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Current Events

Ethiopia beyond Addis Ababa - Know Mayor Somiya of MekaneSelam and Wollo University
Interview with Wollo University President - May 2015

Interview with Mayor Somiya of Mekaneselam -Wollo May 2015



Andargachew third meeting with British Ambassador: He told the ambassador he could not be more happy with the way he is treated!

After listening to the audio we wonder if there is something in the offing! Why is Andargachew getting such privileges? Are there not other individuals put in jail because they were foot soldiers of Andargachew with lesser crime that are not getting such privileges? We had like to think there is reasonable explanation to this but...!


Media And Freedom Of Press In Ethiopia - Panal Discussion

Interesting discussion!!


OSI: Alleged deserter's last known location is Ethiopia

Staff Sgt. Tefera Melaku Workneh is wanted for questioning, according to an April post on OSI's


Cyclical Migrant Crises Beg for Foreign Policy Revision

Food for thought editorial from Fortune. We could not agree more that Ethiopia needs to revise its foreign and national security policy given the overall crisis in the region. It will be naive to assume Ethiopia can continue its development agenda when most of its immediate neighbors are failed states lead by either an ignorant dictator(s) or are rundown by zealot religious fanatics! In both cases the current policy does not have enough hooks to deal with the issues the country is facing today. If it did, Isaias Afeworki would not have had the audacity to train and dispatch terrorists to Ethiopia from his impoverished country.


US State Department confirms that Undersecretary Sherman’s recent remarks regarding the Ethiopian Government and the opposition reflect the US Government position.


To those Interested to own and build a house in Ethiopia. The government is ready to start the process. Check your Embassy websites for more info. Those of you in the New York Area check the following announcement from the Ethiopian UN Mission in New York.

ET UN Mission Announcement on Housing Process Start Date and More...

Ethiopian Origin Card Reminder


News, Analysis & Articles

Development Finance and Debt Sustainability in Ethiopia: Lesson to Sub-Saharan African Countries
Teshome A.(PhD), Assistant Professor, Friday, May 08, 2015

Egyptian army forces free Ethiopians held in Libya - Sisi
(Reuters) - A group of Ethiopians who had been kidnapped in Libya arrived at Cairo airport on Thursday after Egyptian army forces rescued them, state media quoted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as saying.
Thank you Egypt and thank you All who made it possible regardless of when and how they were released !!!
Are African Diasporas Development Partners, Peace-Makers or Spoilers? The Case of Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria
Hailay Gebretinsae, Friday, May 08, 2015
A Week in the Horn 8.5.2015
MoFA Friday, May 08, 2015
Ethiopian tourism night successfully held in Brussels
Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels Friday, May 08, 2015
Ambassador Sinknesh Ejigu, presents her credential- to the Vice President of Argentina
Ethiopian Embassy Brazil- Brasilia Friday, May 08, 2015
Video: CNN Insider Africa on Ethiopia
Tigray, Ethiopia (CNN)Ethiopia is often overlooked as a top destination for spiritual pilgrimage. This is an unfortunate oversight. The country is not just the cradle of civilization, it has played a significant role....


An Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church received an award for excellence from the DC Historic Preservation on May 6, 2015

የአክራሪነት ጠበቆች ውርደት
ሽፈራው ሽመክት 05-07-15

The African Century
Africa is the largest place on earth that it is possible, most of the time, to ignore. It won’t be forever. The journalistic cliché is that, as the 20th was the American century, the 21st will be the Chinese...
Video: Israeli police beating an Ethiopian-Jewish soldier spark a campaign against police brutality
On May 3, thousands of people took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest police harassment of and brutality targeting Israelis of Ethiopian ....
ምስጋና ነቲ ተጋዲሉን ኣጋዲሉን ናብ ዓወት ዘብፀሐና ህዝቢ ትግራይ!
ብ ኣበበ ተክለሃይማኖት (ጀቤ) April 2015 - This is the full version of Jebe's Comment on Gebru Asrat Book. It is a long reading but it is informative and insightful
Egypt FM to start two-day South Sudan and Eritrea tour
The minister will discuss with his counterparts questions of terrorism, the situation in South Sudan, and the Horn of Africa region in terms of development and stability issues....
አወቅሽ አወቅሽ ሲሏት...
መሳይ ዘለቀ 05-06-15

