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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Gordon Brown doesn’t need the advice of brooding pessimists.

In response to S.M.N.E.’s Open Letter to Premier Gordon Brown, By: Dilwenberu Nega,
The new Ethiopia is slowly but surely taking shape.So is its economy! The task of laying down the corner stones for future growth may be daunting but the result will be exhilarating and bright!...More from Addis Fortune
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Current Events

Ben's Point of View on Mekelle - Tubingen sister city saga

EthiopiaFirst, Mar 28th, 2009

A week in the Horn

(March 27,2009)

As if one needs to confirm the saying …you cannot teach an old dog a new trick, is true, oppositions in Ethiopia are forming yet another front called Medrek! Without learning an iota from Kinjit failures that is! Kinjit then was a hodge-podge “sebeseb of ye atbia arbegna dergitoch” who wanted to take over power straight out of DC and Mercato. Today Mederk is a hodge-podge “sebseb" of regional parties and paltalk talking heads, individuals who think high of themselves so much so they do not need to be a member of any party and those organization who think they stand for “all” Ethiopians.

How will Mederk avoid the pitfalls of Kinjit? Well do not ask Dr Yacob! Dr Yacob is either back paddling towards the exit from the Mederk house or UDJ is under stress from extreme supporters in Diaspora. Extreme supporters want to know why UDJ is joining what they call “tribal” and “secessionist” organizations like Medrek. Would UDJ's request to cherry pick Medrek's organization guideline sink the coalition? You would not believe what these supporters told Siye Abraha (one of the elders in Mederek) when they have him for an on line chat! Listen below

VOA Tigirgna Interview with
Aite Awash G/Michael and Yacob Endireas
on Ethio-Eritrea relationship and recent meeting held in San Jose California

Tadias Addis, a new FM Radio station, interview with Al Amoudi

Have Your Say!

The current opposition forces realignment is getting interesting. Who could have thought Eng Hailu Shawel organization will team up with EPRP knowing the Engineer walked out from EPRP’s baby, a Front called Hibert way back when! Also I thought Ginbot 7 was clearly going it alone but boy was I wrong!. Ginbot 7 is shaping to be the armed wing for UDJ, while EPRP is shaping to be for AEUP. What triggered me to send this comment is, the fact that, Engineer Hailu supporters, supported by EPRP supporters in Germany, staged a demonstration to stop Tubingen city from formalizing a sister city relationship with Mekelle...more...[Fanus from Germany]!

Thank you letter

Thank you letter from Feseha Zerihun, the Mayor of Mekelle, Tigrai Ethiopia to all participants of the Tubingen demonstration in support of Mekelle!

The Gibe III dam is under construction on the Omo River, approximately 300km southwest of Addis Ababa. It is the third in a series of cascading hydroelectric projects in the region.

The Political Instability Index
The Political Instability Index shows the level of threat posed to governments by social protest. The index scores are derived by combining measures of economic distress and underlying vulnerability to unrest. The index covers the period 2009/10, and scores are compared with results for 2007

Ethiopia is rated one among the highly stable countries in spite of what ill wishers think! This did not come easy though! The "enough is enough" campaign is working and extremists are getting less and less ears to cause social unrest.

Obama gives Carson African portfolio at State
WASHINGTON (AFP) — US President Barack Obama nominated career diplomat Johnnie Carson to be assistant secretary of state for African affairs, the White House announced. Carson is currently the national intelligence officer for Africa at the National Intelligence Council.

The Challenges of the Horn
(MoFA 03/20/09):-"Today", says Henry Kissinger in a book he wrote in 2001 (Does America Need a Foreign Policy?), "the Westphalian order is in systemic crisis. Its principles are being challenged,though an agreed alternative has yet to emerge."
For Your Information!
The Ethiopian Consulate General office in Los Angeles has now made available an online application form for Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation ( EEPCO) Millennium Bond. Prospective buyers can now fill the form and send their application online or type, print and mail the form to the Consulate General office. For an on line application form and instruction please click at application

The new consulate web has also an online visa and passport application forms as well as sample power of Attorney letters.

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Gordon Brown doesn’t need the advice of brooding pessimists.
In response to S.M.N.E.’s Open Letter to Premier Gordon Brown

Author and prolific writer Atakilti Hagos seeks your help! Aite Atakilti is an author of many books and one of the few authors we have who have written books in Tigrigna language. He is currently in the middle of finishing the script for an upcoming film based on the experience of the Revolution,also known as Woyane!, that toppled the murderous Derge regime in Ethiopia More on the upcoming film

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Welela Pure Natural Honey from Tigray

The movie "15 minutes operation" is to be launched in the USA, starting in Washington DC on Saturday 21 March 4.00 PM at Howard university Blackburn hall and touring all over the states there after... More

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