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TMH with Getachew Reda, TPLF Executive Leader- March 2021


I Have Lost a Brother!

Eyob Ghebreziabhier 03-22-21


Innocence, Victimized
(to the rape victims of Tigray)

Kiros Berhane (March, 2021)


I have a question to God

ኢዮብ ከ ጮማ እምኒ 03-21-21


A predator Turned Prey!

Yared Huluf 03-21-21



The Horrors of the Hidden War: Inside the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia - March 2021




TMH: With Amb Berhane Kidanemariam - March 2021



TMH: With General Haileselassie(Wedi Embeytey)- Tigrai military high command - March 2021


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The Beginning of an End for the Abiy Regime and Empire Ethiopia!!
If we can learn from history, it is a foregone conclusion the end is near for Ethiopia and the Abiy government. The recent successful military incursion test by the TDF in Wello area in Amhara land, the OLA military activity in Shewa area, and the ongoing military activity in Wellega and Benshangul area are clear signs of an impending disaster to the Abiy regime. The only front that has yet to be tested is the Gondar front. I have no doubt that this is coming soon given TDF is now in much better standing. The military balance has shifted in favor of TDF recently because 1)Isaias Afeworki's military regiments in Tigrai are stretched and tired and 2)the ragtag militia of the Amhara PP is bewildered and dysfunctional. Time is catching up to this unfortunate empire called Ethiopia. I wonder how many people are sad like me for wasting their youth and adult life to save the empire! Zeru Hagos March 2021

General Migbey from Tigray Military High Command - An Amazing and Heartfelt message to a TDF Regiment - March 2021

The Real "Junta" Leadership Resides in the Menelik Palace
Elias Dawit 03-22-21 - A junta is a small group ruling a country, especially immediately after a coup d'etat and before a legally constituted government has been instituted. For those following the endless lies, rumors and innuendo of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the word "junta" is used to describe the regional government of Tigray in a transparent attempt to de-legitimize a duly elected government. (

Spotlight on the Tigray Region of Ethiopia: The Need for an Urgent Response
On 16 March 2021, Lord Alton of Liverpool and the Coalition for Genocide Response hosted a webinar entitled focused on the situation Tigray Region of Ethiopia.In recent months reports have emerged highlighting the deteriorating situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Addis Abeba, March 22/2021 - The EU Council today decided to impose restrictive measures on eleven individuals and four entities responsible for serious human rights violations and abuses in various countries around the world. Together with the listing of four...

ED-REAP Calls for an Immediate Restoration of Peace and Stopping of Atrocities to the People of Tigray in Ethiopia
(March 2021) - We in ED-REAP have been closely following the war on Tigray and the unfolding humanitarian crisis with deep concern and agony. Since the start of the war in early Nov 2020, the Tigray Region of Ethiopia has been severely affected due to the disruption of life in general and complete halt of education and research due to the destruction of institutions, displacement of students... (

United Nation Human Right Commissioner, Michelle Nichols, Puts Woods on Tigrean Wounds
Gebre Selema 03-21-21 - Albert Einstein said: "Two things are infinite: Human stupidity and the Universe, but I am not sure about the Universe." I think Albert Einstein did not only know special relativity but also human stupidity. I am still reeling from the impact of her excellency’s irresponsible, insensitive cruel, inhuman... (

Amhara's laughable imitation of Nazi Germany's 'super-race'
Kalayu Abrha 03-21-21 - There is nothing under the Sun the Amhara would not attempt to do to prove their inflated self-concept except development and poverty eradication. Out of the endless proverbs, idioms, and sayings the Amhara produce for almost everything, one is most appropriate to my opening statement: They refer to someone who behaves like an overlord but has little for lunch as... (

'Practically this has been a genocide'
Hamdayet, Sudan -- More evidence of sexual violence being used as a deliberate weapon of war is emerging from Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, where an armed conflict has been raging for months.

Open call to Commissioner Bachelet.
Michael Fithanegest 03-20-21 - It is a shame that various UN organs, including the powerful Security Council, have not yet established an independent commission of inquiry for the mass crimes being committed in Tigray and outside Tigray by the Eritrean, federal and Amhara forces.

A Call for Action Regarding the UNDP's Note to Your Excellency on the War in Tigray
GSTS 20 March 2021, -Your Excellency, it is with utmost regret and dismay that we, the Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS)i, learnt the extremely biased and hostile confidential UNDP’s Note to your Excellency, on 16 February 2021.

