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Diaspora Discussion on Ethio-Eritrea Policy with Dade Desta

(Aigaforum March 26, 2016)_ The Ethiopian government policy towards Eritrea has been controversial from the beginning Eritrea was born! PM Meles government tried to reason with President Isaias to make peace to no avail! In fact when asked PM Meles said ...



Straight Talk Africa: Queen Sheba Restaurant


VOA Tigirgna Interview with Col Demeke Zewdu - Part2

BetreSeltan of VOA follow up Interview with Col Demeke Zewdu Wolqayit/Tsegede politics.


ethio telecom honoured in London-Ethiopian Embassy London



  • Letter of Share Transfer

  • List of People Cleared For Share Transfer

    The story of some of the extraordinary members of TPLF -Azeb, Saba, Etenesh and Hibur


    PM Hailemariam on Current issues with ENA - March 2016


    Adwa Hospital Status Reportage- March 2016
    The report covers the status of Laundry machines donated by the Diaspora and progress of the new hospital. More


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    Interview with Prof Richard Pankhurst on history: Who are Tigreans?
    All, we were told by few readers the interview is a fake interview. We are sorry for posting if it is. We have requested the person who forwarded us for more info. Until then we have removed the interview. Thanks

    The Nile is no more a bone of Contention but is a source of Co-operation !!
    Tsehaye Debalkew, March 29, 2016 - The longest river in the world, the Nile which is shared by many riparian States that necessitates its development with the objective of fairness and justice has been a victim colonialism..

    A project that has a place in the soul of Ethiopians
    Dawit Miteku 03-29-16 - Countries have an alienable right to utilize their natural resources in a way that would benefit their people. But, to use this natural resource there needs to be capability to do so.

    Neutrality needed when undertaking investigation
    Taye Kebede 03-29-16 - Human Rights Council (HRCO), a local NGO that operates within the field of human rights, has issued its report on March 5, 2016 labeled as '140th special report'.

    Must Listen testimony of an Eritrean- Where the Sun never rises...
    Developing the Manufacturing sector in GTP II
    Dawit Miteku 03-29-16 - As the main resources that Ethiopia has are land and labor, the aim is to create an industrial based economic structure by utilizing these resources in way they would enable ...

    What is the mission behind the article 'Dam figures to revolutionize Ethiopia'?
    K. Eyob. 03-28-16 - The opinion written by Tom Campbell and posted on The Orange County REGISTER under the title “Dam figures to revolutionize Ethiopia”, I believe has a wrong message than the writer wanted to express.

    Open letter to United State of America Congress
    Kebede Yimam 03-28-16

    Inside Africa's largest aviation academy
    Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Academy trains pilots, flight attendants and maintenance staff Company aims to train thousands of young Africans to man company's flights...

    Dam figures to revolutionize Ethiopia
    TOM CAMPBELL - The greatest public works project in Africa will reach a critical stage this year. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, on the Blue Nile, is more than halfway complete. This year, the first diversions of flow of the Blue Nile will begin.

    China's 'imminent issue': Djibouti and overseas military interests
    China's decision to build logistical facilities for its navy in Djibouti has been downplayed in official statements after it was announced last November, but it represents a clear departure from ...

    Ethiopia's UNSC Bid Gaining Momentum
    Fetsum Berhane 03-25-16 - It was last year that the government of Ethiopia announced Ethiopia's bid for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the year 2017–18. After the African Union (AU) endorsed...

    Community Ownership: The secret of Ethiopia's health sector achievement
    Muna Jamal 03-25-16 - The provision of health services have changed dramatically in the past two decades. Among several areas where remarkable changes have been registered from 1991 to 2014; the decline of maternal mortality

    A week in the Horn, 25.03.2016
    MoFA 03-25-16 -

    Out of this world! The amazing volcanic hydrothermal fields in Ethiopia that look like the landscape of an alien planet
    These incredible volcano images look like they could be from an alien world. The Dallol Volcano, in Ethiopia, is an endless yellow-orange landscape, its craters stretching for miles around. Though named a volcano, Dallol is actually a hydrothermal field located in the northern Danakil Depression

    Addressing urban poverty a vital part of Ethiopia's development paradigm
    Fikrete Kebede 03-23-16 The double-digit GDP growth Ethiopia registered for more than a decade is not only recognized by all reputed scholars and institutions but also has demonstrated its resilience and sustainability.

    Ethiopian Government Condolence letter to Belgium Government and People
    March 23, 2016

    Eritrean Maligned Policy!
    Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, March 23, 2016 - The provocative and belligerent acts of the infantile and one man regime of Eritrea whose broad daylight acts of terrorism, brigandage, aggrandizement and wanton destruction, both internally and externally...

    ISIS' Next Target: Terrorism After Brussels
    By Robin Simcox - The recent attacks in Brussels show that terrorists’ ability to strike at the heart of Europe remains apparently undiminished. Early reports suggest a death toll of around 31, with more than 100 injured. The Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Survival's Malicious Prosecution of Ethiopia Reached New Low
    Fetsum Berhane 03-23-16 - If there's a country that annoys the self-proclaimed “protector of tribes”, an NGO named Survival International, it is Ethiopia. The NGO has so long ago made a solemn pledge to curtail Ethiopia’s break neck hydro-power development

    Tigrinya–English/Amharic Codeswitching
    The bulk of research on codeswitching confines its scope to two languages. In this study, however, three lan­guages, Tigrinya, English and Amharic, are considered. While Tigrinya and Amharic – two Semitic languages spoken in Ethiopia...

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