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If we did not compromise on who we were during the 1984 famine we can not do it now! The reasons we value who we are no matter what may be many but our culture is one! ሸጥ መዓንጣ and do your part to protect our martyrs legacy!



Colonel Kibrom Gebremariam Passed Away

Our Condolence to the family of Colonel Kibrom. Aigaforum is very grateful and blessed to have known Colonel Kibrom - Rest in Peace Brother!


Andargachew: 'Ethiopian PM Ahmed said release Tsege or I resign'


ሚሊሻና ይፍለጦ
መናእሰይ ይወደቡ ህድሪ ይቀበሉ
ሸጥ መዓንጣ ከምቀደምና!
(Forwarded, June 14, 2018)


A Candid Discussion with Gebru Asrat, former Tigrai Governor, and ARENA Tigrai Party Founder.
Part I

Part II

Following a long no war no peace policy, the EPRDF government announced it will start a new initiative to resolve the Ethio-Eritrea issue based on unconditional acceptance of the Algiers agreement! This sudden change of policy by PM Abiy has caused a deep frustration and anguish among many people. People living in the geographical areas affected are disturbed! Many more other Ethiopians are also bewildered why the government is trying to keep alive a dead Algiers agreement! One of the main reason Gebru left TPLF right after the conclusion of the last Ethio-Eritrea was due to his disagreement on the handling of the war and the policy the government was pursuing. Gebru has written a book on the issue and knows a lot behind the decision to separate Eritrea from Ethiopia that is causing the current grief. Gebru was gracious to sit down for an interview with us to discuss the current policy shift and the current economic liberalization and privatization the Abiy government is planning to implement.


Dr Desalegn Chane FULL Speech From National Movement of Amhara Convention- June 2018
(Was it PM Meles who said there is indeed an Amhara People or Prof Mesfin? Interesting Development! What will the good Professor and ESAT Folks say now!)


News, Analysis & Articles

A Bad Precedent: ‘Like Oromia, Like Sidama’
Kalayu Yohannes 06-17-18 The Machiavellian adage- ‘the end justifies the means’- may have worked well for many who want to come to power and retain it as long as they could. Nevertheless, not all have been fortunate. The violence and sheer hooliganism that almost broke Ethiopia into pieces is celebrated as a peaceful color revolution...

President Mulatu Inaugurated Raya University.
June 17, 2018 - Raya University the latest among the dozen new universities in Ethiopia was inaugurated by President Mulatu. Southern Tigrai is home to the renowned Tilahun Yigzaw, student union activist who gave his life in the early sixties. His death triggered the Ethiopian revolution that gave birth to the revolutionary democrats who are instrumental for the amazing expansion of higher education.

Adaptive Leadership: Suggestions for the Ethiopian Political Elite
June 16, 2018 - Leadership— the action of leading people in a nation or organization towards achieving goals—plays a critical role in society. Leaders of nations deliver high-quality political goods to citizens, including safety and security, rule of law, active participation and human rights, and sustainable economic and human development. Countries that had leaders with the capacity and drive to deliver these “goods” were able to advance their societies.

ዳዊት ምትኩ 06-17-18

Somalia, Ethiopia to jointly invest in four seaports on the Red Sea
MOGADISHU (Reuters) - Somalia and Ethiopia announced they were jointly investing in four seaports to attract foreign investment to their two countries, the latest move in a tussle for access to ports along one of the world’s most strategic waterways.
Is it us or everyone else who is bewildered by all the ports deals young PM Abiy is trying to invest and participate in the region? Sudan, Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia besides Kenya are all promised a joint investment to develop their ports! Does Ethiopia really have the know-how or money to do all of this or is it a wish list. Despite our reservation of such news because it is simply a propaganda to create a positive image by enablers of the status quo in Ethiopia, we are glad PM Abiy has at least highlighted the need to own a port! The problem is why is PM Abiy not worried about people- people like those in Badme and Irob and Bure! It is all about people PM Abiy, hear them!

