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On the allegation of a Political Killing in Tigrai, Ethiopia
(Aigaforum 03/08/10)- Ethiopian media in the country, be they government affiliated or private, have been mute on the news of an ARENA candidate death in Tigrai. Without a vibrant media who can play as watch man, running clean and fair election may be a tall task in Ethiopia. With the election nearing allegations are flying everywhere and the public is not well informed. An ill informed public could be swayed by demagogues and imposters and that cannot be good for democracy....

VOA Interview with Hargu Mezgebe on the killing of Aregawi GebreYohanis
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Current Events
Nugusie from Hager Fikir Radio interview with Adal Isaw. The interview covered on 2010 election in Ethiopia, DFederalism in Ethiopia context and the Ethiopian diapsora

  • AEUO, EPRDF joint investigating committees confirm allegations of AEUO baseless

  • Salient Steps taken by the government to make the upcoming May 2010 National Election more Democratic, Fair, Free and Credible in Ethiopia.

  • Second round debate between Parties competing in the upcoming Ethiopian Election

    Part I    Part II    Part III    Part IV

    ( In our mind Ato Ledetu of EDP has won the discussion so far, EPRDF needs to explain Federalism in Ethiopian context in time!)

  • Telling facts and figures about Ethiopia!!
    Ethiopia has significantly made deep going transformative headways in the last nineteen years after the irreversible debacle of the heinous and nefarious Fascistic Military Dictatorship and installing in its place a new and dynamic democratic...

  • Ginbot 7 also known as "girigir 7" run by the coalition of Andy(Andargachew) and Dr Berhanu supports Isayas Afeworki Regime. It is known to all Eritreans how the one man regime in Asmara has blackmailed Diaspora Eritreans to march against the UN Sanction but many may not have known "girgiroch" are also under the control of Isayas Afeworki.
    Watch and listen!

    ...then, all Ethiopian oppositions were against Eritrean independence and crucified EPRDF to let go Eritrea, today almost all oppositions are begging Wedi Afom Eritrea for help! It seems principle is out of the door so long power is attained! It has been a long struggle to expose the fake nationalism of most of the inept and power thirsty oppositions of EPRDF, but the struggle has been worthy!

    News & Analysis
    A who is who from the dysfunctional opposition to EPRDF are coming together in San Jose California
    (Aiga Contributor, 03/08/10)
    Dear Aiga, I saw a particular advertizment in you page in regard to Ethio-Eritrea relations and wanted to comment on it. Hope you post it.

    (San Jose , California)- A who is who from the dysfunctional opposition to EPRDF are coming together in San Jose California. I know and I hope dear readers know also, let alone such a "sebseb" even a well oil machine run by one man that goes by the names Shaibia and Derge did not deter EPRDF from wining both in the battle field and the fight against poverty.This being the fact, what prompt me to scribble this short note is that, hoping against hope that the San Jose Group...

    Geldof hits out at claim Live Aid millions diverted to Ethiopian rebels
    Bob Geldof has lashed out at British media claims that millions of dollars raised by Band Aid were diverted to Ethiopian rebels who used the cash to buy weapons.A former Ethiopian rebel commander told a BBC radio program that 95 per cent of aid money donated to help victims of the 1985 Ethiopian famine was siphoned off, The Times online reports.
    ... Geldof told The Times that “it would be a f***ing tragedy” if the people stopped giving to charity because of allegations made by the same broadcaster that inspired him to fight poverty and hunger in Africa.
    "If that percentage of money had been diverted, far more than a million people would have died,” he told The Times...Geldof blamed the story on the grievances nursed by the two former rebel commanders, who now live in exile in the Netherlands.

    Week in the Horn (05.03.2010)
    • An IGAD Ministerial Mission in Khartoum and Juba Minister Seyoum inaugurates Ethiopia’s new diplomatic premises in Khartoum.
    • The UN Monitoring Group report goes to the Sanctions Committee
    • Continuing bilateral consultations between Ethiopia and the United States
    • A European Business Mission in Ethiopia
    • Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) meetings deliberate on establishing the Nile River Basin Commission
    • Ensuring the integrity of the upcoming elections: the dangers of the politics of ‘incessant allegation’

    On Martin Plaut and Aid Politics
    (Aigaforum 03/03/10)-Martin Plaut is a self appointed expert on the Horn region and from time to time he has been trying to paint the horn region as gloomy and hopeless using one of the biggest media in the world, the BBC...Today Martin has found a discredited and run away ex-TPLF personality to defame TPLF. His source for a 1984-85 story (Ethiopia famine aid 'spent on weapons') is Aregawi Berhe and Aya Geremedhin. Ghebremedhin worked in the accounting and administration division of TPLF and defected to Derge after being suspected of embezzling funds... More

    Martin retreats! Based on his own words, the research was flawed and incomplete and is based on a disgruntled former TPLF leader who lost power. No NGO and no CIA told Martin his allegation was true... read between the line from his latest in his own words

    BBC's Ethiopia weapons report denied
    Ethiopian officials and [Christian aid] have denied a BBC report that millions of dollars in aid for Ethiopian famine victims in the 1980s went to buy arms.....Separately Irish rock star Bob Geldof - who spearheaded the Band Aid campaign and Live Aid concerts - described the BBC report as rubbish.

    EU implements international restrictive measures against Eritrea
    Brussels, 1 March 2010- The Council today adopted a decision[1] (5534/10) imposing restrictive measures against Eritrea in line with the United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 1907 (2009).
    The restrictive measures consist of an arms embargo, as well as travel restrictions and a freeze of assets against persons and entities designated by the UN sanctions committee[2]


    Mark Your Calendar


    We would also like to announce to all Queen Sheba Alumina Members and Supporters of the historic launching of Queen Sheba International Alumina at an Annual Meeting which is going to be a three-day event, scheduled for July 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

    Lekatit 11 in Columbus Ohio !!!

    Columbus Ohio is Celebrating 35th Anniversary of Yekatit 11 On April 10, 2010

    a film by Owen 'Alik Shahadah

    Motherland (Enat Hager) is a bold, epic film through Africa with an African voice. Fusing history, culture, and political issues. Motherland sweeps across Africa to tell a new story of a dynamic continent.

    The Tigrayan community in Toronto is organizing its annual general meeting and dinner.
    Date: Saturday March 06, 2010
    Place: 125 Broadview Ave. (At St. Michael church Hall)
    Time: 0400 PM

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