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Full reportage of the G8 Africa Food Security Program meeting and PM Meles's speech >>>>>
Amnesty Warns Ethiopia, Rwanda Not to Trade Rights for Growth
NAIROBI - Amnesty International is concerned that Rwanda and Ethiopia are overlooking their commitments to human rights for the sake of economic growth. In the past seven years, Ethiopia has sustained an 11 percent economic growth rate and substantially reduced poverty among its 83 million citizens. The country has gone to great lengths to incorporate the United Nations Millennium Development Goals into its national policy,
" If we could have the ears of AI like the extreme oppositions do, we would have asked them, how can a poor country develop and register a remarkable economic growth with out good governance and democratic order? With out a democratic space for its people the economic success would not have been registered since Ethiopia relies heavy on its people(labour) and its land. In Ethiopia, we might add, you can not arm twist people to do what they do not want to do! Ask the small farmers who constitute the great majority how the economic growth came about! If we may add AI's commentary seems to be taken from the extremists mantra "we do not need food..."! "  |  BreakNews|   MFA|   Capital|   Fortune|   BBC|   Walta|   ENA|   Reporter|   Tigraionline Awefeki |   VOA Fana  |    Dwoyane | AigaBlog  |   Shashublog
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Spring time on Mars: Enjoy the view- another angle to what is extreme!
Mars is free to roam, but without food, any taker?

Mimi, Samuel, Mesert, Yosef and Ben
Round table discussion with Local Journalist and media personalities in Addis Ababa. Topic: Diaspora extremists and "Pseudo Journalist" and more...[Zami Radio]


Ginbot 7 leaders letter to members!!

"...The ongoing schism between Ginbot 7 leaders and members seems to have more fuel than we thought. The leadership seems determined to muzzle dissent at all cost...similar to their slogan of defeating EPRDF by all means!".

ETV News(Amharic)

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The next national target: Eritrea!
By ISAAC HERZOG 24/05/2012 The public discourse that deals with the issue of infiltrators and migrants from Africa is missing one central fact: Nearly two-thirds of them come from one country adjacent to the Red Sea: Eritrea.

Ethiopia's Rebounding is Nothing Short of Dramatic: A first hand observation
Ezana Sehay May 25, 2012- Nowadays, a day never passes without one reading or hearing about the Ethiopian economic phenomenon. But haw deep and comprehensive is this economic growth?
አንፀባራቂው ህዳሴ ያስደነበራቸው ሟርተኞቹና ቅዥታቸው
በሰለሞን አጎናፍር May 25,2012-ይወነጃጀላሉ፣ ይዘላለፋሉ፣ ይረጋገማሉ፣ ይወቃቀሳሉ፣ አንዳንዴም ሲበረታ በቦክስ ይቦቃቀሳሉ። የአገሬ ሰው “መልከ ጥፉን በስም ይደግፉ” እንደሚለው ሆኖባቸው ተግባርና አላማቸው የሰማይና የምድር ያህል ተራርቆና ...

የጠላሁትን ጥሉልኝ ከንቱ ምልጃዎች /ክፍል ሁለት/
ኢብሳ ነመራ - 5/24/12- በዚሁ ርዕስ በቀረበው ክፍል አንድ ፅሁፍ በ22ኛው የስምንቱ የበለፀጉ አገራት ጉባኤ ላይ የኢትዮጵያው ጠቅላይ ምኒስትር መጋበዛቸውን አስታኮ ሲፒጄ ለባራክ አባማና ለጉባኤተኞቹ ያቀረበውን አጀንዳ ተመልክተናል፡፡ በዚህ ክፍል ሁለት ፅሁፍ ደግሞ አምነስቲ ኢንተርናሽናል ያቀረበውን አጀንዳ ለመዳሰስ እሞክራለሁ፡፡
Ethiopian Airlines leads African pack
Later this year Ethiopia Airlines will become the first African carrier to operate the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.Undoubtedly this is a milestone for the continent as a whole, but touring the US manufacturing giant’s premises in Seattle, airline chief executive Tewolde Gebremariam was keen to emphasise just how far ahead of the chasing pack his carrier is.
Egypt: Current events and the implication to Regional Politics!
Biruk Mekonnen May 2012
The best story in development
Africa is experiencing some of the biggest falls in child mortality ever seen, anywhere! According to Mr Demombynes and Karina Trommlerova, also of the World Bank, 16 of the 20 African countries which have had detailed surveys of living conditions since 2005 reported falls in their child-mortality rates (this rate is the number of deaths of children under five per 1,000 live births). Twelve had falls of over 4.4% a year...

