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Interview with Arena Public Relation officer Ato Andom - On Election 2007(EC).


In Western Democracy, during election time, politicians almost always stretch any slightest negative truth of their opponents and use it in a negative campaign to undermine their opponents! We hope Ato Andom as a liberal democracy follower is not using such campaign habits when passing the few alleged "wrong doings" that were refuted by the relevant officials in this interview! Ethiopians should be allowed to vote the best candidate based on merits not based on false and divisive campaigns! We have brought to you this interview since Arena is the only opposition party with a long shot to win any meaningful parliament seats in Tigrai.



Tiret For Development


Election 2015 Coverage: Revolutionary Democracy(EPRDF), Liberal Democracy(EDP) and Social Democracy(MEDREK) Representatives Discuss their Respective Ideology as


The economic and social impact of Raya Beer

Reportage from a symposium held prior to the inauguration event- Mekelle Feb 2015


Investigative Report on the Water Shortage in Mekelle!

The problem with drinking water shortage may not be unique to the city of Mekelle in Ethiopia. Due to the vast expansion of cities and towns all over Ethiopia...


News, Analysis & Articles

Could Ethiopia Be The Bright Spot For Diageo?
Diageo, the world leader in alcoholic beverages, has been facing tough circumstances recently in their traditional markets. In this situation, reprieve for the company comes from its operations in Africa,... Menezes sees Africa growing faster than the company’s average, with Ethiopia becoming one of the “cornerstone markets” going forward...[Who in his right mind is doubting the new Ethiopia! Ethiopia joining the world economy you all!]

እኛ እና ስደት ....በልዑል ዓለማየሁ 03-09-15

Teshome Abebe 03-09-15 - “One cannot go through life disbelieving everything—but it is only through experience that one learns the kinds of things that should be doubted, and the kinds of circumstances in which doubting is appropriate.

Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia reach agreement on use of Nile waters
KHARTOUM // The foreign ministers of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia said on Friday they had reached the basis of an agreement on the sharing of Nile waters and Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam....[Ethiopia's diplomatic prowess has reached a new chapter if this news of a win win deal for using the Nile water among all countries has been reached! Although, we have yet to read the detail of this agreement, it is amazing Ethiopia has forced Egypt and Sudan to sit down and negotiate!Imagine where Ethiopia was two decades ago and where it is now!

Ethiopia's $5bn project that could turn it into Africa's water powerhouse
(CNN)It's called the Grand Renaissance Dam -- and the clue is in the name. With some 8,500 laborers working around the clock on its construction, the imposingly-named dam is surely one of Africa's most ambitious..

H.E. Ambassador Negash Kebret Botora, presented his letters of credence to the Acting Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva

A Week in the Horn News in brief

China confident of economic development
Zeray Hailemariam Abebe 03-06-15 -China’s slackened pace of GDP growth over recent years has stirred world-wide concern about the country’s economy. Official data released in late February showed...

South Sudan government and rebels miss peace deal deadline
The talks in Ethiopia are being mediated by the East African regional bloc, Igad, which had given both sides until Thursday to reach agreement...

የከሸፉት ተቃዋሚዎች
አይደፈር አምባው 03-05-15

ENDF - A People Centered, Dynamic and Preferred Peace Force
Semegn Meshesha 03-04-15 - The peoples of Ethiopia have a long history of statehood and defending their sovereignty. However, its organization, mode of operation and discipline has rarely been...

የአክራሪውና ተቃዋሚው ጋብቻ
አብዱልከሪም አደም 03-05-15

'First human' discovered in Ethiopia
Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans.The 2.8 million-year-old specimen is 400,000 years older than researchers thought that our kind first emerged....

The Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa Held its premier of the year meeting at the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington D.C.
Embassy of Ethiopia Washington D.C - March 2015

Ethiopian cinema focuses on prostitution
Ethiopian scriptwriter and film director Hermon Hailay says she grew up close to prostitutes. "I know them as young, beautiful women, mothers, sisters and friends," she tells me at a popular cinema in the middle of Ethiopia's capital...

After a long absence of writing poems, Hilawe Yoseph wrote a Poem and here below is the poem read at TPLF 40th Anniversary Symposium - Mekelle Feb 2015...   (poem)

Interview with Dr Ahmedin Edris Head of Ethio Witten
Two Fire Brigade vehicles donated by Ethio Witten to Mekelle City Administration arrived recently!... (Interview)

Ethiopia, Long Mired in Poverty, Rides an Economic Boom
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — The bulldozers, tractors and cranes are busy day and night, paving new roads, building tall glass buildings and constructing a new light rail system to stitch together the city’s ends...[...the argument "democracy or development" is a false misunderstood argument when it comes to Ethiopia. In Ethiopia where abject poverty is strangling the people democracy is translated to food self sufficiency and a better tomorrow--hopeful country to live!. Ethiopians are living in a hopeful country and every day becoming self sufficient. Therefore, though people show contempt with the way things are in some areas, they are happy! What should worry us all is if the current bureaucracy and bureaucrats are ready to lead and manage the fast pace of economic development and all the demands that arise because of it.It is amazing most people we talk want to be come business owners! Such huge desire coupled with some of the means people are using to become rich are causing frictions with the government and its institutions everyday! The government wants to isolate the "rent seekers" and in the process some good and honest people are getting squeezed! Also, besides the issue with rent seekers, the huge demand by city dwellers all over the country is something to worry for bureaucrats and officials!]

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TPLF at 40!: Selected Documentaries Aired by TV Tigrai! Jan - Mar 2015.

The playlist is updated continuously, however for individual links >>>Click Here!
Political experts on Ethiopia, researchers and political science students will not have a better chance to study TPLF,the struggle and how it was won than watching and listening to all the interviews and documentaries being aired now!)


Netherlands -- March 28, 2015


London for hedase 2015


News with zenaneh mekonnen


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