Letting Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to investigate war crimes inside Tigray will only end up in one of the worst miscarriages of Justice in History!.
Ztseat 03-20-21 - A letter to Ms. Michelle Bachelet, United Nation Higher commissioner for Human Rights:Alarmed by your announcement for agreeing to a call by Ethiopian Human Rights Commission for a joint investigation, I hereby write you this letter, also kindly requesting you an immediate retraction to the announcement:

Critical Ethiopian diplomat urges peace talks in Tigray war
An Ethiopian diplomat who quit his post in the United States over concerns about atrocities in Tigray is calling for peace talks between the warring parties. Berhane Kidanemariam served as the deputy chief of mission at the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington until early March. In an interview with The Associated Press late Thursday, he warned that a protracted war in Tigray is devastating...

Fear and Hostility Simmer as Ethiopia's Military Keeps Hold on Tigray
NYT 03-19-21 - Accounts of atrocities keep coming in as the wounded flee to the regional capital, Mekelle, where Tigrayans say they are being winnowed for their leaders' rebellion. At the city's main hospital, the Ayder Referral hospital, officials said they received the bodies of 250 men, ages 20 to 35, between Nov. 28, when Ethiopian soldiers seized Mekelle

Strange World: Collaborating with the criminals to expose their crimes.
Kalayu Abrha 03-19-21 - A brilliant friend of mine always has words to describe all of the observations he makes; but when it comes to what sometimes happens in Ethiopia, he frequents a very interesting expression. He would say: "Ethiopia is a land of 13 months of surprises". This says it all! We have by now become used to the surprises taking place in Tigray which bewilder any logically thinking....

G/Medhin Blhatu 03-19-21 - Collectively, humanity suffers from the sickness of amnesia. Incidents of genocide abound in history. Yet, perpetrators keep repeating the same crime against humanity and the response of the international community moves at glacial speed during which time the lives of so many innocent people perish. The genocide convention of 1948 followed the Holocaust of six million Jews by Nazi Germany.

A Call for the Reversal of the United Nations' Decision to Accept the Ethiopian Government's Request to Conduct a Joint Investigation with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
GSTS 19 March 2021, -We, the Global Society of Tigray Scholars and Professionals (GSTS)i, appreciates the United Nations (UN), and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), and the repeated calls by Your Excellencies for an independent, credible and international investigation into the egregious violations of fundamental human rights and international humanitarian law committed against the People of Tigray.

Biden Dispatches Senate Ally to Ethiopia to Address Crisis
President Joe Biden is deploying one of his closest allies on Capitol Hill to East Africa to urge an end to the growing conflict in Ethiopia that has already killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.

U.S. Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance for the Tigray Crisis Response
The United States is providing an additional nearly $52 million in assistance to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia's Tigray region. The United States has provided a total of nearly $153 million in humanitarian assistance since the crisis began.

TDA-UK Open Letter to International Development Committee House of Commons
TDA-UK 18 March 2021, -We, at Tigray Development Association in the United Kingdom (TDA-UK), are extremely concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Tigray and we see an opportunity to share our concern with the UK government to find a solution to the humanitarian crisis in Tigray and help the people of Tigray at this difficult time.

UNDP Ethiopia's Whitewash of the Genocidal War on Tigray
M. Tesfay, 18 March 2021, 03-18-21 - The UNDP Ethiopia's "Leaked Note to the UNSG" penned by Achim Steiner and Ahunna Eziakonwa, UNDP Administrator and African Regional Director respectively, on 16 February 2021 on the current situation in Tigray and Ethiopia is a complete falsification and denial of the objective and subjective conditions prevailing in Tigray and Ethiopia at large.

Starving Civilians: Ethiopia's Method of Warfare in Tigray
Asayehgn Desta, 03-18-21 - The hunger and food crisis of 1974 contributed to the downfall of the HaileSelassie regime. The drought that caused the death of more than one million Ethiopians in 1984 destabilized and eventually shattered the authoritarian Dergue regime, removing it from power in 1991. Currently, because Abiy has either hardly learned from the previous disastrous epochs in Ethiopia or is negligent to pay enough attention to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court...