ህዝበ ሙስሊሙ ከጽንፈኝነት ምን ይጠቀማል?
ከስኢድ መሐመድ--የተለያዩ ጸሃፊያንና ምሁራን ኢትዮጵያን በሚመለከት በተለያየ ወቅት ካሚያነሷቸው ነገሮች መካከል ኢትዮጵያውያን የሃይማኖት ልዩነት በአብሮነታቸው ላይ የፈጠረባቸው አንዳችም ችግር አለመኖሩን ነው፡፡
My Story:Thanks to PM Meles!
G.Gebre May 21, 2012-You know it has occurred to me that the capacity that this country has grown, at least within the past 12 years since I have been travelling back and forth, has been quite immense. It is quite amazing to say the least.,
Ethiopia: How Meles/EPRDF Rules The Country
Meles Zenawi is the cleverest and most engaging president in Africa - at least when he talks to visiting outsiders. When he speaks to his fellow Ethiopians, he is severe and dogmatic.But he entertains western visitors with humour and irony, deploying a diffident, an absolute determination to control his country and its destiny,
DuPont Unveils New Local Investments in Africa and Innovative Global Food Security Index
WASHINGTON—DuPont announced two key efforts that will support collaborative, world hunger initiatives in Africa. Unveiled at the Advancing Food and Nutrition Security at the 2012 G8 Summit, DuPont said it will invest more than $3 million over the next three years to help smallholder farmers in Ethiopia to achieve food security,

Book Review: Comments on Prof Mesfin's latest book "Horn of Africa Risk..." (amharic) ..... Meles A. May 21, 2012.

Ottawa: Hodge-podge Ethiopian Extreme Opposition upset one of their own!
(Aigaforum) May 20, 2012- The extremists’ camp from the Ethiopian Diaspora opposition has been congregating in Ottawa Canada(May 19-20 2012) to chart yet again a blue print for their struggle. The gathering in many ways seems to upstage Ginbot 7 and the OLF-half effort in creating an Ethiopia that is blessed by Isaias Afeworki.
Ethiopia plays by the rules
Geda Guda May 20, 2012 --For generations Ethiopia is known as a country for being ancient and the beginning of human race, as a historical place repeatedly referred by the holy bible and the holy Quran, as a holy land...

‹‹ጣልቃ ግባ - ጣልቃ አትግባ›› አደናጋሪው ፖለቲካ
አጩሌ(ከአሜሪካ ግቢ) 5/19/12--በሁሉም እምነቶች የሚስተዋሉ ጥቃቅን ክፍተቶች ሰፍተውና ጎልተው የሚታዩት፣ ትዝብትም የሚያጭሩት ራቅ ብለው ሲመለከቷቸው ነው፡፡ በውስጣቸው የጠለቁና ጉዳዩ ጉዳያችን ነው ያሉ ወገኖች ክፍተቱ የአንድ ወገን ብቻ ሆኖ ሊገለጥላቸው ይችላል፡፡ ....

A Week in the Horn (18.05.2012)

Groundless lament of CPJ
Akalu Derbabaw (A.A.U) May 18, 2012-- It is obvious that good governance, peace and development are vital for the survival of any nation. In this regard I could say the role of media is limitless. Media is an important instrument to,...

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Interview with DR Sheferaw, Minister of Federal Affairs
Interview with Kagenew Fiseha, Ethiopian Airlines Agent North America
Tsenat Radio program is a weekly program hosted by artist Solomon Tekalign from Atlanta

Urban Land Lease Notice
(Mekelle, Tigrai, Ethiopia!)

For more detailed list of available lots and types of investment see
Detailed List

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