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The Truth: Reportage by Liliti Gebru Hagos - On Hedase Dam - June 2020


Tigrai TV(Amharic) - On Hedase Dam and WHNSC Statement and More...! - June 2020



Kush media- With Alula Solomon on Arbitration and the Elders trip to Mekelle - June 2020


DW TV: Please watch this!! It has an amazing interview from Tigrean Mothers in Axum and also an Ethiotube panel discussion about Abiy and his government response to Amnesty Report as well as to Tigrai's decision to hold an election! - June 2020


Hakfen Media- On Current Issues- June 2020


የአራት ኪሎ ዘበኞች
ኢዮብ ከጮማ እምኒ 06-15-20


DW TV- With Berhanu Belachew on Hedase Dam- June 2020


Please Help!!!


Stuck in the Past! My Foot!
Yared Huluf 06-12-20


Really amazed by the depth of leaders Baytona is blessed with! We think Tigrai will benefit more if the current legal oppositions find ways to form a front to become a formidable opposition to TPLF, however, if we must choose one for Tigreans to give chance to succeed it will be Baytona!


Watch the following clip on the state of black Americans by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia.
(Click to Watch)
It really is infuriating and embarrassing that such statements came out of the leader of a proud African country. Abyi Ahmed's shallowness has no limits. It reminds me a famous story of a princess in Europe. As the story is told, when the princess was told the peasants were hungry and have no bread, her response was "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche." Meaning "Let them eat cake."
I remember at one point The know it all Prime Minister drop the name of a famous black American author, singer, and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou, in one of his gospel based lectures. I wished he paid attention to one her famous poem, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
(HB from our email folder June 09, 2020)


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Indian American diplomat is nominated US Ambassador to Ethiopia
New York, June 18 (IANS) US President Donald Trump has nominated an Indian-origin American diplomat to be his country's ambassador to Ethiopia. Trump announced on Monday the nomination of Geeta Pasi, who is now the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Africa at the State Department.

Does this mean the "reformer" Amb Michael Raynor is done with his agenda in Ethiopia? Is Abiy slowly being left hang to dry so to speak?

Don't Doubt who sold Ethiopia's interest then and who is selling it now.
Zeru Hagos June 19, 2020 - Atse Yohannes lived and died defending Ethiopia's interest across the northern frontier. He defended the country against colonial Italy and defeated the Egyptians and Mahdist expansionist on many fronts until his death in Metema.PM Meles outmaneuvered and outsmarted the Egyptians and was able to convince most Nile basin countries to stand on Ethiopia's side when he started the Renaissance Dam. The Egyptians could not match...

Adios Hedase Dam! The White House Demands Abiy to sign on the dotted line - What an excuse!!

According to Ted's reliable source, we knew already weeks ago that Abiy has agreed to hand over nearly complete control of the Renaissance Dam to the Egyptians. Although Abiy is still trying to cheat Ethiopians that he has snubbed the USA and that he has declined to sign the Treasury Dept written agreement the truth is otherwise. As Amb Seyoum and Getachew Reda warned us during an extended interview with Tigrai TV the days left for Abiy to continue his lying campaign are numbered . The U.S is running out of patience. The time has come for Dr. Sileshi and Gedu Andaragchew to either join Atse Menelik and become the owners of a second Wuchale agreement or be the heroes like Belay Zeleke and Atse Tewodros!

Crisis Group's Unfettered Bias against Tigiray
Liul Kahhisay June 17, 2020 - In its ill-informed briefing titled "Bridging the Divide in Ethiopia's North" (Crisis Group Africa Briefing N°156, Nairobi/Addis Ababa/Brussels, 12 June 2020), the International Crisis Group has laid bare its woeful ignorance of the Ethiopian political and historical context and has unwittingly lent a hand to widening the divide in Ethiopia's north. In fact, the briefing might as well have come from the sworn enemies of the people of Tigray masquerading as independent analysts.

Birds of the same feather?
Tenbite Yonas 06-18-20 - To most observers of east African politics, the unlikely friendship that has emerged 2 years ago between PM Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afeworki may have seemed like a conundrum. If Abiy and Isaias' reconciliation, as representatives of their respective countries, was motivated by a sober desire for compromise in the spirit of peace and mutual interest, it would indeed have been lauded by all.

Problem and Problem Solving In Tigray
Sisay A. Teklu Development & Finance Consultant June 2020 - We all face problems in our personal life and at work individually or institutionally. Some of them might be minor day-to-day problems while other challenges that might arise can be much more significant and complex. Problem-solving is a systematic process of solving a problem when there is a gap between actual and expected results or something that is unsatisfactory for which a resolution or solution is needed.