ተሞክሮ ነጥቢታት መቐይሮ ሓምለዋይ ልምዓት-ማረት
ብገ/ሂወት ገብሩ ርከብ ህዝቢ ማረት 05-06-15

Kerry visits Somalia; 1st such trip for a secretary of state
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - Secretary of State John Kerry made an unannounced trip to Somalia Tuesday in a show of solidarity with a government trying to defeat al-Qaida-allied militants...
How Ethiopia Managed To Ward Off Terror Attacks [II]
Tsehay Adugna 05-05-15
Awash Woldia / Hara Gebeya Railway Line Project, Ethiopia
Awash Woldia/Hara Gebeya Railway Project is a new railway line being constructed between the Ethiopian towns Awash and Woldia. The new line will be completed by December 2015.The new railway line will connect northern Ethiopia...
Israel:A Policeman Beating a Soldier, What an Odious!!
Mulugeta Tesfay 04 April,2015 - It is both funny and unpleasant to hear a policeman beating a soldier who are both equally responsible in securing public safety ..
Djibouti accuses Eritrea-hired ‘mercenaries’ of crimes
Djibouti on Sunday accused neighboring Eritrea of using mercenaries to destabilizing the situation in the country.“Armed mercenaries serving the Eritrean government are terrorizing civilians in northern Djibouti...
Passport DC - An Open House Event of Socio-Cultural Extravaganza Staged at Embassy of Ethiopia !!!
Ethiopian Embassy, May 2, 2015, D.C.
Kenya’s wrongheaded approach to terrorism
The merciless killing of more than 140 innocent students at Kenya’s Garissa University College last month by al-Shabab terrorists requires a serious government response...
A Week in the Horn1.5.2015
MoFA 05-01-15
Anti-Police Protest in Israel Turns Violent
TEL AVIV — A protest on Sunday by thousands of Ethiopian-Israelis and sympathizers against police harassment and brutality turned by nightfall into a chaotic and unusually violent ...
Tehran has two independent naval forces: the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN), whose existence predates Iran’s 1979 Revolution. Moreover, the Islamic Revolutionary[ makes sense now why Isias Afewroki was seen in Saudi last week! Was he asking for mercy now that Iran's ambition in Yemen which Eritrea may have a hand is coming to a halt?]
National Human Development Report 2015 Ethiopia
Over the 15 years since the country’s last National Human Development Report (NHDR) was published Ethiopia has undergone significant economic and social changes and has recorded some of the highest growth rates in the world-over 10 per cent in some years. However, Ethiopia’s Human Development Index (HDI) and its relative ranking have not moved appreciably during the past decade. Even though Ethiopia is one of the 10 countries globally that has attained the largest absolute gains in its HDI over the last several years...
Blurring the Line Between Advocacy and Reporting
Ezana Sehay 5/2/2015 - When an accredited media outlet, abandons objectivity and due diligence in order to further a political agenda, it is a cautionary tale of the harm done to journalism. Take for instance the Washington Post’s April 30th editorial – “The United States’ Irresponsible Praise of The Ethiopian Regime”, ...

The Chicken Come Home to Roost
Yebio Woldemariam 05/02/15 - Lets face it, the refugee/illegal migration problem so ‘compassionately’ featured in the world today is the symptom of the political and economic malice gripping the many peoples in the South...
Yemen in Crisis
Author: Zachary Laub, Online Writer/Editor Updated: April 29, 2015
ራዕድን ሽበራን ስልጡን ፖለቲካዊ መስርሕ ኣይኮነን.....ማሕበር ተጋሩ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ (ማተሰኣ) ኤፕሪል 30/2015

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