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President Ambachew Funeral Coverage from Amhara Mass Media Agency LIve




FM 104(Medeb Wushate) Mekelle- Extended Interview with Getachew Reda-June 2019

Getachew has indeed become a true "hidri teqebali" leader. His honest and to the point answer as well as his wise advice are what is need of a political leader of the time!



2nd Tigrai Festival




Interesting discussion about Ethiopia, past, and present by former US Ambassadors to Ethiopia.

Many may not know it but Ethiopia and the late PM Meles are intertwined! The ambassadors could not finish a sentence without mentioning his name! There is a good hint of what is in the plan as far as the coming election, ethnic federalism, and economic liberalization. It is long but worth watching. The time is now to start a serious lobbying effort!


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Funeral Ceremony of General Seare and M/G Gezae Mekelle Tigrai - June 26, 2019

Farwell Ceremony Speech by Debretsion and poem read by AwetWedaj

President Ambachew Funeral Coverage from Amhara Mass Media Agency LIve

The Biggest Displacement Crisis That Almost No One Is Talking About
Monday's headlines, which saw the killing of a general accused of plotting a coup attempt, suggest the government's position is fragile. Ethiopia's current situation brings to mind Alexis de Tocqueville's famous warning that the most dangerous moment for a bad government is when it starts to reform. Ethnic conflict is surfacing. Much of the worst of the crisis has occurred in the country's southern region, where hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by fighting between the Oromo and Gedeo ethnic groups. Abiy is Oromo, and many of his reforms are meant to address the marginalization of several ethnic groups, including his own. But observers say the reforms have emboldened communal violence by Oromos.
While such displacement is happening the US and the British government has said nothing. In fact, if you read the recent embassy statements from Addis you would think if Abiy is becoming embolden to do more of the same thinking that is what the two superpowers wants him to do! What did Ethiopia do to deserve this?

Ethiopia's coup attempt spells disaster for its democratic transition
The biggest obstacle to Ethiopia's transition to democracy came knocking this weekend. In what officials described as a coup attempt, the governor of the northern Amhara region Ambachew Mekonnen along with advisor Ezez Wassie were killed. The regional attorney general Migbaru Kebede also sustained heavy injuries. The country's chief of staff Seare Mekonnen was also killed by his bodyguard in his residence in Addis Ababa along with major general Gezai Abera.
Now that Ethiopia is almost there to be called a full-fledged failed state, it will be interesting to know which one of the current 'democratic process' sponsors will cry foul first to intervene with force! It is a public secret the game plan was to force TPLF to become entangled in this quagmire so it is blamed as the main instigator and invite outside forces to intervene but so far TPLF has resisted the temptation! Ethiopia is going down.It is so sad to see its politicians failing miserably. If these politicians think there is a good ending for them they are wrong. Just open history book - Zeru Hagos June 24, 2019

Who is the mastermind behind the instability and current assassinations in Ethiopia?
Ermias Hailu June 24, 2019 - It is a well-established fact that Egypt has been "the behind the curtain" organizer, financer, and leader of the instabilities Ethiopia has been experiencing over the last nine years. Same is also true on the current instabilities of Sudan where Egypt and its "defacto colony Eretria" are jointly working to put their puppet government in Sudan and destroy the Ethiopia-Sudan alliance established by the late PM Meles and President Omar al-Basher.

Who released the monster out of his cage?
TeKa, 6/24/2019 - First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Ethiopian people and the families of those who were cowardly murdered while on their respective duties. You are our martyrs!Things may get worse, so there is no time to waste. Let’s talk about the hard facts. Now that we know only few facts of what exactly happened and who started...

Ethiopian Medical Student Earns International Award for Project to Improve Community Health
PHILADELPHIA, UNITED STATES--Yidnekachew Girma Mogessie of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a medical student at St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College, is one of 12 students from around the world named recipients of the 2019 Student Projects for Health awards presented by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®) and its Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER®).

ንስዋዕ ዘለና ክንዕወት ሙኻንና ስለንፈልጥ ዕዩ!! We sacrifice because we know we will win!!
We will fight armed with a just cause and in the end, though we will sacrifice a lot, we know we will triumph!!

