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4th Round Election Debate


On AEUP!!!

During the last US presidential election one of the Republican candidate decided not to campaign in the early stage! When pundits asked why, the answer they got from his campaign managers and aides was that he would join in the Florida campaign.
The gentleman was playing a pick and choose campaign, giving up on some states and over confident with some other states like Florida.
AEUP, after abstaining the first three discussions, for some "good reason" only known to it, has now decided to join the discussion! The Republican candidate never recovered from his mishap and never made it to the finish line of the pre-election campaign. Let us hope, for the sake of AEUP supporters, the fate of AEUP will not be the same as the gentleman from New York was!
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Current Events

PM Meles On Food Aid Politics!

Part I

Part II

Mr Isaias Afeworki Rant!!

Isaias Afeworki must think little about Eritreans! Otherwise he will not have ruled them with iron fist with no constitution and no rule of law. But did you know what he thinks about others?
In this Tigrigna diatribe with his tortured subjects from Debub Eritrea he talks about "sub humans" and humans! The people were probably angered due to the hopeless situation they are in but Isaias as usual spin his way out to lecture them about the "sub humans" that made their lives miserable! Ebud ReiEna Ayneabedn Kkoynu ember...Melsi's Neyruna..."(in short we could have answered him in kind but...)
Mr Isaias you can not fool people always, once may be! Get this the border issue has nothing to do with Eritrea's misery today.

Ethiopian Election 2010: Parties Debate # 3

News & Analysis
His Excellency Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s briefing to local and international journalists, March 18, 2010
English     Part I
Amharic     Part I    Part II

Seacom In Deal To Supply Broadband Capacity To Ethiopia
JOHANNESBURG -(Dow Jones)- The Seacom undersea fiberoptic telecommunications cable has secured a contract from Ethiopian Telecommunications Corp. to supply international broadband capacity via a link through Dijibouti, the privately- funded company said Thursday. Ethiopia's government is rolling out a $1.5 billion national initiative to improve the east African country's telecommunications infrastructure

Microsoft Launches IE 8 in Ethiopia
Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 8 in Ethiopia in a bid to protect internet cafes users' details from being stolen. The new product will address issues of security and safety on the net while surfing, according to the giant software company.

Medrek is campaigning in Mekelle:Is Medrek an offspring of Kinjit? For the record let everyone know that Medrek has unfettered access to campaign anywhere in Ethiopia in this election! We are sure this will come handy later on. We can guess where they are heading when they proudly confess they are Kinjit werash (inheritor).How is it when Eng Hailu, Ato Ayele Chamiso and Dr Berhnau are alive and kicking....more

Coalition of 10 to Observe Elections
The Coalition of Ethiopian Civil Society Organisations has become the first to be recognised by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to observe the national elections on Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

Sudan arrests Somali Islamist leader while trying to escape to Eritrea
March 13, 2010 (KHARTOUM) – Sudanese security services arrested a Somali Islamist leader while he was attempting to cross border to Eritrea, a Somali outlet reported today from Mogadishu.



Mark Your Calendar

Lekatit 11 in London!!!

London is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On 19 March 2010

Lekatit 11 in Atlanta!!!

Atlanta is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On March 20, 2010

We would also like to announce to all Queen Sheba Alumina Members and Supporters of the historic launching of Queen Sheba International Alumina at an Annual Meeting which is going to be a three-day event,scheduled for July 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2010 in Seattle, WA.
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Lekatit 11 in Minnesota!!!

Minnesota is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 09, 2010

Lekatit 11 in Columbus Ohio !!!

Columbus Ohio is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 10, 2010

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