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Tigray, a 'Battleground State' in Ethiopian Elections

Tigray might well be called Ethiopia's battleground state, in more ways than one.A homegrown rebel group, the Tigray People's Liberation Front, or TPLF, waged a guerrilla war in the 1970s and 80s that toppled the country's Soviet-backed military regime...But with elections 2.5 weeks away, Tigray is again a battleground. After 19 years in power, the ruling party is facing its first significant electoral challenge in its stronghold. Moreover, it is a challenge from within, led by members of a breakaway TPLF faction.

While Medrek "huge" pot is leaking from the bottom(see UDJ latest trouble) VOA is trying to fill it from the top like they used to do with Kinijt... in vain.
News from ETV

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Current Events
TDA to construct Eyasu Berhe Memorial Library!
TDA Executive Director, Ambassador Tewolde Gebru told ENA the Association has launched activities to construct a memorial library at a cost of 11 million Birr for the renowned artist Eyasu Berhe, who passed away suddenly in Alamata Town last January while leading a fund raising program for the town.

Extremist looking for shelter From Endabaguna to India to Washington

The extremist supporters of Medrek, the new Kinjit of our time, are turning every stone be it in India, Washington DC or Tigrai to defame the Ethiopian government. However, every time the stone is turned over, the only thing they are finding is failure.

As if it is not enough to have brown and black extremists who can lie and shed crocodile tears, they have now added a white extremist who is, we are told on hunger strike, pretending he and Amnesty International are on the same page when it comes to Ethiopian politics. Word is Amnesty International has in no uncertain terms told the gentleman on hunger strike in DC that they do not support or endorse his cause.

Also equally interesting to note is the dysfunctional extremist supporters of Medrek are claiming one of their supporters in India(do not laugh!) is being hassled by EPRDF! This is coming after they exhausted their claim to every criminal incident and otherwise that happened in Ethiopia as political. Little did we know that the extremists were such bold lying creatures who know no bounds to defame the EPRDF government.
Who knows they may even claim some alien supporters of theirs was hassled on the moon...they do have a bad joke as a precedence to claim. Gudegnoch![Aigaforum 05/04/10]

Nugusie from Hagerfikir Radio (DC)interview with Tsehaye Debaleqew from Selam Radio (DC) on the coming Ethiopian National Election.
  Interview(click 20100502 link and pass forward to 15 minutes)

Ethiopia police arrest 10 for allegedly planning attacks

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) – Ethiopian police arrested 10 suspected Islamic militants they believe were sent by Eritrea to carry out attacks to upset May 23 general elections, the information minister told AFP Sunday.

"Terrorists belonging to (Somalia's Islamist militia) Al Shebab and sent by the Eritrean government have been arrested. Their mission was to carry out terrorist acts to damage the peaceful electoral process," Bereket Simon said.

140 mln.USD worth Textile Factory
Inaugurated in Ethiopia

Diane Stamm from embassy radio, Washington DC, interview with Mr. Wondimu Asamnew, Charge d'affair, Ethiopian Embassy in DC


News & Analysis
Beles Hydropower project starts generating 115 MW
Addis Ababa, May 5, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - Beles Hydro Electric Power Generation Project has started Wednesday generating 115 MW with its single turbine as part of the test trial.

Green Revolution and Industrial Decentralization: Policy Options for Food Security and Promoting Rapid Employment in Ethiopia
Tsegaye Tegenu, Stockholm University- In the Ethiopian political arena there is a discussion on the accuracy the figure and statistics of economic growth rate. My opinion is that the discussion should instead focus on the sources of the economic growth. Employment generation and productivity levels play key role in achieving high rates of growth and reduction of poverty

Statement By H.E Ato Seyoum Mesfin, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, On the Occasion of his being awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Letters by the Great Lakes University of Kisumu
3 May 2010 Kisumu, Kenya- It is a great honour for me to be present here on this auspicious occasion at your University to receive an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Letters. I should like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the Senate and University Council for this recognition and for the decision to confer on me this honour. I consider this a singular honour not only to me, but even more, to my country...
See Also:  Foreign Affairs Minister Mesfin awarded academic honours

The Antinomoies of Democratic Voting & Color-coded Rioting
Mixed Signals

(By Genenew Asefa 05/02/10)- Now that the 4th national election is approaching, speculation is rife in anticipation of the challenges and opportunities that are bound to come in its train. This is a normal response anywhere in the world during an- election year. Nonetheless, in our case, given the problems of the 3rd National polling,

