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Let Human Right Watch(HRW) know your Disappointment!!!

Call or e-mail Human Rights Watch using the following contact information and let them know The Vote of the people of Ethiopia has to be respected. Whether Human Rights Watch likes it or not the people have cast their vote and HRW has to respect the people's verdict.It is the voters in Ethiopia that have a say in matters of election and no outside force has the mandate to undermine the peoples choice. It is important we demand HRW to refrain from undermining the peoples of Ethiopia. Ask them to respect the Thirty two million Ethiopian votes!
Human Rights Watch
Address: 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor New York, NY 10118-3299 USA
Tel: +1-212-290-4700 (Main Number)
Emma Daly
Communications Director
Tel: +1-212-216-1835
Fax: +1-212-736-1300
Press Desk
Tel: +1-212-216-1832
Fax: +1-212-736-1300

Burundi expels HRW researcher

BUJUMBURA — Burundi has ordered the Human Rights Watch researcher in the country to leave by June 5, accusing her of "prejudice" to the country's institutions, according to a letter seen by AFP Wednesday.
The order came only days after the New York-based rights watchdog called on authorities to act against numerous incidents of political violence ahead of a series of elections.
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Current Events


Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, briefing local and foreign correspondents on current issues (Amharic and English): May 26

 Part I, II, III

ARENA's fraud allegation in Tigrai is being disproved by its own election observers!!
  (Listen to Report)
Engineer Gizachew Apologizes Public For Saying Election Was "Unfair"

Addis Ababa, May 24, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - Senior executive of Forum, Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw said the statement he gave before mid afternoon on Sunday saying "the election was not free and fair' was incorrect and apologized the public.
See also:
ETV Election News - Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw appologizes to Ethiopian people for his comments on Election day


Pink Journalism... and Diaspora Extremist after election 2010!!
The song above is about peace which the Ethiopian people are dearly protecting these days. The list here is ...well we will know soon what they are for but if their past experience is any clue they are not for peace! Shaibia is not for peace and some of these people are clearly in love with Shaibia. And we all know what Shaibia stands for!
Oh yes the list is about the who is who of yet another TV station. This time we admit they have gone to the stratosphere! We wonder who is putting up with the bill? Who could afford such endeavor?? can you guess!
Ethiopian Satellite Television Service Advisory Board Members:
Alemayehu G. Mariam, Chairman
Ghidey Zeratsion, Vice Chairman
Meron Ahadu, Secretary
Konti Moussa, Asst. Secretary
Abebe Belew, Spokesperson
Tamagne Beyene, Member
Shakespear Feyissa, Member
Abebe Gelaw, Member
Mulugeta Lule, Member
Lulit Mesfin, Member
Aziz Mohammed, Member
Frehiwot Samuel, Member
Neamin Zeleke, Member
...all we have to say for now is...Nire'E Belet Ewerti!!!

News & Analysis
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Victory Speech in Addis Ababa
May 25, 2010
  Victory Speech!     (Text)

Let us Move On! The People have Spoken!
Voters have spoken and EPRDF is mandated to govern the country for the next five years. EPRDF accepted its defeat in Addis with grace five years ago, it is time opposition parties do like wise now!. There is always tomorrow for those who lost but let it be known there is no tomorrow for any one wanting and desiring to come to power with foreign machination! We see the current HRW Report, or any western government forthcoming report on this historic election with contempt![Aigaforum May 25, 2010]

Have Your Say!
What did EPRDF do since election 2005 to convince Addis residents to vote for its candidates? And why did voters give their overwhelming support for the continuation of the current Status quo all over the country? Do you think voters gave the nod to EPRDF because they like what they.......More

Meles Zenawi's party 'heads for Ethiopia election win'
Three-quarters of results have been declared The governing party in Ethiopia is leading the vote count from Sunday's election, officials say.
Partial results show Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's party is ahead "in all regions", says the election board.
Victory was widely expected, but few thought it would be such a landslide, reports the BBC's Will Ross in Addis Ababa.
See also:   Ethiopia's Meles on course for landslide election win
Ethiopia ruling party set for sweep

HRW should refrain from intrusion on decision, will of Ethiopian people: GCAO
Addis Ababa, May 24, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) urged the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and its cliques to refrain from interference on the decision and will of the Ethiopian people.

Ethiopia monitors to probe fraud claims in 'calm poll'
European Union election observers in Ethiopia are investigating complaints of irregularities in Sunday's vote, but say it was largely peaceful and calm. The opposition has complained of electoral malpractice, but the EU said the turnout had been "encouraging"
  EU Observer Briefing
This time, there will be much debate as to whether the ruling party's certain victory is down to impressive efforts at developing the country or state harassment of the opposition, our reporter says.

Comment:-They would have surprised us, positively that is, had the opposition not complained, but they did and we are not surprised. All indications are EPRDF won big and it won't be long before all votes are tabulated and made official.

Eritrea’s short-sighted calculations
Eritrea’s leaders never tire of shifting allegiances. Their moves whether in bilateral relations or in multilateral forums seldom appear to be based on well-thought out strategic decisions or any predictable set of principles. All too often, friendships are forged or broken, based on the whims of its leaders. Such short-sighted calculations have been used to carry out the series of destructive
See Also:   A Week in the Horn (21.05.2010)

Hydropolitics and Regional Stability in the Nile Basin.
Aaron Tesfaye May 2010- Population growth, poverty, ecosystem degradation and water scarcity are serious threats to political stability in the Nile Basin nations. In the past, tensions were muted by several factors: Egypt’s military dominance, civil wars in Sudan and Ethiopia and the negligible use of water by upstream riparian states. But recently tensions have surfaced, as most riparian states have openly defied the status quo, which favors Egypt


Election 2010 Victory Rally!!!

(by Solomon Tekalign)

Mark Your Calendar

TDA to construct Eyasu Berhe Memorial Library!
TDA Executive Director, Ambassador Tewolde Gebru told ENA the Association has launched activities to construct a memorial library at a cost of 11 million Birr for the renowned artist Eyasu Berhe, who passed away suddenly in Alamata Town last January while leading a fund raising program for the town.

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