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Eritrean Diplomat Abandoned the Dying Regime: Asks Asylum in Ethiopia!


Ethiopia is grateful to have Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi. He has been the most significant investor who has contributed towards Ethiopia's economic success to date. However there are many issues heard all over Addis about the ills of Midroc such as : Why is the Millennium Hall still standing when the plan was to build a modern convention center in its place...Why are many of the prime real estate's held by Midroc still empty? There are more issues but decided not to post them here since they could simply be rumors. Though Midroc is privately owned not obliged to disclose anything to the public, Dr Arega could do a lot of good to the good name of Sheikh Al Amoudi and the Ethiopian government if he can explain some of the issues to the public! The issues are there so much so govt officials are dismissing each others decision when it comes to Midroc!


Ethiopia beyond Addis Ababa - Know Mayor Somiya of MekaneSelam and Wollo University
Interview with Wollo University President - May 2015

Interview with Mayor Somiya of Mekaneselam -Wollo May 2015


Andargachew third meeting with British Ambassador: He told the ambassador he could not be more happy with the way he is treated!

After listening to the audio we wonder if there is something in the offing! Why is Andargachew getting such privileges? Are there not other individuals put in jail because they were foot soldiers of Andargachew with lesser crime that are not getting such privileges? We had like to think there is reasonable explanation to this but...!

Andy Strolling along the New Toll Addis-Adama Highway- Addis Ababa (courtesy of

We were ask if we can post this to remind "esteemed" ESAT listeners and viewers that Andargachew is well and doing fine. Apparently ESAT has been telling its listeners and viewers that Andy was sick and locked in dark room. Well, ESAT you won, the government has released this photo to tell you Andy is well and enjoying Addis seen![We obliged ... but we hope the picture was taken with his permission!]


News, Analysis & Articles

US Ethiopian artist Meklit Hadero's ode to the 'Afro
A song praising the perfect 'Afro' hairdo features in the new album by Ethiopian-American artist Meklit Hadero. She draws on influences from America, where she ...

Burundi general declares coup against President Nkurunziza
A Burundi army general says President Pierre Nkurunziza has been "overthrown", amid unrest over his bid to be re-elected for a third term. Maj Gen Godefroid Niyombareh said a salvation committee had been set up but his level of support is unclear...

Game on: Africa’s education techies compete in hackathon for social good
A first of its kind hackathon will bring together edtech (education technology) entrepreneurs from throughout Africa to explore and develop new paths and methods for sustainable change in social systems.

West Africa: Senegal Sends Soldiers to Yemen, Triggering Debate, Protest
Senegal is sending more than 2,000 soldiers to Riyadh to help Saudi Arabia fight rebels in Yemen

Ethiopia: El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the main Kiremt rainy season
An El Niño is a recurrent weather phenomenon that takes place approximately every two to seven years and usually lasts between 12 and 18 months. An El Niño event is defined by a high Oceanic Niño Index (ONI)
, ..See Also
'Substantial' El Nino event predicted

The Cry wolf of the Washington Post
FGR, Mekele University May 12, 2105 - As has been their customary behavior on the eve and in the aftermath of the previous four Ethiopian general elections, some self-proclaimed human right institutions and media outlets from afar and near are barking their hearts...

Hydropower development indispensable to Ethiopian economic transformation
Molla Mitiku Ayenew 05/13/15

Jubilation for Jubaland as Faisal Roble rumple on the floor of rampage
Ali Sheikh May 12, 2015 - In a friendly response to my learned friend Mr. Faisal Roble’s article “Breaking up the logjam: realistic options on overcoming the Jubaland political conundrum”

Ethiopia's Educational Leap with a Proactive Leadership
Wubit Demie 05-12-15

Ethiopia Has No Place for Terrorism, Religious Division
Gutema Kebede 05/11/15

Development and democracy debate ahead of Ethiopia vote
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - If Ethiopians ever possessed a strong desire to express their political views through the ballot, that sentiment seems to have...

ዔሎሄ ማለቱ ባልከፋ
ጃለታ 05/10/15 --( comment on an alleged derge time murderer who is shedding crocodile tear on recent isis killing of Ethiopians!)

Ethiopia's Multi-Front Health Gains!
Belay Alebachew 05/10/15

Berhanu Nega on Shaibia: Shaibia Must Be Annihilated Never to Rise Again!
Little wonder why Berhanu has not stepped on Eritrea soil so far! Or did he? If he did, wedi afom may not have read the article for he is not knowing for giving second chance to those who crossed him or have ill will against him in the past!

Back in Addis, first Ethiopian-Israeli MK watches protests with dismay
The first Ethiopian-born member of Knesset, who left the country after he failed to retain his seat, has been living in Ethiopia, away from his wife and daughters, in order to make a living....

(Comment on Dr Getachew Begashaw Latest Political Stand!)
(አለሊ ሚያዝያ 30 ቀን 2007 ዓ. ም.)
We always wonder what the fate of Ethiopia would have been had EPRP not TPLF/EPRDF was victorious. And every day we are getting a clue as to what could have been its fate. Listen to Getachew's comment on Shaibya then and now
and judge for yourself as to what was Ethiopia's future with such leaders at the top! We really thought Getachew’s brand of EPRP in diaspora was better choice between the two EPRPs but we were wrong...if we were to be cornered to choose between the two we would choose the other EPRP. What happen to him really?
Source =

Haile Gebrselassie retires after Great Manchester Run
The 42-year-old Ethiopian confirmed his decision after finishing 16th in the Great Manchester Run on Sunday. It brings to an end a 25-year career in which he claimed two Olympic gold medals, eight world championship victories and set 27 world records.

China 'negotiates military base' in Djibouti
China is negotiating a military base in a strategic port of Djibouti, the president said, according to the AFP news agency. The move raises the prospect of US and Chinese bases side-by-side in the tiny Horn of Africa nation...

Development Finance and Debt Sustainability in Ethiopia: Lesson to Sub-Saharan African Countries
Teshome A.(PhD), Assistant Professor, Friday, May 08, 2015
This is a very informative article. We invite Economist and Educators with interest in the subject to comment on this. Despite the many large public works, Ethiopia's external debt ratio is down? Why? and what is conditional loan effect in this?

The Morality of Debt: A History of Financial Saints and Sinners
Credit and debt are more than just rational material exchanges within a market economy. They are socially constructed and center on matters of hard moral judgments about...

Are African Diasporas Development Partners, Peace-Makers or Spoilers? The Case of Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria
Hailay Gebretinsae, Friday, May 08, 2015

Ambassador Sinknesh Ejigu, presents her credential- to the Vice President of Argentina
Ethiopian Embassy Brazil- Brasilia Friday, May 08, 2015

Video: CNN Insider Africa on Ethiopia
Tigray, Ethiopia (CNN)Ethiopia is often overlooked as a top destination for spiritual pilgrimage. This is an unfortunate oversight. The country is not just the cradle of civilization, it has played a significant role....

The African Century
Africa is the largest place on earth that it is possible, most of the time, to ignore. It won’t be forever. The journalistic cliché is that, as the 20th was the American century, the 21st will be the Chinese...

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Interview with Borena Wereda Administrator- May 2015




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