Debretsion Calls for a National Dialogue Involving all Political Parties, Nations and Nationalities
Addis Abeba, June 16/2020 - In a statement released late this afternoon on the officials Facebook page Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), Tigray Regional State vice president Debretsion G/Michael (PhD) is quoted as saying that "if there is a need to have a platform for dialogue, it should be a a national dialogue involving all political parties and Ethiopia's nations and nationalities."Debretsion said this in the wake of a day-long dialogue with representatives of Ethiopian Inter-Faith Council,...

Debunking Ethiopia's Plentiful Water Resources vis-à-vis Egypt: A Closer Look at the Hydrologic Outputs -Evapotranspiration Part III
Tekleab Shibru(PhD) associate professor of Geomatics Chicago State University 06-15-20 - Evapotranspiration is among critical ecosystem processes, which facilitates water movements in hydrologic cycle and its redistribution on the earth's surface. However, evapotranspiration is also a mechanism by which available water on the surface and subsurface, is lost from the ecosystem into an unavailable water form. Such loss of water is a critical fraction of hydrologic inputs...

Tigray State Council Ratifies Regional Voting
Tigray State Council, in its 7th extraordinary session held today, has authorized the Regional State to conduct election in accordance with its constitutional duties. The Council emphasized that the election should be held with high care and responsibility amidst the Corona Virus pandemic having utilized previous experiences. The Council also rejected the constitutional violations by the Ethiopian House of Federation in putting off national election under the pretext of COVID 19 pandemic.

Indro Montanelli: Statue of 'racist' journalist attacked in Milan
Montanelli, who died in 2001, admitted having married an Eritrean girl aged 12, during army service in the 1930s.It is reported to be the first such attack on a statue in Italy in the current anti-racism demonstrations in the US and Europe. Sparked by the death of George Floyd in US police custody...

The Coronavirus Is Emboldening Autocrats the World Over
In late March, Philippine strongman Rodrigo Duterte rammed a bill through his country's parliament that granted him vastly expanded emergency powers, ostensibly to fight the novel coronavirus. The bill authorized Duterte to reallocate the national budget as he saw fit...
Does this sound familiar to you?

Is the Norwegian Nobel Committee Having a Second thought?
(Aigaforum) June 11, 2020 - The Norwegian Nobel Committee in an unprecedented manner is forced to release a press release affirming their decision to award the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize to Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia. According to those familiar with the Nobel Committee work, this is unprecedented for the Nobel Committee to do. The Committee doesn't usually issue such a letter lightly!

See Also:- Democracy imperiled in Africa by 'reformers' turned dictators
It is often forgotten that the worst dictators are often, early in their careers, lauded as reformers. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was initially embraced as a "pragmatist"...Now, it appears, another Nobel laureate, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, may be heading down the same path. Perhaps buoyed by the praise he receives on his frequent post-Nobel trips abroad, Abiy on Wednesday announced that he would remain in office beyond the end of his term. For all of Abiy’s enthusiastic and, at times, naive peacemaking abroad, his tenure has exacerbated ethnic tensions at home. Reelection was no certainty, but his decision to seek to hold power extra-constitutionally could precipitate conflict in Africa’s second-most populous country.

Yigermena lo!(ይገርመና ሎ!)While Tigrai is hosting thousands of Eritrean refugees the foot soldiers of Isaias Afeworki are conspiring with known enemies to hurt Tigrai and the people!... ትዝብት ነው ትርፉ...እንጂ ቀኑ ሲደርስ እንተያያለን!!Thanks, Liliti for transcribing the recording.(Must Listen!!)

UTNA Statement on Tigray State Council Decision to hold Election
UTNA 06-12-20

Dictatorship or Democratic Federalism -Whither Ethiopia?
Makonnen Tesfaye; June 10, 2020 - It is a sad day for democracy, self-determination and federalism in Ethiopia. The blatantly unconstitutional, indefinite postponement of the Ethiopian General Election and the indefinite rule by the unelected Abiy EPP Cliques is the final act that undermines the nascent democracy, the hard won self-determination and federalism of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia...

Speaker of Ethiopia's upper House resigns after polls postponed
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia's upper house speaker resigned on Monday in apparent protest at the postponement of planned elections in the Horn of Africa country over the coronavirus, a sign of growing tension between her party and the government.

The quest to save Ethiopia one more time has started in earnest. According to our reliable source, the following document and letter were delivered to more than sixty leaders of governments; international governmental and non-governmental organizations; and all neighboring countries (except Eritrea), the African Union; Permanent and Non-permanent members of the UNSC; UNSG; European Union; Regional organizations, and international advocacy groups such as ICG. The international community is on notice and will not have the luxury to say I did not know if God forbid, the worst comes true!

Memorandum on Averting the Looming Constitutional and Political Crisis in Ethiopia

Cover Letter to Memorandum on Averting the Looming Constitutional and Political Crisis in Ethiopia

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2020 All rights reserved.

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