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    Ethiopia to Start Work on Nile Hydropower Plant, PM Meles Zenawi Said!

    Ethiopia will start work on a hydropower plant in its Nile basin within the next few weeks, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said...(
    “We are planning to carry out a number of important projects, including a major project in the Nile basin,” Zenawi said today. “It will be inaugurated in the next few weeks.”
    The Horn of Africa nation’s current generating capacity is 2,000 megawatts, according to state-owned monopoly provider Ethiopian Electric Power Corp. It has a potential hydropower capacity of 45,000 megawatts, the second-highest in Africa

    Build the dam and dam our poverty!

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Current Events
PM Meles Zenawi Press conference on current events

"News" we ignored last Week!

Bire, (you know the girgir one) and Tame were in town(North Carolina) and unlike prior years "denfata" they both told their audience (12+2) that their struggle will not bear fruit unless they welcome Tigreans in to the fold. They told their room full crowd(12+2 people) that Tigreans are divided in two camps and that they should alienate the Woyane camp while embracing the Siye/Gebru" camp.

What is the 12+2 you said, well ,the two were Woyane supporters who went there for curiosity sake.

While Bire and Tame were shuttling in North America huffing and puffing, the legal opposition in side the country remained silent for most part perhaps they realized the dynamics! But....but do not tell this to the few extremists who are dying hard to seek attention. These few have been trying to instigate something but not even Aigaforum could see them as worthy adversary that could derail the peace of our people back home let alone the Ethiopian government! Thus they are left to continue to bark...not even the proverbial dog bark but a cyber bark!
[Aigaforum March 11, 2011]

PM Meles interview with Assena(Tigirigna)!

Mums for Mums is an NGO based in northern Ethiopia. It is dedicated to working with some of the most marginalized and forgotten members of Ethiopian society - young single women and people living with HIV and AIDS.
Please donate what ever you can!

News, Analysis & Articles

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Underscores Ethiopia's Fast Paced Growth at a UN Confab!!
March 14, 2011- Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Ato Hailemariam Desalegn, who is in America on a working visit to the United Nations as well as a bilateral engagement with the government of the USA participated in a thematic meeting on how to spur investment in productive capacities of the LDCs in New York

A. W. SHUMAY March 14, 2011-Planet Earth, when watched by night from outer space what one notices is that most of the African continent remains in pitched darkness, apart from few exceptions, like the Egyptian Nile Valley. Europe, North and South Americas...

The continuing human rights crisis in Eritrea: the need for urgent international action.
Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention

A Few Observations on Current Events in North Africa and Middle East
March 13, 2011-Despite the growing oil wealth and commercial relationships with industrialized economies, Arab societies in general have mostly remained closed societies. For one thing, Arab governments have remained authoritarian...

The brag and chatter of antagonists in London
Dilwenberu Nega March 13, 2011- Five po-faced Ethiopian men and a happy-clappy Russian lady were the only ones who turned out at London’s Parliament Square on Tuesday 8th March to demonstrate against the friendly and productive relations between Ethiopia and Great Britain which is growing by leaps

A Week in the Horn (03.11.2011)

Ezana Sehay March 12, 2011-Now days it has become fashionable [deservingly I might add], to feel enthusiastic about the KAMSEN [sand storm] revolution of 2011. That is good news albeit late coming. Because, in spite of the euphoria being demonstrated in the Arab world in the last few weeks, western experts and opinion makers didn’t seem to know what to make of it.

Mohammed Al Amoudi is world's 63rd Billionare and #1 in Ethiopia!
Son of Saudi father and Ethiopian mother, Al Amoudi started investing in Sweden in the 1970s. Amoudi is close to the Saudi royal family, which sees him as a can-do guy and encourages his growing business empire in Ethiopia, where he is growing rice, corn and other staples on thousands of acres--for export to Saudi Arabia. Also owns a gold mine in Ethiopia, oil refineries in Morocco and Sweden, oil fields off west Africa. His Addis Ababa Sheraton is said to be among the finest hotels in Africa.

Building Gilgel Gibe III And The Ones Opposed To It
Markos Lemma Wesenie MD March 11, 2011- During the Italian Occupation of Ethiopia in the 1930-40's my father was one of the brave son's of Ethiopia who has been leading in the beginining hundreds and then as the fighting intensified thousends of followers who were tormenting the fascist Italians and making them flee ...

A call for all potential bidders to build the late Iyasu Berhe memorial in Mekelle!
   Message from Tsegereda Berhe

Mark Your Calendar

Invites all Tigreans and friends of our Association to participate in the campaign for improving the quality of Education
Date: April 30, 2011
Time: 7:00PM - 1:00 AM
Place: 323Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135

The Ethiopian government proclamation number 286/94 required all tax payers to register their businesses with the Ethiopian Custom and Revenue Authority(ECRA) office, submit the business owner’s finger print, and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN). More

Ye Abaylij!!(Lemelem Shumete)

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