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Thank you Reporter!! It is a heart warming story!

US Report on Human Rights: a cut and paste job, repeating last year’s errors

The US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor issued its 2009 Human Rights Report on March 11th. As has become usual, the report on Ethiopia, presumably as with other countries, contains the same repeated allegations, misrepresentations and tendency to use conjecture and anecdote and rely on opposition sources as well as accept groundless un-sourced allegations as plausible or even factual. ....
See Also:A Week in the Horn (12.03.2010)
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Current Events
Third Round Political Debate for Election 2010 -
Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

Nugusie from Hager Fikir Radio interview with Adal Isaw. The interview covered on 2010 election in Ethiopia, Federalism in Ethiopia context and the Ethiopian Diaspora

  • AEUO, EPRDF joint investigating committees confirm allegations of AEUO baseless

  • On the allegation of a Political Killing in Tigrai, Ethiopia
    (Aigaforum 03/08/10)- Ethiopian media in the country, be they government affiliated or private, have been mute on the news of an ARENA candidate death in Tigrai. Without a vibrant media who can play as watch man, running clean and fair election may be a tall task in Ethiopia. With the election nearing allegations are flying everywhere and the public is not well informed.
    VOA Interview with Hargu Mezgebe on the killing of Aregawi GebreYohanis

    News & Analysis
    Senior US Senators and Gen Ward recognizes Ethiopia as the main stabilizing force in the Horn region.
    Washington DC March 11 2010 (Aigaforum)-General Ward commanders of the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) AND U.S. Joint Force Command said Ethiopia remains a friend, a partner in our efforts to help produce stability in the region. General Ward said the work that Ethiopia does in the counterterrorism business as well as in the work of its participation in peacekeeping operations is important work

    EPRDF: The Change in Leadership
    (Translated by Michael Mered PhD)
    The need for considering a change in leadership has been on the agenda of the EPRDF Executive Committee for a number of years, not only in connection with the Chairman’s preference, but also to consider similar views reflected by other members of the leadership. Extensive studies have been made on the subject and a number of discussions have been conducted. The EPRDF Council has now made its final decision...

    Al Mariam caught with his pants down
    By Shashu Habtu – March 9, 2010- A restless hyena bites into a horn.“Ye jib chekule kende yinekis” is the Amharic translation. Al Mariam with his usual contemptuous article wanted to be the first to tell us “I told you so” taking Martin Plaut’s unfounded report regarding the alleged “laundering” of the money donated for famine victims in Tigrai.

    Dr Negasso and Siye are against Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution. The irony is how they have gone from one extreme to another. Their feeble reasons make us wonder why they have deviated from their original stand. Here are two of their flimsy reasons alleging it were undemocratic a) because EPRP, ONLF and others were not involved b) because the House of Federation as well as the executive power is problematic. When you listen to Dr Negasso in the following clips before and after Medrek (courtesy of ETN and ETV) you will be intrigued as to why he is asking voters to give him another chance. As for Siye he has truly lost it and totally abandoning the principle he had endorsed for years. It is high time that both retire for life from public office. Listen to their flip flop position verbatim.(updated)
    Dr Negasso and Siye then on...
      on eprdf


      on tplf
    Dr Negasso and Siye now on:
      on article 39

      federation house

    Successful Conclusion of the First Meeting of Ethio-Canadian Friendship Association
    The Embassy of Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Ottawa, Canada, is pleased to communicate the result of a successful meeting on March 4, 2010, to form the Ethio-Canadian Friendship Association.


    Mark Your Calendar

    Lekatit 11 in Minnesota!!!

    Minnesota is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 09, 2010

    Lekatit 11 in Columbus Ohio !!!

    Columbus Ohio is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 10, 2010

    We would also like to announce to all Queen Sheba Alumina Members and Supporters of the historic launching of Queen Sheba International Alumina at an Annual Meeting which is going to be a three-day event, scheduled for July 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

    a film by Owen 'Alik Shahadah

    Motherland (Enat Hager) is a bold, epic film through Africa with an African voice. Fusing history, culture, and political issues. Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent.

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