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Thank you EPRDF, EDP, AEUP/O, CUDP, MEDREK and all!

While we condemn the killings and few election related incidents that happened during the election campaign we salute to all organizations competing in this election for a successful peaceful campaign period. We thank specially the EPRDF, EDP, AEUP/O CUDP and MEDREK for enriching Ethiopia’s democracy.

Every election and every debate will cement the pillars of the democratic process anchored on “Mechachal” tolerance. Ethiopia has come a long way and the wait will not be long before it will join countries that are considered fully democratic. We admonish all organization to accept voter’s decision and respect the relevant institutions that will have the final say to declare the winners in the coming days. [Aigaforum May 22, 2010]


The 4th General Election is upon us.Over the last few months all Political organizations have unfettered access to campaign.What is left now is the decision of voters.
All indications are EPRDF will win and to that effect the renowned Artist Solomon Tekalegn with his deep soothing melody agrees and has released his election 2010 single CD which is title "Yiqetil" meaning let him continue.The EPRDF government has worked tirelessly to improve the lively-hood of Ethiopians. The country is emerging fast out the doldrums.The future is bright with EPRDF. We agree with Solomon Tekalegn...Yiqetil!!!!
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Current Events

Letter submitted to the Editor

re: Helen Epstein’s “Cruel Ethiopia” (New York Review of Books, May 17, 2010)
I am astonished that Epstein (NYR, May 17, 2010) calls the EPRDF government “one of the most repressive and dictatorial on the continent” at the moment after impressive accomplishments in the socio-economic field, and just before national elections...
[Alem Habtu Associate Professor, Department of Sociology Queens College / CUNY, Flushing, NY ]

PM Meles Zenawi on Election 2010

Discussion among EPRDF, MEDREK and AEUP supporters in Diaspora.

The three supporters, Ato Mekonnen, Ato Shakespeare and Ato Seleshi discuss why they support their respective organizations on investment, land ownership and the democratic process unfolding in Ethiopia.
The debate was sponsored by Andinet TV of Seattle.

Coffee:Authentic Ethiopia the new book from Majka Burhardt

Ethiopia’s coffee origins could change the way people understand Ethiopia, and will be released this fall. It is a 144-page coffee table book that will showcase Ethiopia’s beauty and tell the stories of the multiple cultural understandings and uses of coffee in Ethiopia through words and photos.
See Also: Coffee: Authentic Ethiopia

Interview with Dr Hailu Mengesha.

Dr Hailu who lives in the USA was one of the founders of the TPLF. He left TPLF during the first internal crisis known as “henfishfish” during the early years of the armed struggle. Since he left TPLF Dr Hailu has been active in politics but for a long while now he is not a leader or member of any political organization. Recently Dr Hailu shared his thoughts on current Ethiopian politics with an online audiences at Alula Aba Nega pal talk online Discussion.
  Part 1      Part 2

For a detailed list of available lots in all corners of the city and the type of invstment...
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News & Analysis

Eritrea’s short-sighted calculations
Eritrea’s leaders never tire of shifting allegiances. Their moves whether in bilateral relations or in multilateral forums seldom appear to be based on well-thought out strategic decisions or any predictable set of principles. All too often, friendships are forged or broken, based on the whims of its leaders. Such short-sighted calculations have been used to carry out the series of destructive
See Also:   A Week in the Horn (21.05.2010)

Hydropolitics and Regional Stability in the Nile Basin.
Aaron Tesfaye May 2010- Population growth, poverty, ecosystem degradation and water scarcity are serious threats to political stability in the Nile Basin nations. In the past, tensions were muted by several factors: Egypt’s military dominance, civil wars in Sudan and Ethiopia and the negligible use of water by upstream riparian states. But recently tensions have surfaced, as most riparian states have openly defied the status quo, which favors Egypt

Ethiopia rejects Egypt Nile claims
Zenawi said Egypt's approach to the distribution of the Nile is out of date [Al Jazeera]Ethiopia's prime minister has rejected a threat by Egypt to prevent the building of dams and other water projects upstream on the Nile river. Meles Zenawi told Al Jazeera on Wednesday that Egypt will not be able to stop his country from building dams on the river.
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Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi
Ethiopia is a country under construction.
By Uduak Amimo BBC News, Addis Ababa- Mr Meles is the African Union's spokesperson for climate change
Drive out of the main Bole International airport in the capital, Addis Ababa, and you are immediately confronted by building works all the way down to the central Meskel square.

The Monthly Puplication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London
In this issue climate change and the upcoming G20 summit, the 23rd May elections, progress in road building, transport and dams, including the new Beles hydro-power station that opened on 5th May, advances in agriculture and malaria control, the opening of Ethiopia’s first science academy, tourism and sport are covered.
UK readers should look out for Jonathan Dimbleby’s upcoming programme on Ethiopia in his new BBC series - An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby – see page 10.

The Environmental Responsibility of Multinational Enterprises: Lessons from MIDROC Ethiopia
Desta Asayehgn, May 15, 2009- After the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972, and the Environment and Development (UNCED) also known as the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, a plan of action has been initiated to provide a framework for the consideration of the environment...

Ethiopia gets over a billion birr grant for Excellence in Education
Tsehaye Debalkew, May 14, 2010 (Washington DC) - Ethiopia has been granted Birr 1,326,000,000 (One Billion and Three Hundred Twenty Six Million Birr) for its performance in education and its drive to meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) set for the sector.
This huge financial grant is allotted by the Fast Track Initiative (FIT), a consortium of multi- lateral donor group constituting of the World Bank, the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands

A Realistic Step Forward: The Ethiopian Elections in Context
by J. Peter Pham, Ph.D- On May 23, voters in Ethiopia will cast ballots in the country's fourth parliamentary election since the establishment of a federal republic in 1995. While not a single ballot has yet been cast, some have already begun sowing doubts about the legitimacy of the pol

EEPCO grants electro, hydro-mechanical works of Gibe III project to Chinese Company
May 13, 2010 -- The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) and the Dongfang Electric Corporation, a Chinese company, signed 459 million USD project accord on Wednesday that enable the company execute the electro and hydro-mechanical works of the Gibe III Hydroelectric Project.


News from ETV

Nehnan Jeganunan: The Story!

One thing we are pleasantly surprised about the Derg regime is that how it has managed to preserve its atrocities. The following story is a story of our Jeganuna . The story is about heroic TPLF/EPRDF Fighters who fell in to the hands of the Derg. Listen to Amora being interviewed by the then Derg functionaries. Listen to Amora’s unwavering stand and courage even though he knew death was around the corner! After you have listened, close your eyes and try to understand what went in to the struggle to bring today’s democracy in Ethiopia. Try if you can, to understand Amora’s words with that of Medrek ‘s and those trying to undo Article 39!
To Amora’s mother and all the other 13 Mothers of our Jeganuna, we thank you!!!!
(amharic, dimtsi woyane)

To all who email us, telling us to keep it up, we promise we will, no other choice except to honor Amora's last word! We hope to get the DVD copy and share it with all of you also.Meantime enjoy this song about the epic battle where Amora's chapter story started...

Mark Your Calendar

TDA to construct Eyasu Berhe Memorial Library!
TDA Executive Director, Ambassador Tewolde Gebru told ENA the Association has launched activities to construct a memorial library at a cost of 11 million Birr for the renowned artist Eyasu Berhe, who passed away suddenly in Alamata Town last January while leading a fund raising program for the town.

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