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Amazing images of salt harvest in Ethiopia
National Geographic calls Ethiopia's Danakil Depression "the cruelest place on Earth." It's a desert wasteland, where temperatures can push past 120 F, where ancient and current lava flows impede movement, and where water is so scarce that that people build rock domes over the top of volcanic vents to trap and condense steam.  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital|   Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   Tigraionline  VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | Zefen|   EthioAdvocate
Current Events
Did you Know?
Haile Menkerios has changed his nationality from Eritrean to South African, according to credible sources.He is now serving as the new UN representative to the AU in Addis Ababa. Is this a tragedy to the new nation!Or perhpas a blessing to Isaias Afeworki?

ETV News(Amharic)

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While the extremist bloggers seek refugee behind faceless and make believe heroes passing news of a serial killer as heroic deed news by one of their imagined organization, we seek refugee behind real heroes with names and a country that has a bright future thanks to a visionary leader and the many unsung heroes of TPLF/EPRDF ! Thanks Berhane Haile!

25 መንግስታዊ ሰበ-ስልጣንን ነጋዶን ኢትዮዽያ ናብ ቤት ፍርዲ ቀሪቦም

Ethio-Japan Trade and Investment forum will be held in Tokyo-Japan
WAFA Marketing & Promotion in collaboration with FDRE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jetro and the Ethiopian Embassy in Japan are joining hands in organizing a trade and investment forum in Tokyo, Japan on June 2, 2013.

Tigryna: Peace poetry
Eyob Ghebreziabhier 05/13/13

TV Tigray

Interview with Ambassador Berhanu Kebede

With Ethiopian Tewahdo Orthodox Church Patriarch Abune Mathias
Interview with Deputy PM Demeke on his current tour in the US and more
Interview with Nigusu Tilahun from Amhara Gov Communication Office
(Must Listen!!!)

Tsenat Radio program is a weekly program hosted by artist Solomon Tekalign, WAEC Atlanta Radio. For comments and feedbacks send email to:

News, Analysis & Articles

ሰሞነኛው የፀረ-ሙስና እርምጃና ጥላሸት ቀቢዎቹ ...>>>>for more

Another flawed, recycled “Human Right report” on Ethiopia from the State Dept
Bayelegne Yirgu May 16, 2013

The role of Qatar in mediating Ethiopia and Eritrea
Abel Abate 05/17/13

አስፈሪዉ ሙስና ከፊታችን ነዉ!!!!...>>>>for more

የህዳሴ ጉዟችን በሙስና አይገታም! ...>>>>for more

The World Bank Matters: A Personal Perspective
Adal Isaw May 16, 2013

African Inspiration
Tariku Dadi May 16, 2013

Refusing a ‘diminished self’
At Harvard, in her law school setting, Midekssa has studied how the judiciary in closed societies can remain independent. But at the Du Bois Institute her focus has been investigating how Ethiopia can achieve democracy... We are not quite sure how the people in Mayqinetal or Hamusit will benefit from a Harvard inspired democracy but how is Birtukan trying to reconcile Ethiopia's independent mindset against foreign interference? It is one thing to get higher education in the west but to assume a role of a democratic activist or king-maker from Washington DC is wrong. Simply because it is wrong! However unlike the other one time Kinjit leaders Birtukan has done better to manage her life post Kinjit crisis! Speaking of higher education, one of the top EX TPLF leader, has successfully Defended his Thesis - PhD Program. His graduation is this weekend (05/19/13)...more on this later!

የመኢአድ ኘሬዚዳንት አሳፋሪ ንግግር...>>>>for more

Tedros: Africa, the new Eldorado
13th May 2013 – LONDON Ethiopian Foreign Minister and Chairman of the African Union Executive Council, H.E. Dr. Tedros Adhanom, told a Chatham House platform that Africa, which was once the marginalised continent, has now emerged, as some put it, "the new Eldorado", at a time when much of the developing world is suffering from the economic slump, thus rekindling a great sense of hope and optimism.
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  • Dr. Tedros Meets with UK Minister for Africa
  • Dr. Tedros Addresses Africa Jubilee Business Forum in London
  • Minister Tedros Urges Ethiopians in the UK

    More to the poverty discussion than China
    It argued that one country in particular is almost solely responsible for this dramatic trend:China.But the global story isn’t just about China. It is also about countries like Ethiopia, Uganda, Cameroon, Ghana, and Senegal that are also witnessing dramatic declines in extreme poverty

    በሙስና ወንጀል የተጠረጠሩት 24 ግለሰቦች ፍርድ ቤት ቀረቡ
    አዲስ አበባ፣ ግንቦት 5፣ 2005 (ኤፍ ቢ ሲ) በተጠረጠሩበት የሙስና ወንጀል በቁጥጥር ስር የዋሉ የኢትዮዽያ ገቢዎችና ጉሙሩክ ባለስልጣን ዋና ዳይሬክተር እና ሌሎች 24 ሰዎች ዛሬ ፍርድ ቤት ቀረቡ። ተጠርጣሪዎቹ የጸረ ሙስና አዋጅ...

    Ethiopian Community Association in Beijing to help fight poverty
    Ethiopian Embassy, Beijing, 13 May 2013- Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin made the remarks at the meeting of the Ethiopian Community Association in Beijing...

    ኘሮፌሰሩን የተጠናወታቸው የሙት መንፈስ...>>>>for more

    The Ethiopian Renaissance Day In New York
    A truly inspirational evening of the Ethiopian Renaissance Day was organized in New York on 11 May 2013 by the Ethiopian Renaissance Council in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut with the cooperation of the Ethiopian Permanent Mission to the United Nations...

    The Nile Basin States: the need for genuine cooperation.
    Selamu Misgan May 2013- Around the world there are over 260 trans boundary rivers that flow through two or more countries. To resolve the difficulties and disputes that inevitably arise, states have set up...

    ዕውን “መድረክ” ይሰነብት ይሆን?...>>>>for more

    የልማት ዕቅዱ ፍሬያማነትና የጨለምተኞቹ ሃፍረት...>>>>for more

    Demonizing the Judiciary is no help to press freedom
    (MOFA) 05/10/13- In the past week, the trial of Eskinder Nega, Andualem Aragie and others have again been in the headlines following the recent decision of the Supreme Court to uphold ...

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