The Tigray Ethnic Cleansing:
Ezana H. (from Mekelle) 18.03.21 - The Eritrean, federal and Amhara forces have intensified their massacring, torturing, raping and abusing Tigrayans en masse in the last few days and weeks. Looting, pillaging, destroying private property of peasants, town and cities dwellers and small and medium businesses by the Eritrean, federal and Amhara forces are commonplace in the region.

Birth of a Nation
Alemseged Abbay 03-16-21- Dedicated to Abbay Tsehaye, my classmate from primary school to the History Department, H.S.I. University, who dedicated his entire life to the struggle. Murdered by the genocidaire (a Rwandan term), he lives giant in our hearts.

When the Amhara ganged up with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Eritrea, and Somalia to slaughter Tegaru en masse and launched the scorched earth policy of burning farm crops, killing livestock, and uprooting and/or destroying any economic infrastructure, the extermination of the people appeared a real possibility.

Ethiopian general tells diplomats of 'dirty war' in Tigray
March 16, 2021 - A "dirty war" causing suffering for "defenceless" victims is unfolding in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, a general said in a private briefing with diplomats last week, according to an audio recording of his comments obtained by AFP.
The US needs to push hard on its former hired guns to stop the senseless massacre of Tigrayans. Tigrayans know why this war was imposed on them. The US knows who enabled Abiy and Isaias Afeworki to unleash the war. The US needs to call back its running dogs unleashed by the Trump administration. It is that simple! Judging by the comment of Abiy's General, I am hopeful Biden is doing that... [Zeru Hagos 3/16/21]

Ethiopia: Hundreds executed, thousands homeless - the human cost of fighting in Tigray
The breadth and depth of human suffering in the Ethiopian region of Tigray is perfectly clear to humanitarian workers, human rights groups and the international diplomatic community.After four months of warfare between Ethiopia's national defence force and fighters from the Tigray, observers are collecting a worrying selection of data. More than 500,000 Tigrayans have lost their homes. Almost 60,000 have sought refugee status in neighbouring Sudan.

  • Oromo Canadian Community Open Letter to Amb Linda Thomas-Greenfield UN Security Council President
    March 15, 2021
  • Torches of Hatred and Barbarians on the March
    Aynalem Sebhatu 03-13-21
  • Mr Chairman, Thank you, but NO! A Big NO!
    (Zst-Tig) 03-12-21
  • Why Sovereignty? To Command Tigrai's Skies Perpetually!
    Aesop 03/14/2021
  • We Commend the USA; Thank you, but No Thanks for the OAU Interference!
    Diaspora Association of Tigrians in Europe March 13, 2021
  • Pursuant to Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, an open communication to Office of the Prosecutor (OTP), on grave violations of human rights in the Tigray region of Ethiopia
    Tedros Amanuel 03-12-21
  • Ethiopia: Between the Devil and the Deep Muddy Lake Tana
    Aynalem Sebhatu 03-09-21
    Wolde S. 03-10-21
  • Why the UN Security Council Must Stop the Genocidal War on Tigray
    Makonnen Tesfaye; 8 March 2021
  • Horrific Crimes in Tigrai: What Worse did Charles Taylor Commit in West Africa?
    Yusuf 03.07.21 -On April 26, 2012,
  • Tigray Conundrum 2021: Ethiopian Enemies and Foreign Friends
    Kalayu Abrha 03-06-21
  • Bayto Yiakl Letter to U.N. Security Council Permanent Members
    Bayto Yiakl USA
  • Bystanders to Genocide
    Alemseged Abbay 03-04-21
  • The Venable Law Firm's Support of Ethiopia's Genocide: The lives of Tigrayans are valued at US $105,000.
    Elias Dawit 03-03-21
  • Massacre of "Ethiopianess" in the holy city of Axum
    Aynalem Sebhatu 03-02-21 -
  • Isayas Afewerki 's & Abiy Ahmed 's ethnic cleansing war on Tigray
    Aman B 03-04-21
  • There is no sovereignty to cleanse a population: withdraw from Tigray or face consequences.
    Fitihi Ashenafi (from Mekelle) 03.03.21
  • The UN Failed to Proact in Tigrai As It Did in Rwanda
    G.Amare, March 02, 2021
  • Salute the Holy Solidarity of democrats to Fight Against the Dictators: Abiy and Esaias and the Amhara Chauvinists
    Yusuf Abdulkadir, 03.01.2021

  • Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2021 All rights reserved.

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