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    National Coordination Council for Renaissance Dam to take over job today

    Addis Ababa, May 20 (WIC) - The National Council that was established to mobilize and coordinate public participation for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project will take over its job Friday, according to Hailemariam Desalegn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    Hailemariam told journalists here Thursday that the Council was set up in such a way that ensures extensive involvement of the public.(
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Current Events
Lucky Abay
Born in Ethiopia;
Grown up near Libya.
Never has mother tongue;
That shows him belong.
He is powerful, but coward;
For what he did for others;
Received no award;
Has no respect to fathers.
He was without nationality;
For he had no clear identity.
Though he is a son of mothers;
None of them were care takers.
He spent times for nothing;
His task was just collecting.
Any thing on his way;
As expert on pushing away.
His mother was hopeless,
For he impair her no less.
He deserted her worth,
He was like nature wrath.
But lucky he got thought;
His identity is being brought.
He begins to help his mama;
Promised to lounge in a dam.
Mother now aired big sigh;
For she begins to use Abai.
Haileselassie Beyene Tesfai
May 18, 2011
Mekele, Tigrai

PM Meles Zenawi on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam - Interview

  An exclusive interview with Ato Redwan Hussien, Public Mobilization and Participation Adviser to the Prime Minister and EPRDF Secretariat on the achievements of the past two decades under the leadership of EPRDF (Part I) ...(

Growth and Transformation Campaign:Regional Perspective, Tigrai State Government Officials heart to heart talk with Investors and Business people.

News, Analysis & Articles

G-20 Speakers' Consultation Joint Communiqué released after the three-day meeting of the world's parliamentary leaders ended in Seoul

G20 Seoul Speakers' Consultation Seoul, South Korea, May 19 – 20, 2011
Speech delivered by H.E. Kassa Teklebrhan

Ethiopian Cement Plants to Double Capacity Amid Construction-Industry Boom(bloomberg news)
Ethiopia will more than double its cement-output capacity after a new factory and two enlarged plants begin production later this year amid a building boom in the country,..The increase is expected to help end the need for imports by as early as next year, according to Shimeles Wolde,head of the Chemical and Allied Industries Directorate in the Industry Ministry

One in three Africans is now middle class, report finds
One in three Africans is middle class, a rising group of consumers to rival those of China and India, researchers have found.Record numbers of people in Africa own houses and cars, use mobile phones and the internet and send their children to private schools and foreign universities, according to the African Development Bank.
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UN report projects continued high growth rates for African economies

Ethiopia's gift to Mandela is the most sought after treasure in South Africa
(CNN) -- As a young freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela stepped out of a farmhouse hideout in South Africa, took 20 strides and dug a hole on the sprawling land. He leaned over, put in a semiautomatic pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition, and carefully put a khaki uniform over them

(Tezera Girma May 17, 2011

Elections, politics and external involvement in Djibouti
Situation Report

Berouk Mesfin May 17, 2011-This situation report continues the research project on regional politics and security in the Horn of Africa conducted by the Institute for Security Studies.1 While it follows in the footsteps of a 2008 situation report that was concerned primarily with the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea.

Following Birtukan's leave of absence from politics and UDJ, another UDJ 'strong Man'-Siye Abraha is coming to Harvard
Siye Abraha, Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) public relations officer has acquired a scholarship to study at Harvard University in Boston, U.S.A, the party disclosed.
So much for Medrek and UDJ's prediction of North African style revolution in Ethiopia! You do not think key political figures will take leave of absence if Ethiopia was heading that way? do you?

A Week in the Horn
  • Egypt’s Prime Minister in Ethiopia
  • A UN Security Council meeting on Somalia
  • Al-Shabaab on the defensive; threats of revenge for bin Ladin’s death
  • Eritrea’s continuously futile attempts to externalize responsibility

  • An Open House Event of Socio-Cultural Extravaganza Staged at the Chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy
    Tsehaye Debalkew , May 14, 2011, Washington DC- A-day-long annual event dubbed "Passport DC, Around the World Embassy" highlighting Ethiopian cultural and social extravaganza which attracted more than five thousand residents of the Washington Metropolitan hub was colorfully held in the premises of the Chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington Dc. today, May 14, 2011.

    Large-scale Technology is at Heart of Economic Structural Transformation in Ethiopia
    Tsegaye Tegenu May 14, 2011- In the European history, large scale technologies have played central role in the structural transformation the economy and society. The introduction of threshing machine, iron plows, seed drills and other important tools in the 18th century could increase the scale in agriculture

    The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) of States: Lessons from Ethiopia’s immigrant Security Policy Packages for Eritrean Refugees
    Meressa Tsehayei, May 13, 2011- The debate over the meaning and referent object for security is not new because security has been considered as the most valuable and ever existing reality in the history of human beings.However, it remains as an ambiguous term that defies a universal definition...

    Eritreans 'being tortured in Egypt's Sinai for ransom'
    Eritreans have been trying to cross from Egypt to Israel in large numbers.Up to 400 people, mainly Eritreans, are being held for ransom by people-traffickers in Egypt's Sinai desert, a Catholic priest has told the BBC...
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  • Fears for Africans held in Sinai
  • Eritrea: The land its citizens want to forget
  • Migrants fear Israeli border plan

  • To all Members, Supporters and Friends of Queen Sheba Alumni –International in the Bay Area!

    The Local Chapter is holding its annual meeting on:
    Place: 2500 Masonic Dr, San Jose, CA
    Date: 6/05/2011
    Time: 2PM - 5PM

    Please come on time and make every effort to attend.

    Mark Your Calendar

    Boston Ginbot 20 Celebration!!
    Date: May 29, 2011
    323 Washington St.
    Brighton, MA 02135 Time: 6pm

    Come and celebrate Ginbot 20 in a unique fashion with us!

    Alumni and Dev Associations Annual Event Calender, 2011

    Agazi -- Denver July 9-10
    (Date has changed!!!)

    Queen Sheba -- DC July 2-3

    AYAA -- Atlanta May 28,

    Axum -- Denver June 26,

    Awlaelo -- Atlanta June 18,

    Shire -- Boston July 3

    Enderta -- Seattle July 2-3,

    -- Atlanta July 2,

    Raya----Denver June 4

    Tigray festival--DC August 3-7,

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