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EDUM and SDFC Withdraw From Medrek As Members

Addis Ababa, March 1, 2010 (Addis Ababa) - The Ethiopian Democratic Unity Movement (EDUM) and the Somali Democratic Forces Coalition (SDFC), Member parties of Forum, announced here on Sunday that they withdrew from the Forum as members as a result of political pressure from the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ).

Unlike its predecessor Kinjit which lasted for few months as a "sebseb", Medrek starts to unravel before it begins the game. Many predicted Medrek will not last long as a cohesive organization due to its nature-a collection of divergent ideas, but little did we know it was to unravel this early fighting for a yet to be won seat in Parliament!. How can any sane person vote for such folks to run Ethiopia!
Interview with Ato Mohammed Abdurrahman Head of communication office and Spokesperson of the national election board
(Ethiopian Political Civility Pal Talk Forum)

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Current Events

Extracts from George Andersons Book: Federalism An Introduction, 2008 Forum of Federation, Oxford University Press. The book is translated into Amharic. Here below is a selected extracts. Our political parties are going to have a discussion on federalism. And we thought this may help the discussion.
Part I   Part II   Part III  

Ethiopia - Debate exposes deepening distrust

Democracy and multiparty election in Ethiopia”— Debate exposes deepening distrust of ruling party...[Genet Mersha from Nazret]

It is good, critics of the ruling party, be it from afar or near, have started to realize the ongoing democratic process.We hope the days of doom and gloom commentary are gone forever.Debate and election are part of the democratic process. The hurdles the democratic process in Ethiopia is facing may be great but the track is set and ready! What Ethiopia needs now is to get good players and runners...EPRDF is ready to play and run, let us hope others are also. No excuse is good enough to forfeit the game and quit.[Aigaforum 2/25/10]

Why you should vote for EDP in the coming election!
With a slogan "Zarem Yichalal"(it can be done , even today!), EDP details its campaign talking points and asks the public to vote for its party candidates.

Al Jazeera confronted Isaisas Afwerki, the president of Eritrea. with the allegations about Eritrea's ties with Iran, Hamas, al Shabab in Somalia and rebel groups in Sudan and Houthis in Yemen.
The man is naked, so much so, bloggers like the Ethiopian-Eritrean review guy have become his savior trying to save his skin by demonstrating against the sanction! Yet, he still thinks he can fool the world he is fully dressed and has done nothing wrong in Somalia and elsewhere in the Horn country!....... Terakibna alena Mr president!

First debate between EPRDF, EDP, MEDREK and other Oppositions

  part IV    part III    part II    part I

News & Analysis
A Week in the Horn
  • The High-Level Group Meeting on Education for All and the Addis Ababa Declaration
  • The EU’s exploratory election observation mission in Ethiopia
  • Somalia: the need to implement the TFG/Ahlu Sunna agreement as soon as possible
  • Eritrean demonstrations against sanctions
  • Chatham House revisited: Eritrea’s Road to Isolation
  • Ensuring the integrity of the elections: the regional context

'Hot Spots,' 'Bright Spots,' and Hidden Strengths in Capacity
There is a laser-like focus on the capacity of developing countries to respond effectively to the steep challenges of their Millennium Development Goals... The bright spots are exemplified by this report by DM2009 finalist Tsegay Wolde-Georgis on a "successful local based and cost effective intervention that transformed a food-insecure, drought-prone Ethiopian village into a sustainable community"...

Ethiopia plan to boost tea output causes jitters
A spirited drive by Ethiopia to boost its tea output is causing jitters in the local industry as competition for both regional and international markets intensifies. Though its production capacity is smaller compared to Kenya, its leaf quality is causing concerns

Ethiopian exports rise 9.7 percent
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 Addis Ababa ,February 24 (WIC) - Ethiopia’s exports rose an annual 9.7 percent last month on sales of coffee, pulses and khat, Bloomberg quoted the Ministry of Trade and Industry as saying.

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Rules of Engagement in Ethiopia
Just before the commencement of the 14th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union from January 25 to February 2, 2010, in Addis Ababa, the Group of 9 joined other journalists on visits to the President of the Oromia Regional Government and Representative of Oromo Peoples Democratic Organisation (OPDO), in conjunction with the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I found this very interesting video; I think it would be a very helpful lesson for the Ethiopian opposition to know the danger of a single story that they are preaching now. They choose to see a single story of the ruling party which may be the shortcomings; therefore completely disregarding the good stories that the organization has achieved. They have to acknowledge these remarkable achievements and try to work on the shortcomings. And also tell the people what the problems are and explain how they are going to change them. Then and only then would the people understand their agenda and vote for the opposition, if they are convinced by the opposition's winning agenda.[comment forwarded by Aiga Reader, 02/23/10]

Getting the Diagnosis Right: Population Growth, Development and Foreign Aid in Ethiopia
Tsegaye Tegenu,- In your webpage I read Ato Zerihun Retta’s response to Eamon Delaney’s view on population growth and development in Ethiopia... My comments focus on two important points. First population growth is neither good nor bad by itself. What makes it good or bad is the type of population that is increasing...

See Also:  Rising populations and overseas aid
ZERIHUN RETTA, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia,


Learn From History or Risk Repeating It

Adieu billingsgate politics!


In Politics, Personal Integrity is a requirement!

Incompetence or Carelessness?

The common denominator of Medrek and color revolutions

Mussie Zena On Aigaforum and Abdullah A. Ado
"Eritrea – Pushing the Panic Button to Its Peaks"

Dear Mussie, we post constructive and informative articles. You may not agree with our judgment but pls do not characterize us. We are our own and no one owns us! eshi do?


Mark Your Calendar

China in Ethiopia

Over the past decade, China’s economic relations with Africa have significantly increased. Trade balance between the continent and China has exceeded 100 billion US dollars according to recent figures.With field reporting by Amharic service reporter Henok Fente, the China in Ethiopia series portrays the range of investments the Chinese government and its state corporations are making in Ethiopia. The series analyzes the costs to Ethiopia and the benefits: the promise of electricity, a better economy, the growth of internet and cell phone usage; the environmental concerns and the impact upon the people of Ethiopia.

a film by Owen 'Alik Shahadah

Motherland (Enat Hager) is a bold, epic film through Africa with an African voice. Fusing history, culture, and political issues. Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent.

Lekatit 11 in Frankfurt, Germany!!!

Frankfurt is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On March 6, 2010

The Tigrayan community in Toronto is organizing its annual general meeting and dinner.
Date: Saturday March 06, 2010
Place: 125 Broadview Ave. (At St. Michael church Hall)
Time: 0400 PM

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