Ethiopia says Sino-Ethiopia ties a win-win relation for both countries
ADDIS ABABA, June 15 (Xinhua) -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Friday that the comprehensive Ethiopia-China partnership is a "win-win relation for both countries."

Ethiopia says UAE to deposit $1 billion in central bank to ease foreign currency shortages
ADDIS ABABA, June 15 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates will deposit $1 billion in Ethiopia's central bank to ease foreign currency shortages in the Horn of Africa nation, an Ethiopian official said on Friday.
The Revolutionary Democrats managed an average of 10% growth over the last 15 years. In spite of the last five years tumultuous journey, the economy has been staggering to grow in part fueled by the well planned economic policies. Yet poor management and hostile neo-liberalists have got the better part of the country, thus why we are back to square one - begging! Sad! No one knows how much Egypt is involved in this deal, Hedase Dam could be at Risk!

Hojii Qonnaa ammayyaa'aa jireenya fooyya’aadhaaf
Yoonaas Toleeraa 06-16-18 Hojii Qonnaa yeroo jennu yeroo baay’ee akka oomisha callaa qofaatti ilaaluun xiyyeeffannoo keenya lafa qotanii calla oomishuu qofaatti kennaa turreerra. Keessumaa qotee bulaan Itiyoophiyaa, carraa haala qonnaa uumamaan isaaf mijaawaa ta’etti osoo hin fayyadamin ykn osoo waa’ee qonnaa haalaan adda hin baafatin hojii ...

አባልተው ሊበሉን ላሰቡ
ወንድይራድ ኃብተየስ 06-16-18

በአልጀርስ ውል መሰረት በሄግ የተወሰነው የድምበር ማካለል ውሳኔን አጥብቀን እንቃወማለን፣
ሰኔ 2010 ዓ.ም. በተለያዩ ክፍላተ ዓለማት የሚንኖር የኢሮብ ተወላጆች ሕብረት፣ የአቋም መግለጫ

An Open Letter of Solidarity with the People of Badme and Other Like it
Dear brothers and sisters, I am truly sorry for the inconvenience that is there, but I hope that the government peace initiative finds its place, you become an instrument for it and get rewarded for your efforts.

Managing Transition in Ethiopia: Averting A Looming Danger
Jawar Mohammed, for Addis Standard Addis Abeba, June 14/2018 – Since the Neway Brothers' attempted coup d'etat of 1960, generations of Ethiopians have fought and died for the ideals of a democratic republic where the rights, dignity and equality of citizens are respected and protected by law. Though the struggle waged for nearly six decades brought about notable progress
To be honest with all of you readers Jawar is becoming one of the success stories albeit for a different reason he is known for. He has written a sensible article! We have been arguing that rule of law and respect to the constitution are key pillars of any progress. What we really want to ask Jawar is who from the opposition groups does he think has a good economic plan and a good understanding of the political landscape in Ethiopia he is resting his hope? The sooner people like Jawar understand the international community will not come to rescue us in the event all hell breaks loose the sooner we will all come to the realization rule of law and respect to authority is a must in Ethiopia. Jawar የቆቱን አወርድ ብላ የብብትዋን ጣለች is helpful here. However, you see it, there will not be a peaceful Oromia or Ethiopia if all we have to show for is bravado and Qerro might!

Ethiopian to Start Flights to Barcelona, 13th Destination in Europe

Addis Ababa, June 15, 2018 - Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX certified Four Star Global Airline, has finalized preparations to launch new flight services to Barcelona, Spain as of July 01, 2018, deploying the ultra-modern B787– 800 Dreamliner.

Residents of Adi Grat Demonstration against EPRDF Decision to accept the now-defunct Algiers Agreement - June 14, 2018

The people have spoken, they want to remain sovereign! PM Abiy hear the people, respect the people's desire to remain Ethiopian! Do not be blind sighted by western machination when it comes to resolving the ethio-eritrea issue. It is not about borders but about people! It is mindboggling how Ethiopia has lost the Western support on this issue after it successfully lobbied to isolate and pass a UN sanction on Eritrea and its regime in the past!