Ethiopian Government Delegates discussed on wide range of issues with Ethiopians in Sweden
Ethiopian Government Delegates conducted very successful meeting with the members of Ethiopian community living in Sweden.In the meeting chaired by His Excellency Ambassador Dina Mufti, His Excellency Mr. Nega Tsegaye explained in detail about the current and wide range of issues in Ethiopia

Briefing on current developments in Ethiopia held in Geneva, Switzerland
May 3, 2010(Geneva) - A high level delegation led by H.E Ambassador Tewolde Gebru held yet another successful meeting on current developments in the nation to Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin living in Switzerland on 2 May 2010. The delegation included W/ro Genet Wolde, Speaker of the House of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region; Ato Alemayehu Atomsa, Head of Public Relations of the Oromia Region; and Ato Tesfaye Wolde, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The well-attended meeting was organized by the Ethiopian Permanent Mission in Geneva at the Ambassador’s residence. Ato Melaku Petros, chargés d'affaires the Permanent Mission, moderated the meeting.

The World, Africa, China and Ethiopia: China-Africa Relations
On a visit to China earlier this month, Dr. Tekeda Alemu, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke at the China Foreign Affairs University on the subject of “The World, Africa, China, and Ethiopia: China-Africa Relations.
Dr. Tekeda began by suggesting that the international situation could be considered to be in something of a flux because of the world’s economic balance, something, indeed, in which the role of China...

See also   A Week in the Horn (30.04.2010)

Civil servants, students in Maichew vow to cast votes to TPLF Maichew, May 2, 2010 (Maichew) - Civil servants and secondary school students living in Maichew town of the Southern Tigray said they decided to cast votes to Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF/EPRDF) during the balloting day of the national elections.

Comment : It is customary in any democratic country for people to declare or endorse a candidate/s during the campaign period. It is also true most high school students in any country including Ethiopia are under 18 years of age and are not eligible to vote. We understand what the news story is trying to tell us but with the whole world watching the election we are not sure the "high school students" aspect of the story will not be misused by the nay Sayers...

Open house program staged at the Ethiopian Embassy
May 02, 2010(Washington DC)- A-day-long annual event dubbed DC passport, highlighting Ethiopian cultural and social extravaganza which attracted close to 6000 residents of the Washington Metropolitan hub was colorfully held.

Mehretab Assefa, April 28, 2010- I have read Helen Epstein article, Cruel Ethiopia, which appears in The New York Review of Books. More than anything, the article is represents a standard paradigm of the latter day saints of Bleeding Heart Liberals...If Ms. Epstein was not a bleeding heart white liberal, I would not be bothered to write this response. I am directly challenging her self-professed moral authority ...


To those who have relapsed and want to bring the old system and undo Article 39, here is a reminder for you!

The struggle then was against poverty and inequality, thanks to Article 39 we have our freedom now. Today the struggle is against poverty with the same enemy! Thus why the young generation is taking the mantel from their elders(Ayas)!

Mark Your Calendar

Public Meeting with Ethiopian Embassy Officials in Boston!!

All are invited for a public meeting with Ethiopian Embassy Officials On May 8 , 2010 from 2-6PM
For more...

Victory’s Day Invitation Boston(U.S.A) .

Ethiopians Festive Event on May 30, 2010 in Greater Boston area, to celebrate the 19th Anniversary of the victory of Ethiopians Democratic movement led by EPRDF For More

Amhara Development Association (ADA) London!!!

Amhara Development Association (ADA) Night in London May 29 , 2010

AYAA in Washington DC!!!

AYAA Night in Washington DC on May 29,2010
For more Please visit alumni page

Awlaelo Night in Seattle!!!

Awelalao Alumni Night in Seattle, June 19, 2010
For more Please visit alumni page

Axum Alumni Night in Las Vegas!!!

Axum Alumni Night in Las Vegas, June 23, 2010
For more Please visit alumni page

Queen Sheba Alumni Night in Seattle!!!

Queen Sheba Alumni Night in Seattle, July 2-4, 2010
For more Please visit alumni page

Shire night in Washington DC !!!

Shire Night in DC July 3-4 2010
For more Please visit dasna page

Agazi night in Adigrat, Ethiopia!!!

Agazi Night in Adigrat, Tigrai July 30 2010
For more Please visit alumni page

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