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Mehretab Assefa, April 28, 2010- I have read Helen Epstein article, Cruel Ethiopia, which appears in The New York Review of Books. More than anything, the article is represents a standard paradigm of the latter day saints of Bleeding Heart Liberals...If Ms. Epstein was not a bleeding heart white liberal, I would not be bothered to write this response. I am directly challenging her self-professed moral authority and intellectual aptitude regarding the Ethiopian social-political condition. Evidently, Ms. Epstein has made her name famous by getting involved in the AIDS crisis in Uganda. However, she has incurred her namesake cultural capital by projecting her white liberal identity without reservation. Hence it is not her investment in the AIDS industry that has given her the license to write factually wrong and disconcertingly pompous political document. AIDS is only the legitimizing vehicle allowing her to spew her venom. Her real authority over everything Ethiopian in speculating what had happened, what is happening and what is going to happen is her white identity.
To those who have relapsed and want to bring the old system and undo Article 39, here is a reminder for you!

The struggle then was against poverty and inequality, thanks to Article 39 we have our freedom now. Today the struggle is against poverty with the same enemy! Thus why the young generation is taking the mantel from their elders(Ayas)!
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Current Events

ONLF to become Legal opposition?

While new comers to the extremism camp, the likes of "Ginbot 7" warms up to cozy with the regime in Asmara, the old timers are giving up arms and Asmara and are rumored to have shown their interest to join the legal process. Weeks after the WSLF deal, the Ethiopian government and the ONLF may be on the verge of signing a deal where the ONLF will become another legal opposition abiding by the constitution.
Although we have not been able to confirm the "news to come yet" ,if true, this is a huge development and will help the democratic process in Ethiopia immensely.
As you all know for the first time Ethiopians all over the country including people in the Somali Regional state will be casting their vote on May 23, 2010. [aigaforum 04/29/10]

Ethiopia - Medrek: The new kid on the block

By Terefe Masresha

Comment:- Comment:- The writer has definitely captured the platform in which Medrek has created itself. Medrek is filled with obvious contradiction especially on the main issues of land and Nationality. How could one propagate itself as a potential leader to the future of Ethiopia when Medrek has no policy on land or the nationality issue? Again, the writer, although not a supporter of EPRDF, does understand that a party with no strategy has no chance to win the hearts and minds of Ethiopians.
The fact is Medrek's only platform is being against EPRDF. The Ethiopian people deserve a party that has a short and long term strategy with clear and unflinching commitment to fight poverty.
Medrek has no plan of action; its leaders are appealing to the Diaspora totally ignoring the constituents that they are supposed to serve.
It sure is the new kid on the block and the new kid is definitely blinded by anti-EPRDF slogans and has lost sight of its constituents.
Is Medrek serious at all about the great majority of Ethiopians who are not in the US but live inside of Ethiopia? We hope and pray in God and Allah’s name that it will wake up from its immobilized state of running around the US and go to Ethiopia to do its housekeeping.

Ethiopian Election 2010: Debate # 8 (ALL)

First impressions of Ethiopia

They say first impressions are lasting impressions, and while that's a cliché, strong first impressions of a country can tell you a lot. I've been in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, for four days now...
see also: Addis Ababa: Ethiopia's new flower

News & Analysis
Medrek in picture: The picture tells all we want to know!
(for more)
Which way UDJ! Kinjit way or ?
"yekotun awerde bila yebebetuan talech" is the Amharic saying translated "she dropped something from her armpit trying to reach for something else". Andinet is one of the coalition parties that make up Medrek. Professor Mesfin Wolde Mariam wrote a letter asking the Andinet leadership to hand over any and all legal documents, seal and legal certificate of the Party. Apparently Professor Mesfin had called on a meeting one week ago. He was elected vice chair retaining Weizerit Birtukan Mideksa as the President of Andinet Party. Now who in their right mind will consider such a party to be capable of administering Ethiopia when it can't even resolve its internal contradictions?
Read Press release from the other UDJ!
Ethiopia and its people need mature and high caliber individuals that are capable of creating a healthy party. A healthy party is born out of the building blocks of the objective reality of Ethiopia that of its people. A party with no country policy does not have the stamina or the capacity to rule a regional state let alone a country. It is an insult to the great majority of Ethiopians for parties to behave in such an infantile manner.

A Public Meeting by high officials of the Government of Ethiopia was held in London on 24th April 2010
April 28, 2010(London) - A high level delegation, led by H.E. Ambassador Tewolde Gebru visited London recently. The delegation included W/ro Genet Wolde, Speaker of the House of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, Ato Alemayehu Atomsa, Head of Public Relations of the Oromia Region and Ato Tesfaye Wolde, a Representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Government Delegation discussed important matters with Ethiopians in Toronto.
( Sunday April 25, 2010, Ethiopian Government Delegations conducted highly successfully meeting with the members of Ethiopian community in Toronto. A high level Ethiopian delegation headed by His Excellency Mr. Nega Tsegaye of Ethiopian Foreign minister d’état and accompanied by Her Excellency Ms. Almaz Amha and Abdurahim Mohammed, W/ro Mebrat Beyene, Ethiopian foreign minister office general directorate for Ethiopian Diaspora and...

Egypt better off settling water spat with Ethiopia led Nile Basin negotiations
Negotiations between the ten countries of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), April 13 in Sharm Al-Sheikh, hit the wall over Cairo’s refusal to give its stamp of approval to a new Nile water share...

An Unwarranted Travel Alert to Ethiopia Worth Ignoring
Tesfaye Hailu, 26, April, 2010- First let us establish the fact that Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in the world. When people travel overseas, especially to a developing country such as Ethiopia, they first land in the capital city, and continue their journey to other parts of the country if they so wish...

Ensuring the integrity of the upcoming election: progress impressive, but vigilance needed
It’s been quite some time now since we began the countdown to election 2010. Developments so far have largely fostered a sense of positive expectation for the election, and the ramifications for the future of democratic governance and economic development. Registration of voters was conducted without a hitch and the numbers registered surpassed that of 2005

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Eritrea desperate to undo UN sanctions
afrol News, 23 April - Eritrea President Isaias Afewerki is on a diplomatic offensive to make the UN lift sanctions against the country last year for training and supplying Somali and Yemenite rebels. Holy cows are being slaughtered in Asmara.

Ethiopia's Abundant Farming Investments

Does the Medrek guy know the adage "Genzeb Kale be Semay Menged Ale" That is to say with money you can buy anything from begin with Ethiopia even in drought years has always(most of the time) enough grain and produce. The problem has been buying power. When small farmers face drought in one area they are always left with no money to buy grain be it home grown or imported. How could Dr Merera complain sweet peas are missing from the Ethiopian plate!(what a politician!)


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