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    To All Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia!

    There are some forces trying to organize a demonstration to protest against the construction of Gilgel gibe III dam. The protests are supposed to be held on March 22 in front of all Ethiopian Embassies across Europe. The day March 22 is supposedly the World Water day.
    Please organize counter protest and call upon all your friends and fellow Ethiopians in your cities to come out against these evil forces who wants our people to remain in the dark! Help your mother country!

    Build the dam and dam our poverty!

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Current Events

Please with great history Ethiopia

Thought for Today!

To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted. by George Kneller

PM Meles Interview with Asena Radio

   Part I
   Part II

Speaking out Loud!

After what TPLF did to save the Eritrea struggle from a certain defeat and after what the EPRDF government of Ethiopia did to recognize independent Eritrea so the world can accept her as the newest nation at the UN, for Eritreans to continuously question current Ethiopian leader's motive, and , for an EPRDF leader to go, yet again, an extra mile, with pain I might add, to convince Eritreans that the Ethiopian government has no ill motive against them is very hurtful, at least for me!

Do Eritreans feel we owe them something? Did they shelter us, did they feed us, did they protect us, and did they die for us like we did for them?

Eritreans for God sake, take this golden opportunity you have while the EPRDF government lasts and recover your dignity and freedom. There will be a time when the Ethiopian people will say enough is enough!
[Zeru Hagos, March 7, 2011]

Sewu Nugussie Taye also known by his Gedli name Kelebet was martyred in 1970(EC). Nugussie died before he saw his only child Abnenet. Kelebet was an extraordinary fighter and a hero! Listen to the following Dimtsi Woyane story and realize what price was paid to get today’s peace and development in Ethiopia.Let us keep the promise all! Haye! Hidri Swuat ke YeAbir All!

Gezategaru Interview With Ato Yohannes Gebregiorgis, founder of Ethiopia Read and former CNN Hero!


Gezategaru Interview with North America Tigrai Alumni and Development Associations.

Our Affair (YeGna Gudai) March 7, 2011

News, Analysis & Articles

World Economic Forum Selects Bethlehm Tilahun Alemu As Young Global Leader [YGL] 2011
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 9 March 2011 – The World Economic Forum has announced that bethlehem tilahun alemu , founder and managing director of trailblazing footwear brand soleRebels , has been selected as a Young Global Leader (YGL) for 2011. The honor, bestowed each year by the Forum, recognizes and acknowledges outstanding young leaders

Turkey and Ethiopia to be partners, Caglayan
Turkish state minister for foreign trade said on Wednesday that Turkey and Ethiopia would be very important partners."Ethiopia will be a very important partner for Turkey within the scope of a strategy to boost economic and commercial relations with Africa," Caglayan said while addressing a briefing organized for Turkish businessmen to give information about Ethiopia.

The Musings of a Former Diplomat
The Period we are passing through is indeed different; for sure it is not boring. This is not simply because of what we have been witnessing in North Africa and the Arab world, though that in itself makes the time we are in, uniquely different.

Professor Endreas Eshete appointed as PM Advisor!

Professor Endreas Eshete who resigned as Addis Ababa University(AAU) president was appointed as Prime Minister Meles advisor with the rank of a minister. According to sources the Professor will be advising the prime minister on Diaspora issues.

Japan should invest in Ethiopia’s educational development
The government of Japan supports many noble projects throughout the world and the outcome of this economic support is that many foreign nationals benefit immensely. However, it is abundantly clear that the Ethiopian government is ...

MHz Networks Expands Ethiopian TV Availability on MHz Native in Washington DC Metro Area
FALLS CHURCH, VA – Starting today, March 4, Ethiopian TV (ETV) programming availability increases from 8 hours a day to 12 hours a day on MHz Native. ETV programs will now be broadcast in the Washington, DC metro area from noon to midnight daily...Viewers can tune into ETV programming on: Over the air (OTA) digital broadcast channel 30.6, Comcast 276, Cox 475, RCN 35 and Verizon FiOS 452

Interpreting Background and Aftermath of the battle of Adwa: Non-political belief System Perspective
Tsegaye Tegenu Mar 06, 2011-I read the abridged article by Alemayehu Fentaw titled “The Ambivalent Legacy of Adwa: Cultivating Patriotic Solidarity & Cultural Diversity”. I find it refreshing to read history and came to see how history, a subject which has been ignored...

Fencing the Weak “Preys” from their “Predators”
Adal Isaw March 6, 2011 - For a while; let’s set aside the political and economic achievements that Ethiopia has registered for several years. Never mind that Ethiopia has grown by double-digit figure and the evidence for it is found at ease. Never mind that Ethiopia has fought so hard to be safe and stable from the spoils of extreme elements of state and non-state actors,

Ye Abaylij!!(Lemelem Shumete)

Mark Your Calendar

Invites all Tigreans and friends of our Association to participate in the campaign for improving the quality of Education
Date: April 30, 2011
Time: 7:00PM - 1:00 AM
Place: 323Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135

The Ethiopian government proclamation number 286/94 required all tax payers to register their businesses with the Ethiopian Custom and Revenue Authority(ECRA) office, submit the business owner’s finger print, and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN). For Ethiopians living outside of Ethiopia obtaining accurate and timely information about complying with this proclamation has been rather difficult. More

Mums for Mums is an NGO based in northern Ethiopia. It is dedicated to working with some of the most marginalized and forgotten members of Ethiopian society - young single women and people living with HIV and AIDS.
Please donate what ever you can!

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