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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Government Teachers Consultation
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Documentary on Government effort on Agriculture. (This is a good Start for the new Communications office.)

Ethiopian Opposition: A heaven for Split!

With the unfolding drama, yet again, of the opposition, do you see a pattern among the oppositions? A pattern that is bad for democracy and the country. Kinjit came and went... Today we hear UDJ is going down the slippery slope of the pit many organizations are camped where... EPRP, OLF and many others have been. What can EPRDF as a governing party or even the Ethiopian government does to enhance multi party competition? And why is a split a killer to these organizations unlike the EPRDF which came out of a split stronger!...Have Your Say!
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Current Events

From and To Our Republican Readers

.. Comparing these irresponsible, stupid and poor Diaspora morons to the Republican Party is simply madness….
From Our Reader

Comment: Perhaps we have given the Die-hard opposition undeserved credit by comparing them to the Republican party when trying to draw parallels of what happens when a group is taken hostage by narrow base. We have not lost sight of the fact that the Party of Lincon has good ideas and the Republican controlled government had given practical support for Africa and Ethiopia.

Birds of the same feather - Parties in Crisis
The Republican and the Die-hard Ethiopian opposition seem to run in parallel these days - they understand change is in the air but fight it anyway or believe window dressing would do the trick with a short leash when things goes off their liking. There is nothing more symbolic than the bout b/n Michael Steel and Rush Limbough... more

Thought For today

Very narrow beliefs, interests and perceptions will make the world impoverished, predictable and dull. The very same world can be rich and exciting. The difference lies not in the world, but in the filters through which we perceive it. By Joseph O'Connor

UDPE-MEDHIN to EDP a Change of Name or a Change of Lane -

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MEET ETV- interview with the EDP VP W/R Sofia Yilma and EDP Head of Organization Dep. Ato Mesfin Mengistu.

Professor Mesfin warns UDJ from becoming another Kinjit!

(Debebe Eshetu has confirmed every one that got pardon got it through the same process. This contradicts Dr Yacob!)
(Aigaforum 03/03/09):-Professor Mesfin Woldemariam warns on impending dictatorship in UDJ. The professor after serving the most notorious dictatorship, the Derge, for decades has been warning left and right about dictatorship. If you recall he admonish Berhnau Nega and Engineer Hailu as power hungry and guilty of breaking up the then Kinjit. Now he is at it again with UDJ, a new upcoming opposition party. According to Dr Hailu Araya, UDJ has reprimanded Amiha Dagnew and has banned him for a month for transgressing party rules (see article); the question is who is next? The Professor?

UDJ internal crisis as explained by Shemels TekelTsadik
(we apologize for the readability)

(from our email folder)

Eritrean soldiers deserted to Ethiopia tops 5000
March 1, 2009 (ADDIS ABABA) — The total number of Eritrean military members who deserted to Ethiopia during the past few years have hit 5,584. Administration for refugees and returnees affairs (ARRA) disclosed.

Demonstration Update
The Ever Dwindling Diehard Opposition

       35 – 40 people showed up in today’s demonstration at the State department. It is to be remembered that this is the 3rd time a demonstration is called on free Birtukan theme. 130-140 people showed up in the first, a mere 25 people showed up in the second, and today 35 to 40 people showed up to paint a gloom and doom Africa and Ethiopia.

In a metropolitan area of 100,000 the diehard opposition can not muster 200 people in a well publicized three demos except the usual suspects.

UDJ Briefs Journalist
UDJ Briefs Journalist
(video source=ENA)

The difficulty of resurrecting Ethiopia’s image
(MoFA 02/27/09):-Hearing the western media telling it, Africa’s history is simply a record of uninterrupted crises of astronomical proportions punctuated by bloody coups and fratricidal conflicts. Reporting on Africa has almost always been sweepingly negative and has nearly succeeded in situating the continent...

Ethiopia under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
By Lee Jay Walker:- The nation of Ethiopia is blessed with a very rich history and in recent times this nation is being guided by the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). However, the EPRDF faces many major problems

Views, Commentaries and more...

Rule of Law: In Diaspora land and Ethiopia.
on UDJ and extermist fate!

Shiden Dembena - By Gebru Fano

Mark Your Calendar!

London welcomes you for belated Feb 11 Celebration!

You are all invited and most welcome to participate in the conference and contribute to discussions!

Place and time: Kungsängsgatan 12, 1 tr, Drakensalen, Mars 7 starting from 12 pm, with lunch

Organizers: Afar Friends in Sweden in collaboration with ABF i Uppsala län and with Uppsala, Sweden
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