Malteries Soufflet to build malt plant in Ethiopia
Malteries Soufflet, signed a land lease agreement with the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) to build a malt plant in Ethiopia. It will initially have a capacity of 60,000 tons and will be in service in 2020, according to the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA).

TPLF Central Committee Statement (Tigrigna)
June 13, 2018

TPLF Central Committee Statement (Amharic)
June 13, 2018

Mekelle June 13, 2018 - Statement from TPLF CC on current issues.
To Aigaforum Readers: Come rain or shine the constitution and law and order, should be respected at all time if peace and prosperity are to be a dream come true in Ethiopia! TPLF or any other political party in Ethiopia should fight tooth to nail to defend these pillars of a civilized society. Ethiopia is too expensive to be bought! Our brothers and sisters who gave their lives so Ethiopia is free are precious! ሸጥ ማዓንጣ/buckle up/ and be ready to defend the constitution.[From our email folder]

Soaring International Expectations
Ewnetu Haile 06-12-18 - A recent Bloomberg article entitled "Ethiopia already is the China of Africa" argues that the economic context of whether Ethiopia can become the China of Africa is short of providing the full picture of the similarities between the two rapidly growing economies. It contends that strong national history and the belief that their countries are...

Ethiopian bank robbers get stuck in traffic
Two would-be bank robbers almost had their escape scuppered by traffic in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa.The attempted bank heist happened late on Tuesday afternoon at the Bole branch of Abyssinia Bank.Two of the alleged robbers - one of whom is reported to be a security guard - fled empty-handed...
If law and order are compromised more glaring acts of defiance and crime will mushroom. It is the nature of capitalism and the capitalist system. The country will be at the mercy of God only if the constitution and constitutionality are compromised to appease lawbreakers!

Editorial: Post-project X for Ethiopia and Eritrea: How to move from CONTAINMENT to DÉTENTE
Addis Abeba, June 12/2018 – Comments on the “no-war, no-peace” status between Ethiopia and Eritrea can be viewed and/or assessed from three levels. At the diagnostic level, it is argued (rightly) that the border dispute that was presented as the official reason behind the outbreak of the war was simply a mask for other much deeper and complex problems
We do not usually cross-post from Addis standard but since they are the window to what the lords of the west think about the current issue we want you to read them! For some reason similar to PM Abiy the editorial board is using Kisinger's wisdom heavily! The problem is borders are about people! Our people are sovereign. If Isaias cannot live with a sovereign people as a neighbor too bad. PM Abiy there is no peace if you order uprooting our people!

Abiy Ahmed pulls off an astonishing turnaround for Ethiopia
Mr. Abiy, who took office on April 2, has been touring the country and promising, even more, change: He says the constitution will be amended to apply term limits to his position, which has been occupied by only two other men since 1995. The immediate effect of this reconciliation campaign has been to stem ethnic unrest that had been threatening to tear Ethi­o­pia apart. Mr. Abiy, who at 41 is one of the youngest leaders in Africa, is an Oromo, a group that makes up one-third of Ethi­o­pia’s population
We wish Western media outlets and their institutions like Amnesty International could be honest and reconcile their story at least!. Read the AI story below! While Washington Post is hailing PM Abiy and his achievements AI story is painting another story. Who to believe? Do you see how our mother country is run down to the abyss by less informed hired guns!

Ethiopia: Government must protect victims of escalating ethnic attacks
The Ethiopian government must intervene to protect thousands of ethnic Amharas who are on the verge of displacement due to violent attacks on their homes by ethnically-motivated youth groups in Oromia Regional State, Amnesty International said.Oromo youth groups this week surrounded Amhara homes, beating residents..!

H.G. Washington 06-11-18 - (PM desire to make peace with everything and anything is becoming a problem for those who desire the constitution to be respected. PM Abiy must know it is the constitution that is enabling him to be powerful! Do not undermine the constitution pls!)
Chicago Joins Ethiopian Global Network
Addis Ababa, June 11, 2018 Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased to announce that has it started services to Chicago as of June 10, 2018. The inaugural flight to Chicago was announced at a colorful ceremony held at the VIP Salon of Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

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