular, is it is infinitely malleable
Comments on the debates by Ethiopian Parties for the upcoming election
Selam Ethiopia 04-27-15
ISIS In Libya Update: Egypt Reportedly Readying Assault On Islamic State Group Positions
Egypt reportedly is preparing a large-scale ground and air assault along the Libyan border to oust the Islamic State group from eastern Libya... [Ethiopia should use all its means to help Egypt succeed!!].

አክራሪነትና ተቃዋሚው ....እውነቱ ነጋ 04-27-15

Ethiopia predicts record $1.5bn overseas direct investment in 2015

Foreign direct investment into Ethiopia will reach a record $1.5bn this year, on the back of successful efforts by the fast-growing and populous African country to attract overseas manufacturing companies.
Flight Clearance Protocols Forced President Kenyatta Back,
Harambee One, the Kenya Airforce Fokker 70 carrying the Head of State, is said not to have been cleared on Ethiopian airspace over clearance. Long standing hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia mean that one cannot access Eritrea through Ethiopia....[Unless there is new development that warrants extra measures in the area the Kenyans should have been aware of any existing restriction in the area mentioned!]
East Africa’s economic cooperation now includes electricity

VENTURES AFRICA – Regional integration has been a significant driver of East Africa’s economic boom in the past decade. Keen to extend this synergy, Ethiopia and Rwanda have announced plans to trade electricity between themselves
International experts analyze impacts of Ethiopian dam
The report raises five technical issues that require resolution. First, the GERD will join the Aswan High Dam as a second large reservoir on the Nile River. Egypt and Ethiopia need to formulate a plan for coordinating the operation of these two dams,..[This is not the latest study/report! Nonetheless be informed!]

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To those Interested to own and build a house in Ethiopia. The government is ready to start the process. Check your Embassy websites for more info. Those of you in the New York Area check the following announcement from the Ethiopian UN Mission in New York.

ET UN Mission Announcement on Housing Process Start Date and More...

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