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Current Events
Adwa Hospital Status Reportage- March 2016

The report covers the status of Laundry machines donated by the Diaspora and progress of the new hospital. More



VOA Tigirgna on Wolqayit Tsegede Interview with Leuel Mengesha

BetreSeltan of VOA asked the Prince to elaborate more on his last interview with VOA Amharic in regard to Wolqayit Tsegede and the inhabitants identity.The prince declined to affirm one way or the other the identity of the people. Many people who contacted us could not believe Leuel Mengesha is having hard time to say it out loud the people for most were Tigreans! What is really holding him back?


Mesfin Bezu on Ginbot 7 and More...


Memhir Gebrekidan Desta interview on Welkait-Tsegede.



Poem- Metema Yohanis
(አንቺ አኬልዳማ መተማ !)

ብይፍጠር ኪ/ማርያም 03-09-16



Diaspora Policy Panel - London Ethiopian Embassy 2016



Interview with Ethiopians who were abducted by Shabia

Ben, thank you for for being the voice of the voiceless! Some one told me one of the young man in the picture is relative of Amoraw the fearless TPLF Tegadalay who was murdered by the Derge after he was captured wounded! It is very irritating and maddening our people are not allowed to live in peace after sacrificing people like Amora and facilitating Eritrea's independence with all its shoreline! Tewaridu Hizbna! Zeru Hagos, 03/03/16


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News, Analysis & Articles
Ethiopia Insight: What's Ahead for the Economy
Arkebe Oqubay, special adviser to the Ethiopian Prime Minister, discusses Ethiopia's economy the challenges the country faces and his outlook for the nation.

Modifying the ‘One Size Fits All’ Good Governance Agenda for Ethiopia
Prof Desta, Asayehgn 03-16-16

OPDO Reform: A Step in The Right Direction
Saba Degefa 03-16-16 - OPDO, the ruling party of the state of Oromia, has spent the last two weeks in intense high-level meetings. The goal of the meetings is to reform the party establishment after the turmoil that rocked the state for months.

Ethiopia's investment in access to roads
Marta Adera 03-16-16 - Ethiopia's economy has maintained its extraordinary expansion with an average gross domestic product (GDP) growth of 10.9% for more than decade. That rate is almost double the 5.4% average for Sub-Saharan Africa

Reborn Nation and Mother

ግን ለምን ይዋሻል?
ከዓብለሎም መንክር መጋቢት 5/2008 ዓ.ም.

Premier to hold discussion with intellectuals
Addis Ababa, March 12, 2016 (FBC) – Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn will hold discussion with intellectuals .This is wonderful news. In order for Ethiopia to move forward and make the Growth and Transformation Plan successful it is a must the intellectual community...

The Political Maturation & Growing Image of Somali Region of Ethiopia
Ahmed Deeq Hussein03-12-16 -Ethiopian-Somali region is more peaceful and politically stable with notable improvements in basic social services; developments, infrastructures, good governance,

Deconstructing Feeble Peeble's E(ri)SAT-Style Journalism: Confusing myths for facts
Selam Yiheyis (PhD), Canada 03-12-16 - I read an article entitled “Counterpunch’s -Ethiopia: Unity in Opposition” by someone named Mr. Peeble. Its verbatim version was posted at Aiga Forum, some three weeks ago

ፖለቲካዊ ትራጀዲ
ተፈሪ መኮንን 03-13-16

Eritrea’s capital city houses some of the finest 20th century architecture in the world
Eritrea, a small state of six million people in the northeast of Africa, is often seen as one of the most isolated countries on the continent. But the capital, Asmara, has some of the best 20th century architectural design in the world...While elsewhere on the continent economic growth is transforming Africa’s urban skylines, Eritrea’s capital has not had major construction happen since the 1940s, according to UNESCO.(It is amazing to see Asmara ruining itself to death by its own children! The story line for Asmara today should have been what was done over the last 24 years instead of colonial era! Sad Sad!)

Sisi Wags His Finger
Is Egypt melting down? It has an insurgency, a currency crisis, a brazen and brutal security apparatus that is sowing dissent, a phony political process, and a leader who has lost his grip. These are, at least, the reasons that have been outlined in various commentaries and analyses ...

Milestones that mark the GERD’s five years
Bereket Gebru 03-11-16 - Ever since Ethiopia’s announcement of its plan to build a mega dam over the Nile, numerous predominantly foreign experts and ordinary people have expressed their doubt over the realization of the project,

Ethiopia plans new 2,000 MW dam: PM
Ethiopia, which plans to become a top regional electricity exporter, will soon launch a new 2,000 megawatt hydropower dam, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on Thursday.

'Eritrean authorities must end detention of innocent civilians', say S&Ds
Following a discussion on the human-rights situation in Eritrea during the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg this week, S&D MEPs expressed their concerns about ongoing human-rights violations in the country.

ኢትዮጵያንስ ሐረር አያርጋት !
በያገርሰው ጥበቡ 03-10-16

Ethiopia: Free ambulance services halves pregnancy-related deaths
The halving of pregnancy-related deaths that we saw coincided with an increased availability of free ambulance services in Ethiopia suggests

Ethiopian prime minister: 'We are an island of stability in a troubled region'
The root cause of protests in this country is not politics. It is having so many young people who are unemployed. We haven’t addressed the unemployment problem in Oromia and also in other parts of the country.
Read Also:  How to create jobs quickly for all young people of Ethiopia by Tsegaye Tegenu, Ph.D

ህዝቡ ምን አጎደለ?
ዓብለሎም መንክር መጋቢት 1/2008 ዓ.ም

Criticizing Ethiopian Development for the sake of Aesthetics is Unsavory
Naizgi 03-10-16 - One allegation of human rights violation constantly hurled at Ethiopia focuses on the effects of Ethiopia's mega development projects, villagization program and land-lease policy to promote commercial agriculture.

ሙስናው ...!!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 03-10-16

When unholy alliance “conjugated” to cause havoc with no viable alternatives, it is a recipe for disaster.
W. Yilma 3/8/16 - We are witnessing in our world today that how countries are crumbling when unholy local and exiled fragmented groups with no political purposes or viable socio-economic programs conjugates

አይደፈር አምባው 03-09-16

GatesAir wins DSO project in Ethiopia
CINCINNATI—In preparation for its national transition to digital television, Ethiopia’s national digital TV network has awarded a contract to GatesAir to provide turnkey equipment and services. GatesAir will design, supply, install, test and commission ...

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All Tigrayan, members and non-members, are cordially invited to attend general meeting of the Tigrayan Association in Toronto and Surrounding
Place: Debre Selam St. Michael Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church
125 Broadview Ave, Toronto
Date: Saturday March 19, 2016
Time: 4:00 – 8:00 PM


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