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Interview with Ato Mulugeta Berhe Community relation officer at the Ethiopian Embassy Washington DC.
  Part 1      Part 2

Ato Mulugeta, briefing an online audience at gezategaru online discussion room, explained how one can donate andbuy the Hedase Dam Bond as well as how to open hard currency account in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Diasporas ever since the successful Growth and Transformation conference tour and ever since the Ethiopian government announcement of the start of the Hedase Dam at the Blue Nile River have been upbeat ready to be part of this historic campaign that will undoubtedly uproot poverty once for all! The challenge going forward is to keep the momentum going.

Aigaforum salutes gezategaru room owners and reminds all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia overseas, as ambassadors of Ethiopia, to do all in their power for the success of this noble cause!

Note: We will post the necessary forms and instructions once they are made public and available!
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Large-scale Technology is at Heart of Economic Structural Transformation in Ethiopia
Tsegaye Tegenu May 14, 2011- In the European history, large scale technologies have played central role in the structural transformation the economy and society. The introduction of threshing machine, iron plows, seed drills and other important tools in the 18th century could increase the scale in agriculture

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) of States: Lessons from Ethiopia’s immigrant Security Policy Packages for Eritrean Refugees
Meressa Tsehayei, May 13, 2011- The debate over the meaning and referent object for security is not new because security has been considered as the most valuable and ever existing reality in the history of human beings.However, it remains as an ambiguous term that defies a universal definition...

Eritreans 'being tortured in Egypt's Sinai for ransom'
Eritreans have been trying to cross from Egypt to Israel in large numbers.Up to 400 people, mainly Eritreans, are being held for ransom by people-traffickers in Egypt's Sinai desert, a Catholic priest has told the BBC...
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  • Ambassador Mulugeta Alemseged Holds Meetings and Visits to Two Industrial Zones in Italy.
    May 12, 2011 (Rome)- Ambassador Mulugeta Alemseged , Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the Republic of Italy, conducted meetings and tours in two industrial zones in Northern Italy in the Months of April & May, 2011

    Political change in Egypt to boost Nile cooperation
    ADDIS ABABA/CAIRO, May 12 (Reuters) - After decades of mistrust and sabre-rattling, the fall of Hosni Mubarak will improve Egypt's ties with Ethiopia and boost the chances of a new deal to share the Nile's waters. The two most populous countries in Africa after Nigeria have been at loggerheads over the Nile's precious water for years.

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  • Ethiopian Members Of The Diaspora Community To Build An Upscale Mall In Awassa!
    Tsehaye Debalkew, May 11, 2011- An upscale Mall with the core values of providing all sorts of highest quality products and services is due to be built in Awassa, the capital city of the Southern Regional state of Ethiopia at the cost of Birr. 127,000,000 /One Hundred Twenty Seven Million Birr./

    Ethiopians in Germany Vowed to Support the GTP
    Jacob Abraha May 11, 2011-In response to the auspicious call by the Ethiopian government to Ethiopians in the Diaspora aimed at garnering support for the Five Year Growth plan (GTP), Ethiopians and Germans of Ethiopian origin held a successful meeting...

    The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London
    Ethiopian News
        (April-May Edition)
    China signals greater tact on rights disputes with U.S.
    (Reuters) - China's state media on Wednesday sought to play down disagreements with the United States over human rights during their latest talks in Washington, signaling a more mature approach to tackling the thorny topic.

    Always Burn Bright: My Memories about the Queen Sheba School Years
    Desta, Asayehgn, May 11, 2011- It would not be an exaggeration if I admit to you that not a second passes by without my reminiscing to acknowledge the solid educational foundation as well as the ethical and moral values bestowed upon me during my formative years at the Queen Sheba Primary School of Adwa, Tigrai, Ethiopia.

    Betreseltan of VOA Tigrigna interview with both officials and those affected by the removal of illegally built houses near Mekelle city in Northern Ethiopia, Tigrai.
    The interview confirms what another official told us over the phone also. That most of the houses were built on farm land and many of the owners built the houses hoping against hope that Regional government will allow them to convert in to a legal hold at some time in the future.

    Tigrigna music and dancing in Guragigna

    Mark Your Calendar

    Alumni and Dev Associations Annual Event Calender, 2011

    Agazi -- Denver July 9-10
    (Date has changed!!!)

    Queen Sheba -- DC July 2-3

    AYAA -- Atlanta May 28,

    Axum -- Denver June 26,

    Awlaelo -- Atlanta June 18,

    Shire -- Boston July 3

    Enderta -- Seattle July 2-3,

    -- Atlanta July 2,

    Raya----Denver June 4

    Tigray festival--DC August 3-7,

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