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Betreseltan of VOA Tigrigna interview with both officials and those affected by the removal of illegally built houses near Mekelle city in Northern Ethiopia, Tigrai.
The interview confirms what another official told us over the phone also. That most of the houses were built on farm land and many of the owners built the houses hoping against hope that Regional government will allow them to convert in to a legal hold at some time in the future. The problem with illegal use of city land and use of farm land near cities is all too common all over Ethiopia. In fact PM Meles, addressing the recently revealed huge problem in Addis Ababa, with many real estate companies expanding and encroaching public land beyond what they were allocated, and some investors and individuals misusing allocated land for other purpose than specified in the lease agreement, said the government has decided to allow some of the guilty owners to continue owning the property with some penalty and new lease adjustments.

One would hope the regional government in Tigrai would do the same thing since most of those affected in this case are far poorer than the Addis millioners! For now, according to officials,the decision is to demolish the illegally built houses but we hope the Tigrai government will help those affected families with children to get some kind of shelter before the rainy season sets in![Aigaforum May 9, 2011]
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ETV News(Amharic)

*NATO Navy Captures Armament-Filled Ship, Bound For Eritrea*
*A small ship, originating from North Korea and carrying rockets and other armaments destined for Eritrea, was intercepted in the international waters of the Indian Ocean by international navy enforcing sanctions against Eritrea.* (, gedab News may 5, 2011)

Thought for Today
Change is not what it used to be. The status quo will no longer be the best way forward … we are entering an Age of Unreason, when the future, in so many areas, is there to be shaped, by us and for us; a time when the only prediction that will hold true is that no predictions will hold true; a time, therefore, for bold imaginings in private life as well as public, for thinking the unlikely and doing the unreasonable. by Charles Handy

Sensing technology

Ambassador Girma Birru on the success of the recently held GTP confabs across North America

and the significance of the Great Renaissance Dam!

  Part1    Part2    Part3    Part4
(with Tsehaye Debalkew of Selam Radio)

Tewolde Reda asking like every one else, why Eritreans are suffering today!
  "anta men eka?"   

News, Analysis & Articles

Think Globally, Act Locally; Ethiopia’s strategic Approach To Building The great Renaissance Dam.
Tsehaye Debalkew may 9, 2011- The recent win-win strategy that resonated in the wake of the triumphant culmination of the entourage of a high-caliber Egyptian Public Diplomatic Mission to Ethiopia has triggered a wave of...

Eritrean opposition pleads international intervention
afrol News, 6 May - Voices among the exiled opposition of Eritrea increasingly call for a Libya-style foreign intervention in the country, saying the situation is even worse in Eritrea.Tewelde Gebreselassie leads one of the Horn country's more influential exiled opposition groups, the umbrella organisation Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA).According to Mr Tewelde, the international community now needs to intervene in Eritrea, as the human rights, political, social and economic situation in his home country is steadily "worsening".

Ethiopia Praised for its Out-of-Camp Policy on Eritrean Refugees!!!
Tsehaye Debalkew, May 5, 2011 Washington DC- Ethiopia has been recognized and appreciated for its laudable initiative and decision to establish the-out-of-camp policy that has allowed Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia to live outside of refugee camps...

A Week in the Horn    (06.05.2011)
  • Egypt’s Public Diplomacy Delegation concludes its visit
  • Budding Regional Cooperation in the Eastern Nile area?
  • The UN Secretary-General’s latest report on Somalia
  • Al-Shabaab suffers further defeats
  • President Isaias advises the world

  • The Second Meeting of the Working Party on Ethiopia's Accession to the WTO held in Geneva, Switzerland.
    The Second Meeting of the Working Party on Ethiopia's Accession to the WTO was held today, 6 May 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.The Meeting was chaired by H.E Ambassador Steffen Smidt, Permanent Representative of Denmark to the UN and other international organizations in Geneva.

    Ethiopia to Host 2012 World Economic Forum on Africa
    Ethiopia will host the next World Economic Forum's Africa meeting a year from now. At a press conference in Cape Town, Deputy Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said he is delighted that the WEF - host of a high-level global conference in Davos, Switzerland, each January - has chosen his country for its annual Africa conference.

    Clinton raises alarm on rising food prices
    ROME — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned Friday that global shortages of food and spiraling prices threaten widespread destabilization and is urging immediate action to forestall a repeat of the 2007 and 2008 crisis

    Constructing Regional Development Policy for Border Areas of Ethiopia: Reflection on Perspectives
    Tsegaye Tegenu May 05, 2011- The purpose of this article is to discuss the perspectives and dynamics of regional development policy particularly for border areas...I am inspired to write this short comment after reading the article titled “Bridging the Gaps: The Need for Positive Engagement to the National Security Challenges of Eritrea”, written by Meressa Tsehaye

    (Speaker Kassa Tekleberhan may 04, 2011)

    Ethiopian Government Slashes Size of Karuturi Global Land Concession
    ( slashed the size of Karuturi Global Ltd. (KARG)’s land concession that was larger than Luxembourg on concern it was too big for a single company to manage and to enable an annual migration of antelope, the government said.

    Äthiopisch-Deutsches Wirtschaftsforum in Frankfurt

    Ethiopia and Tanzania receive UN praise for improving investment climate
    4 May 2011 –The United Nations trade body says Ethiopia and Tanzania have made significant progress in improving their investment climate, while Rwanda, Viet Nam, Argentina and Costa Rica have taken steps to clarify and simplify government rules.The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) undertakes investment policy reviews of developing and transition countries at the request of their governments

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