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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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The Africa Confidential Interview

AC: What is the EPRDF [the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front] doing to prepare for the elections? Are there any new strategies?

We have developed a draft strategy which was discussed by the committee of the leadership. The expectation is that the larger body of the leadership would discuss it sometime in August, possibly endorse it with modifications, which would then make it possible for us to start preparing for the elections in perhaps September or October. The draft strategy is available and, as I said, we hope that by September or October we will start seriously to prepare for the elections

New glass factory enters market with capacity of 42,000 tons a year
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Thought for Today

Globalization is not happening only because America backs it. Globalization happens because people find value in it. They find value in the connectivity; they find freedom in it; they find better lives. What is driving globalization are three billion capitalists. They're being transmuted into a global middle class, which will be the dominant power in the global economy and the global political system in the twenty-first century. The genie's out of the bottle. The latest tallies of international violence say that it's almost all occurring in places that are yet to be deeply integrated into the global economy, which tells me that we're in a frontier integrating age, just like we went through in America in the nineteenth century. by Thomas Barnett

Long time activist and current EPRDF supporter Adal Isaw and Alemayoh Zemedkun, former assistance attorney general with grudge against the government of Ethiopia discuss on the state of the democratic process in Ethiopia. Moderator Alula Kebede.

Dire Dawa - By Adib Kadir

Ethiopian Music Legend Gebretsadik WeldeYohannes(RIP)

News & Analysis

Ginbot 20, Victory Day and The Denta (Dubamo) people

I am glad that Ginbot 20 is heating up with an assortment of cultural songs of our nations and nationalitie...The Nationalities in this part of Ethiopia include the Kembata, Hadiya, Denta (Dubamo), Donga, Tembaro and Alaba. All except the Denta (Dubamo) have been represented at all levels including the Houses of Peoples Representatives and the Federation
Ethiopia's annual inflation slows to 23.4 pct in April
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia's annual inflation rate fell to 23.4 percent in April from 23.7 percent in March, the government said on Monday.
Somalia spoilers face sanctions
AN African Union (AU) meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Wednesday resolved to set up a mechanism to identify the insurgents in Somalia’s recent violence and seek sanctions against them

See Also:  Islamic militia leader defects to Somalia government

Our struggle to isolate extremist within the opposition in Diaspora has started to bear fruits. Today Elias Kifle (Ethiopian Review) once upon a time known mouthpiece for all kind of opposition in Diaspora is left naked hung to dry as a Shaibia agent.

It has been a tough struggle but we could not be happier to see the likes of Dagmawi calling a spade a spade! Now that Elias is cut to size let us work on the other websites that continuously tell us doom and gloom about Ethiopia. They need at least to hear Ledetu Ayalew message “chefen teqawami” (blind opposition) will not take the opposition anywhere and will not help the democratization process in Ethiopia. We need to see more sober mind opposition figures to get prominence in the opposition block. Elias ciao e arrivederci!

U.S. Insists Eritrea Stop Fomenting Violence in Somalia
The United States urges the Government of the State of Eritrea to stop fanning the flames of violence in Somalia

WASHINGTON, May 14, 2009 – The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved today $540 million in International Development Association (IDA) funding for the Protection of Basic Services (PBS) Program Phase II Project for Ethiopia


Mark Your Calendar

Mother Looking for Lost children!
If you are or know Eyob Tesfay, Tigist Tesfay and Desta Tesfay, your mother Berihu Woldegebriel is looking for you. Please contact us!

The three of them are believed to be living with an aunt Tebletse G/Hiwot, Legesa G/Hiwot and uncle Haile G/Hiwot
in Milano Italy, although they may have moved since

They went there via Asmara and with the help of Tsehaytu G/Hiwot around 1980!. Please help an anguish mother

Habbo Project

Please write your money order or check payable to TDA North America and mail it to Dr. Teodros Taddese, -3636 16th St. NW 1049A, Washington, DC 20010, USA

AYYA annual meeting .
The event is set for May 23rd in Dallas. More

Tigray Kultur Verein in Deutschland
ዕለት(date)   May 30, 2009 ካብ 17፡00 ሰዓት
ቦታ(place)  Jugend haus Frankfurterberg Juliusbercht st 10 60433 Frankfurt

Shire Dev Association Invites you to a party!
Saturday, May 23rd’ 09

917 Yesler Way
Seattle Washington
For more info. Call 206 352 7941,  206 849 5512

2009 “Tigray Festival” in Chicago
Five-Day Schedule

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