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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Current Policy directive in regard to Eritreans

Bereket on the Directive Concerning Eritreans
(in Tigrigna)

Birhanu Adelo on Government Directive
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The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out and meet it. Thucydides

Interview with Ato Haimanot Lakew

A week in the Horn
May 22, 2009

To those who forgot who they were and what they said yesterday and ended up in Asmera! This is for you! The song says it all!

Isayas would like to hoodwink us by stating that he stands for Ethiopian Unity. Has he promised to the opposition that he would kick out the OLF? Has he promised to stop supporting ONLF? Which opposition is READY to be an apologist for the DIA as they were to the ill fated AFD and run to Asmera tomorrow?
Aigawoch, I know the answer, how about Ginbot 7; they are telling us "they are everywhere" eko! Everywhere to hustle and Tsada Asmera must be a hustlers paradise these days! Thanks for the laugh,

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Former Presidents:
Federal Pension and Retirement Benefits

AU calls for sanctions on Eritrea Somali insurgent leader says Eritrea supports fight

President Issayas lectures the World, masquerading as defender of Ethiopia Unity

(MOFA 05/22/09):- President Issayas is taking the opportunity of Eritrea’s 16th anniversary of independence (May 24)...Issayas finds little to welcome in the world or even in Eritrea. The words that most commonly appear are challenge, conspiracy, hostility...[but]President Issayas tried to portray himself as a defender of Ethiopian unity. [Only if he had not told the world in 1991 that]... “The only reason that there is an Ethiopia is that the US needed it for the Cold War, and recreated it, otherwise it would have disappeared at the end of World WarII.”

On the Current Policy directive in regard to Eritreans

Some of you want to know more about the recent policy directives the Ethiopian government passed in regard to Eritreans and their holdings in Ethiopia. The policy as explained  (here)  is about Eritrean citizens who left Ethiopia for many reasons but wanted to come to claim their business as well as other fixed assets.

Ethiopia today is a modern and developing country. It does not issue policy based on vendetta but based on what is right and acceptable for a civilized society and country. The Ethiopian government and people could live without the current Eritrean government for sure but does not and never wants to punish the Eritrean people.

This policy is simply to address ambiguity that existed since the last war with Shaiba about Eritreans who left Ethiopia leaving behind their assets. There are regulations and policies that deal with any foreign nationals including Eritreans if they want to invest in Ethiopia. That will not change with this policy.

The Ethiopian government as an elected government has the entire mandate to govern. Governing includes issuing policies and drafting new laws. We see the policy in that view. Anyone trying to spin the policy in any other way does not understand where Ethiopia is today! Aigaforum 05/22/09


'Dead Aid,' Dead Wrong

Mark Your Calendar

All Ehiopians in Boston are invited....

Mother Looking for Lost children!
If you are or know Eyob Tesfay, Tigist Tesfay and Desta Tesfay, your mother Berihu Woldegebriel is looking for you. Please contact us!

The three of them are believed to be living with an aunt Tebletse G/Hiwot, Legesa G/Hiwot and uncle Haile G/Hiwot
in Milano Italy, although they may have moved since

They went there via Asmara and with the help of Tsehaytu G/Hiwot around 1980!. Please help an anguish mother

Habbo Project

Please write your money order or check payable to TDA North America and mail it to Dr. Teodros Taddese, -3636 16th St. NW 1049A, Washington, DC 20010, USA

TDA North America (TDANA) set to celebrate its 20th Golden Year Anniversary
The organization will hold its 20th Golden year anniversary in Washington DC starting on August 14, 2009. TDANA invites every one to join this historic celebration.

Detailed event plan will follow soon but if you have any questions call TDA NA head office in Washington DC for further information

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