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We Shall Finish What We Started-Hedase Dam!





A local witness on the benefits of the Kuraz Sugar Project to the People around the Omo Valley, March 23, 2014



Press Freedom Vs.Developmental State-(extended)



DR Arega and Sheh Alamudi Friendship


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Egypt explains its stance over Renaissance Dam.."puts words in to Ethiopia's mouth"
Foreign Ministry sent a formal document to all Egyptian embassies abroad about Egypt's stance over Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam...The Egyptian government is not telling the truth, no where does Ethiopia say and believe the Dam will hurt Egypt or anyone else!

Ethiopia’s Deputy PM at Global Partnership for Education Event Ethiopia Joins the Global Champions Group for Education

Japan Takes On China Far From Home—in Africa

It was in Ethiopia, though, that Abe emphasized Japan’s differences. He talked about Japan’s postwar ascent and its “development state,”

አደብ ቢይዝ ይበጃል...
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በኢ.ፌ.ዲ.ሪ የፌዴሬሽን ም/ቤት አፈ-ጉባዔ የተመራው የልዑካን ቡድን በስዊዘርላንድ ነዋሪ ከሆኑ ኢትዮጵያውያን በአገራችን ወቅታዊ ጉዳዮች ላይ ተወያዩ
Eth Embassy Swiss March 2014

Ten emerging countries hot on the heels of the BRICS
Indonesia, Bangladesh and Ethiopia are among 10 countries set to take over as emerging economies from the powerful BRICS nations as they struggle with growing pains, a French credit body said on Tuesday.

The legitimization of unconstitutional changes of government

Bereket Gebru 03/26/14

በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ ውስጥ መጋቢትም እንደ የካቲት...
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Japan brings kaizen philosophy to Ethiopia
Kaizen, the workplace philosophy that helped guide Japan's recovery from the ruins of defeat in World War Two, has reached the rural uplands of southern Ethiopia.

Hon. Ato Kassa T/Berhan and Members of Parliament Discussed with Diaspora Ethiopians in Rome

Eth Embassy Rome March 2014

መሠረተቢስ ሪፖርት ይብቃን...
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Misrepresenting the CSO legislation and Tarnishing Ethiopia's image
Hassan Adem 03/24/14 - The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative is a global initiative launched by the then PM of U.K. Mr. Tony Blair in 2002. It is an International multi-stakeholders initiative of governments

US $870m Financing Agreements for Lake Turkana Wind Power Project Signed
The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project ( meant to add an existing 300MW of reliable, low cost wind energy - We will see if wind energy is low cost vs hydro power however we wonder if these folks were the main financiers of the Gigle Gibe III critics!

Egyptian Company Finds Large Gold Deposit Near Hedase Dam!
የግብፅ ኩባንያ በኢትዮጵያ ትልቁን የወርቅ ክምችት አገኘ.....a while back we read a news story about Egyptian companies seeking investment licenses to operate in Tigray and Afar. We wonder then why all of a sudden they are showing interest to invest in these key locations? We have our suspicions then why they were interested in Tigray and Afar but why would the Ethiopian Government give such license close to the Renaissance Dam to an Egyptian Company? If the mighty US can deny at first the Dubai Port Authority from managing key Ports in the USA for national security reasons, why can't Ethiopia do likewise? Why can't Ethiopia put in place a condition...similar to what the US did with the Dubai ports? Tigray, Afar and Benshagul are key places to have a foot print for any Ethiopian adversary today!!!!

"Group: Ethiopia Regularly Records Phone Calls"
A rights group says that Ethiopia's government regularly listens to and records the phone calls of opposition activists...(...without passing a judgment on HRW accusation in this story, post 911 can any one be surprised if any government uses all means available to it to thwart terrorist act? Even the most powerful nation with all kinds of means in its arsenal that can be used to thwart potential terrorist act does seem to monitor its citizens communication for all kinds of reasons - didn't we hear all kinds of accusations made against the CIA/NSA including the monitoring of Senate Offices! as well as leaders of Germany and Brazil?

የዋጋ ንረትና የመንግስት ውጤታማ ክንዋኔዎች...
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ጀግና በምክንያትና በስራ፣ ሞኝ በእምቢታ ያሸንፋል i...
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የኣባይ ፍጥጫ...
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“አርቲክል 19”— የመብት ተሟጋች ወይስ የቀለም አብዮት አዝማች?...
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Red Lines, Green Banana Trees: Same Playbook Different Plays for Egypt
Teshome Abebe March 22, 2014

ለምን ይዋሻል?...for more

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