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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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WASHINGTON, May 14, 2009 – The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors approved today $540 million in International Development Association (IDA) funding for the Protection of Basic Services (PBS) Program Phase II Project for Ethiopia .

Mother Looking for Lost children!

If you are or know Eyob Tesfay, Tigist Tesfay and Desta Tesfay, your mother Berihu Woldegebriel is looking for you. Please contact us!

The three of them are believed to be living with an aunt Tebletse G/Hiwot, Legesa G/Hiwot and uncle Haile G/Hiwot
in Milano Italy, although they may have moved since

They went there via Asmara and with the help of Tsehaytu G/Hiwot around 1980!. Please help an anguish mother
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Current Events

U.S. Insists Eritrea Stop Fomenting Violence in Somalia

The United States urges the Government of the State of Eritrea to stop fanning the flames of violence in Somalia

Sandford International School Students Present Letters To Prime Minister Meles Zenawi


Ambassador Taye AtskeSelassie Consulate General Of Ethiopia In Los Angeles comments on Berhanu Nega, Ginbot 7, and recent terror plot.

Thought for Today

True character arises from a deeper well than religion. It is the internalization of moral principles of a society, augmented by those tenets personally chosen by the individual, strong enough to endure through trials of solitude and adversity. The principles are fitted together into what we call integrity, literally the integrated self, wherein personal decisions feel good and true. Character is in turn the enduring source of virtue. It stands by itself and excites admiration in others. by Edward O. Wilson

We are amazed every day!
"The strength of the EPRDF is directly linked to non-existence of strong opposition." Source: Addis Fortune, Verbatim

Ethiopia responds to US State Dept Human Right Report on Ethiopia.
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News & Analysis

We need our own stimulus package

As global recession reaches Africa, Zemedeneh Negatu, managing partner of Ernst & Young’s Ethiopia office, has a plan
Q. The global recession is finally hitting Africa: what impact should we brace for?
This whole notion that emerging markets were decoupled from the global economy has ...

It is not Sophie’s Choice

(Sovereignty or Good Relation with the US)

The Reporter, in its article, would like to advice the Ethiopian government on the wisdom of responding to the shoddy annual human rights report of the previous US Administration’s State Department. It warns that such public invalidation of the report could poison the relation betweenn Ethiopia and the US. It warns how the Zimbabwe’s economy is in shambles because it picked a fight with the west by taking away the land owned by whites and distributed it to its citizens

Axum: Another piece of Microsoft's parallel programming puzzle
For those trying to keep track of the myriad Microsoft efforts, Axum is the updated codename for the project formerly known as Microsoft Maestro. (Not the same Maestro that referred to a Microsoft business-intelligence project; this one is all about parallel programming.)

Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP) condemned the Ginbot 7 organization' s support for armed struggle
Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), one the groups that formed the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) largest opposition party in 2005, condemned the Ginbot 7 organization' s support for armed struggle ideology in Ethiopia. In a statement to journalists in the Ethiopian capital, EDP's chairman Lidetu Ayalew said peaceful struggle is the only way to change government.

250,000 laptops for Ethiopian teachers
By Groum Abate:-The Ethiopian government is to distribute laptops to 250,000 teachers in Ethiopia. A company to secure, and manage security on the new machines, which will contain sensitive data, has also been announced

Bulcha is busy forming Medrek. They don’t even have a minimum program to run on. What they chose is blame EPRDF who is ROARING to election with superior organizational capacity added with the benefits of the incumbency - and a tangible gain for the people in the last 5 years. If the good for nothing opposition chose to throw the towel a year early, it is for fear of the inevitable Election Day TKO!

Ethiopia, France, sign 210 million Euros loan agreement for Wind Power Project
Addis Ababa, May 7, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Ethiopia and France on Thursday signed a financing agreement amounting to 210 million Euros for implementation of the Ashegoda Wind Power Project in Tigray State.

Opposition Party AEUP opened 63 offices all over Ethiopia
AEUP led by Eng Hailu continues to reach Ethiopians in all corner of Ethiopia. While extremist in Diaspora led by terror plotters continue to preach doom and gloom the democratization process continues to take firm root.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi continues his tour to meet ordinary citizens. In all the engagements the most common issue raised is development. This by itself shows that EPRDF's campaign that Ethiopia has no other worst enemy than poverty is working. Gone are the days where the public can be hoodwinked by "ere goraw" slogans! All the fledgling economic indicators that shows Ethiopia pulling away from her slum is another pointer indeed Ethiopia is on the move and who to thank except the farsighted government of Ethiopia-The EPRDF!
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Aid Can't Develop Africans
Mark Your Calendar

TDA DC chapter is inviting all members and supporters of TDA for a meeting

  • To hear a general report of TDA DC chapter committee on past years activity
  • To discuss on possible future projects
  • To get information on TDA's 20TH anniversary celebration in August 2009 (in DC)

  • Date: Sunday May 17/2009
    Time: 2.30 - 6.30 PM
    Place: Black burn Auditorium Howard University Washington DC

    2009 “Tigray Festival” in Chicago
    Five-Day Schedule

    Habbo Project

    Please write your money order or check payable to TDA North America and mail it to Dr. Teodros Taddese, -3636 16th St. NW 1049A, Washington, DC 20010, USA

    AYYA annual meeting .
    The event is set for May 23rd in Dallas. More

    Tigray Kultur Verein in Deutschland
    ዕለት(date)   May 30, 2009 ካብ 17፡00 ሰዓት
    ቦታ(place)  Jugend haus Frankfurterberg Juliusbercht st 10 60433 Frankfurt

    Shire Dev Association Invites you to a party!
    Saturday, May 23rd’ 09

    917 Yesler Way
    Seattle Washington
    For more info. Call 206 352 7941,  206 849 5512

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