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In Ethiopia there is a saying: the dog keeps barking at the Camel passing by, but the Camel never... Gilgel Gibe III Hydropower Project,
stops continuing its journey...So is the camel we call Development in Ethiopia! Despite the distractions... Ethiopia
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Current Events
One Million Trees For Ethiopia

Ethiopia - Friends of Gibe Full steam ahead የ ወንዤ ልጅ

By: Semeon-...It was in total disbelief that we read these pronouncements from the "Friends of the Earth" crowd. They have become so brazen, so in your face that nothing and no one is spared their venomous attack. These self appointed guardians of the planet have gone so out of control ...

Interview interview with W/ro Fetlework G/Egziabher, head of Trade, investment and urban development, Tigrai Regional State, Ethiopia

HagerFikir Radio Interview with Mekonnen Kassa
(Hagerfikir Radio, 03/21/2010)

Evidence of Things Unseen: Secrets Revealed at the Voice of America

VOA-Amharic and Fairness.....Have Your Say!!
Do you believe in responsible journalism? Do you believe VOA-Amharic has been fair and responsible media? What comes to your mind when you listen to VOA-Amharic? That the station is biased and controlled by supporters of Ethiopia’s legal and illegal opposition groups? Should Ethiopia jam VOA-Amharic if and when it develops the technical knowhow to jam any radio station? Why is VOA allowing Oromiffa and Tigrigna programs to remain fair and balanced but not the Amharic program? Is VOA knowingly or unknowingly telling Amharic listeners as well as Tigrigna and Oromiffa listeners have different interest or different political mind set? It looks to us that way but what about you?... Have your say!

Interview with the Honorable Ato Oomot Olom Obang, the president of Gambela region
(Civility forum, 03/21/2010)

News & Analysis

Dam project on the Omo River in southern Ethiopia cannot be stopped says African Development Bank

A soure within the African Development Bank has told the Ecologist that the building of a controversial dam in Ethiopia cannot be stopped and will go ahead with or without international assistance. At 240 meters high, the Gibe III dam would be the largest in Africa and would double the country's electricity generation capacity.

Dam these patronising Western campaigns
The Gibe III dam on the Omo River in Ethiopa, once completed, will be Africa’s second largest hydroelectric dam. The third stage in a five-part dam project, Gibe III is expected to extend electricity access to large swathes of the Ethiopian population, to raise per capita income levels,...

To contact Ato Atakilti

IMF sees continued strong growth for Ethiopia
NAIRoBI (Reuters) - Ethiopia outlook is favourable but its government needs to step up its anti-inflation and foreign currency rebuilding measures, the International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday. The Horn of Africa country expects its economy to expand by 10.1 percent in the 2009/10 fiscal year, up from 9.9 percent in the previous year.

Fears over Ethiopia's press code for poll coverage
DDIS ABABA (AFP) – A new press code that sets guidelines for coverage of Ethiopia's elections in May has drawn fire from embattled media staff, who face fines and jail time if found guilty of violations....

Here in the US there is a very widely accepted rule where the media is prohibited/self censored not to report results from the East while the West and Midwest is still voting. Also after the Bush /Gore fiasco most pollsters have stopped throwing ill research poll results at the voters...this is what a responsible media will do! But, does Ethiopia have a responsible Media? Can it afford another election 2005 turmoil? We think not! Thus, better to for-warn abusers now!

Meles, Brown to meet in London Addis Ababa, March 22 (WIC) -The Guardian news paper, in its March 19th 2010 report, has quoted Gordon Brown saying that he would personally co-chair the first meeting of the climate finance group with Meles Zenawi, on 31 March 2010.

Eritrea’s diplomatic twists and turns
Since the imposition of sanctions in UN Security Council Resolution 1907 (2009), the Government in Asmara has been trying to use every trick it can to minimize the impact. The sanctions were imposed because of Eritrea’s acts of destabilization in the region,... It would be the easiest thing for the regime to stop its support for Al-Shabaab, withdraw its forces from sovereign Djibouti territory, and end its backing for armed opposition movements in Ethiopia. President Isaias will have none of it...

See Also:  A Week in the Horn (19.03.2010)

Nation to host 5th Int’l Conference on Federalism
Addis Ababa, March 18 (WIC) – The 5th International Conference on Federalism (ICF) would be held in Ethiopia from December 2 - 4, 2010.
According to a press release the 5th International Conference on Federalism Secretariat sent to WIC, the conference, to be held with the theme “Equality and Unity in Diversity for Development” emphasizes African, and specifically Ethiopian, perspectives in the international discourse on federalism ... See also:    ETV Ccoverage

US condemns Ethiopia for VOA jamming
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States condemned Ethiopia's blocking of Voice of America broadcasts, calling the country's accusations of the US radio service "baseless and inflammatory."
Didn’t the US block or deny Al Jazeera TV access to Cable TV or to that effect during the Iraq war? We are sure some of our resourceful readers will come with a precedence Ethiopia can use to silence the critics if it ever decides to Jam VOA-Amharic!
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