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Statement On The Task Force For The Repatriation Of Ethiopians From Libya
Those affected please call:

Tripoli Sudan council: 00218214775387

Bengasi Sudan council: 00218612238741

Kufra Sudan council: 00218647503011

and Addis Ababa Ministry of Foreign affairs: +251-5510550 or +251-5525508

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Current Events

VOA Tigrigna People to People Program

Discussion with an Eritrean and an Ethiopian on PM Meles speech to Ethiopian MPs on the brotherly relationship between the two people

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Plight of Ethiopians in Libya and Racism in Arab world.
The ‘revolution’ in Libya has a dark side that the main stream media conveniently avoids: racism. Racism is generally rampant in the Arab countries. Blacks in Libya have become targets of abuse and killings. As Al-gezira grudgingly admits; “ Dozens of workers from sub-Saharan Africa are feared killed, and hundreds are in hiding, as angry mobs of anti-government protesters hunt down “black African mercenaries,” according to witnesses.” .... for more and to leave your comments

36th Anniversary of the Founding of the TPLF Celebrated in Washington DC

The 36th Anniversary of the founding of the Tigrean People's Liberation Front (TPLF) hosted by the Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA) Washington DC chapter, was colorfully celebrated in the midst of fanfare and jubilation to-night in Washington DC. Ambassador Girma Birru was the guest of honor

“Fair and Balance Reporting”
Berhanu Nega group wants to know about the Army Generals ethnic background while its supporters want to play no part in ethnic politics (check current affair group stand of late!)! EPRP with its 40 years of experience of pamphlet distribution wants to lead the Tahrir (actually Tahdid) revolution while UDJ wants to start its revolution from city to countryside! Our own extremists in Diaspora want everyone to smile and talk kind to any one thus why they called a friendship rally in DC for (2/27/11). In other words the Tahdid revolution is in full swing and in a very short time we should know if EPRP or Ginbot 7 or UDJ or pal talk extremists have the upper hand to land at Tahdid palace (Betemengist). Last but not least EPRDF would be supporters are also dishing it out with the extremists arguing that there will not be a revolution because the country had one already! This in a nut shell is the news from Diaspora we did not cover over the last week! [Aigaforum 2/27/11]

TPLF Stories Retold!!.

  part I     part II     part III     part IV    

News, Analysis & Articles

Good for a Lark – a quarter million pound lifeline to prevent Africa’s first recorded bird extinction
The Liben Lark with a population of possibly fewer than 100 birds, is widely tipped to become mainland Africa’s first recorded bird extinction, unless urgent action is taken to prevent its demise from the only area it now inhabits: a single grassy plain in southern Ethiopia.

Part I     Part II

Ethiopia’s Reforms and Export Performance
Wondemhunegn Ezezew, March 2,2011- In theory, devaluation promotes exports and aggregate economic activity through the famous “multiplier effect.” However, currency devaluation may not produce the desired outcomes for several reasons: First, the Marshall-Learner (ML) condition may not hold in the short run. The ML condition is a theoretical viewpoint that links exchange rate fluctuations and trade performance

The Victory of Adwa is a Living Emblem Of our Unity and of our Liberty!!!
The European Super Powers, at the conference they held in 1884 in Berlin - Germany, by leaving aside their disagreement that surfaced among them, they arrived at a consensus to invade the entire continent...more

Eritrea: Africa's Human Rights Black Hole
President Isayas Afewerki wasted little time in rewarding his beleaguered nation of five million people with a regime based on violence and oppression.Considering the strife and unrest arising in fellow African countries -- Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, and Yemen -- it is only natural to question Eritrea's future.

Britain to increase its aid budget to five countries including Ethiopia
Addis Ababa, March 1, 2011 (WIC) – The British government planned to raise its development aid to five countries including Ethiopia for “better focused" on the poorest people, BBC reports.
See Also: UK's Development Program in Ethiopia Will Become its Largest in world: Country Representative

Burundi Government Signs Accord on Use of Nile River Water
Burundi became the sixth nation to sign an agreement on water usage from the Nile River, enabling ratification of an accord that may strip Egypt of its veto power over rights to the flow from the world’s longest river.
Not to blame our former rulers, our forefathers may have sang about the river Nile(Abay) and our history in many languages but let us give credit where it is due , it is the EPRDF that is walking the talk by not only singing about Abay but building Dams and recovering stolen and looted artifacts and monuments! That is the new Ethiopian spirit that will serve the nation for the coming generations beyond...history is in the making and our extremists are not part of it!

The Ethiopian government proclamation number 286/94 required all tax payers to register their businesses with the Ethiopian Custom and Revenue Authority(ECRA) office, submit the business owner’s finger print, and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN). For Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia obtaining accurate and timely information about complying with this proclamation has been rather difficult. More

Mark Your Calendar

36th Anniversary of Lekatit 11 in Dallas

at Quality Inn Hotel, 7815 LBJ Freeway, Dallas,TX, 75251

On March 5th, 2011 from 9PM- 2AM"

Invites all Tigreans and friends of our Association residing in Greater Boston Area and Surrounding Cities to participate in the event prepared on Easter (Dagmai Tinsae) and support the campaign for improving the quality of Education in Queen Sheba Schools Adwa and entertain your self with your family at our festive
Date: April 30, 2011
Time: 7:00PM - 1:00 AM
Place: 323Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135

March 8 Celebration in Washington DC

The Washington DC branch Woman's Association invites all Ethiopians to celebrate "March 8 International Woman's day"
Date: Saturday March 5, 2011
Time: 7:00pm-2:00am
Place: 901s. Highland St. Arlington Va, 22204 (Ethiopian Community)

For more information, call : 443-413-2859

Mums for Mums is an NGO based in northern Ethiopia. It is dedicated to working with some of the most marginalized and forgotten members of Ethiopian society - young single women and people living with HIV and AIDS.
Please donate what ever you can!

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