Ethiopia at A critical Crossroad - Update 6-24-19
  • The Federal government has apprehended Col Demeke Zewdu the one accused of killing security officials in Gondar during Hailemariam Desalgn time. More arrest is expected in the coming days, sources told us.(Note - update 7-2-19- apparently col demeke was either not arrested or has been freed since)
  • The killer of General Seare and Gezae was seriously wounded and is still receiving treatment. Rumor has it he was wounded by family members of the late General!
  • The alleged killer of Dr. Ambachew is said to be Asamnew Tsige himself. Source told us he himself shoot Dr. Ambachew at close range.
  • Although there is a popular conspiracy theory as to who is behind the killing of General Seare, it seems Asamenw Tsige and his foot soldiers could be behind the plot as well according to sources.
  • There is high hope among many people this tragedy will bring together the country to heal since most EPRDF executives are believed to be in deep shock. According to sources many of those members who were denying the trouble the country was in are now realizing the country is hanging on a cliff by a thin thread.

  • General Accused in Ethiopian Coup Attempt is Reported Killed
    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - The general suspected of being behind a coup attempt in the Ethiopian region of Amhara has been captured and killed, state media reported on Monday. The suspect, Gen. Asamnew Tsige, is accused of planning gun attacks on Saturday night that killed four people, including the army's chief of staff and Amhara's regional president. A fifth victim, the attorney general of Amhara, died of his wounds on Monday.

    No Condition is Permanent. Our dark hours will also be no more.
    Teodros Kiros 6-23-19 - No condition is permanent as are our Ethiopian dark hours. At this point of uncertainty, however, hard it is to think coolly and rationally, we must for the sake of our historic land, the first home of the human species, use our public reason to assess the several scenarios which produced...

    UTNA Condolence Statement
    UTNA June 23, 2019

    UTE Condolence Statement
    UTE June 23, 2019

    How did Ethiopia get here! Is there any Ethiopian on Earth who can be proud of what is happening in Ethiopia today? Were we not warned then? Why can't Ethiopians use hindsight at least and learn from all the displacements, all the killings and say enough is enough!

    While regional leaders and army generals are killed in broad daylight, those clearly working with foreign agents and those leading mob justice politics are sleeping well in comfort. Absurd!

    Ethiopia's Army Chief Is Killed Amid Attempted Coup
    Reuters June 23, 2019, ADDIS ABABA - The chief of staff of the Ethiopian Army and at least three other senior officials have been killed in different parts of the country amid a coup attempt by an army general in the northern state of Amhara, state television said on Sunday.

    Failed coup sees Ethiopia army chief shot dead by bodyguard
    The incident began on Saturday evening in Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara, where the region's President Ambachew Mekonnen and Amhara Regional Government Office Advisor Ezez Wassie were killed from gunshots.

    Message to Dr Tadele Hagos TDA Director and Others...
    Dr Tekeste Yosef 6-23-19

    ከሹም ባሕሪ ዑስማን 6-21-19

    (Informative and very good analysis- Must Read!)

    Ethiopia Media Proclamation - Draft
    The draft proclamation will be presented to parliament soon to be enacted as law. The country is facing insurmountable difficulties to maintain law and order ever since the governing party the EPRDF became dysfunctional. This law will certainly be used by the current government to tame any independent media that does not tiptoe and support the government.

    ለምን ይዋሻል? ለምን ?

    ክፍል ሁለት  --------------     ክፍል አንድ
    ክፍላይ ገ/መድህን6-18-19 - በኢትዮጵያ ፖለቲከኞች ዘንድ አንድ የተንሸዋረረና የተዛባ ሓሰብ አለ፡፡ ስለ ህወሓትና የህወሓትና ኢህአደግ ስራ አስፈፃሚ ሰለሆነውአቶ ጌታቸው አሰፋ፡፡በኔ አሰተሳሰብ፣ አተያይና ካለኝ የሞያ ቅርበት ምክንያቴን እንደወረደ አቀርባለሁኝ ፡፡

    Social Justice in Ethiopia
    Assefa A. Lemu 6-19-19 - One of the political tactics to mobilize supporters is to coin or select new political terminology/terminologies or slogan(s) and rally supporters around that terminologies or slogans. For example, Medemeris the recent political terminology/slogan in Ethiopia around which Prime Minister Dr. Abiy wants to rally his supporters. These terminologies/slogans sometimes used as distinguishing factors. For example...

    Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2019 All rights reserved.

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