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Residents of Badme Public Demonstration Reportage - June 2018


Dr Desalegn Chane FULL Speech From National Movement of Amhara Convention- June 2018
(Was it PM Meles who said there is indeed an Amhara People or Prof Mesfin? Interesting Development! What will the good Professor and ESAT Folks say now!)



Ayte Redaei on Algiers Agreement and Tigrai Government Stand - June 2018


Zete Aiga: Interview with Tigrai Disabled Veterans Association - June 2018

Part I

Part II


General Samora Yunis Received Nation's Highest Honor during his retirement ceremony. June 07, 2018


ENN TV: Hawzen Ethiopia - Ginbot 20


EBC:Prof Medhaniye Taddesse on Ethio-Eritrea Issues - June 2018


ተው ሆዴ !
ገ/ኢ. ጐርፉ። June 2018


ቀይ ባህርና ጂኦ ፖለቲካው፡

From upcoming book: "The Ethio – Eritrean Predicament" By Solomon Barnabas (PhD)


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Soaring International Expectations
Ewnetu Haile 06-12-18 - A recent Bloomberg article entitled "Ethiopia already is the China of Africa" argues that the economic context of whether Ethiopia can become the China of Africa is short of providing the full picture of the similarities between the two rapidly growing economies. It contends that strong national history and the belief that their countries are...

Editorial: Post-project X for Ethiopia and Eritrea: How to move from CONTAINMENT to DÉTENTE
Addis Abeba, June 12/2018 – Comments on the “no-war, no-peace” status between Ethiopia and Eritrea can be viewed and/or assessed from three levels. At the diagnostic level, it is argued (rightly) that the border dispute that was presented as the official reason behind the outbreak of the war was simply a mask for other much deeper and complex problems
We do not usually cross-post from Addis standard but since they are the window to what the lords of the west think about the current issue we want you to read them! For some reason similar to PM Abiy the editorial board is using Kisinger's wisdom heavily! The problem is borders are about people! Our people are sovereign. If Isaias cannot live with a sovereign people as a neighbor too bad. PM Abiy there is no peace if you order uprooting our people!

A Candid Discussion with Gebru Asrat, former Tigrai Governor, and ARENA Tigrai Party Founder.
Following a long no war no peace policy, the EPRDF government announced it will start a new initiative to resolve the Ethio-Eritrea issue based on unconditional acceptance of the Algiers agreement! This sudden change of policy by PM Abiy has caused a deep frustration and anguish among many people. People living in the geographical areas affected are disturbed! Many more other Ethiopians are also bewildered why the government is trying to keep alive a dead Algiers agreement! One of the main reason Gebru left TPLF right after the conclusion of the last Ethio-Eritrea was due to his disagreement on the handling of the war and the policy the government was pursuing. Gebru has written a book on the issue and knows a lot behind the decision to separate Eritrea from Ethiopia that is causing the current grief. Gebru was gracious to sit down for an interview with us to discuss the current policy shift and the current economic liberalization and privatization the Abiy government is planning to implement.
Part I
Part II

ካብ ፍሰሃ ዉብነህ 06-12-18

Abiy Ahmed pulls off an astonishing turnaround for Ethiopia
Mr. Abiy, who took office on April 2, has been touring the country and promising, even more, change: He says the constitution will be amended to apply term limits to his position, which has been occupied by only two other men since 1995. The immediate effect of this reconciliation campaign has been to stem ethnic unrest that had been threatening to tear Ethi­o­pia apart. Mr. Abiy, who at 41 is one of the youngest leaders in Africa, is an Oromo, a group that makes up one-third of Ethi­o­pia’s population
We wish Western media outlets and their institutions like Amnesty International could be honest and reconcile their story at least!. Read the AI story below! While Washington Post is hailing PM Abiy and his achievements AI story is painting another story. Who to believe? Do you see how our mother country is run down to the abyss by less informed hired guns!

Ethiopia: Government must protect victims of escalating ethnic attacks
The Ethiopian government must intervene to protect thousands of ethnic Amharas who are on the verge of displacement due to violent attacks on their homes by ethnically-motivated youth groups in Oromia Regional State, Amnesty International said.Oromo youth groups this week surrounded Amhara homes, beating residents..!

H.G. Washington 06-11-18 - (PM desire to make peace with everything and anything is becoming a problem for those who desire the constitution to be respected. PM Abiy must know it is the constitution that is enabling him to be powerful! Do not undermine the constitution pls!)
Chinese ambassador rubbishes misconceptions about China's engagement in Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia said on Sunday that recent misconceptions that downplayed China's engagement in Ethiopia are against the reality on the ground.Tan Jian, who noted recent negative comments about China's engagement in Ethiopia that include a decrease in its investment in the east African country, said "such reports are not true."

On Ethiopia-Eritrea frontline, anger at Addis' olive branch
BADME, Ethiopia-Eritrea border (Reuters) - For the residents of Badme, a desolate border town in the war-scarred badlands between Ethiopia and Eritrea, new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s peace overtures to Asmara, Addis Ababa’s sworn enemy, are an insult to the living and the dead.The local anger is in stark contrast to the international plaudits Abiy has won for appearing keen to defuse one of the most intractable diplomatic disputes in the Horn of Africa.

የኢትዮጵያውያን ጓዳ! (ክፍል-3)
ፀጋዝአብ ተስፋይ 06-11-18

Chicago Joins Ethiopian Global Network
Addis Ababa, June 11, 2018 Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX certified Four Star Global Airline, is pleased to announce that has it started services to Chicago as of June 10, 2018. The inaugural flight to Chicago was announced at a colorful ceremony held at the VIP Salon of Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

Dr.Abiy Ministeera Muummee Itiyoophiyaati!
Yoonaas Tolasaa 06-10-18 Biyyi keenya Itiyoophiyaan Waggoottan lamaan darbaniif rakkoo nageenyaaf saaxilamuun ishee ni yaadatama. Rakkoon nageenyaa nu mudate kunis akka Itiyoophiyaatti kan tureedha malee rakkoo naannoo tokko qofatti murtaa’ee hafu hin turre..

ስውር መንደቕ
(ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ….መቐለ) 06-11-18

Where To Go From Here?
H. Girmay 06-09-18 - The plague of Byzantine intersectionality that had ravaged the country not in the distance past is once again rearing its ugly head to grab  political power under the guise of 'One Nation' and 'One oriflamme' but this time in the name of democracy and/or majority rule.

Ethiopia approves first GMO crop: insect-resistant Bt cotton
The Government of Ethiopia is the latest African country to authorize cultivation of biotech crops by granting two landmark approvals for environmental release of Bt cotton and research trials on biotech maize. In a letter signed by the Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change H.E. Gamado Dale.
This is a start to alter our environment by introducing GMO

Ethiopia and Eritrea; Difficult Choices for peace in the midst of a family feud
Sotal 06-08-18 - Searching for water in Northern Ethiopia and the Eritrean highlands, one does not expect to find water just by scratching the surface of the land or even digging few inches deep; no, it takes painstakingly calm character, patience and perseverance to digging deeper until

Solidarity with the people of Irob!

According to reports coming from Tigrai the people of Irob and Badme were very surprised and upset to hear the EPRDF government was agreeing with the now-defunct Algiers agreement. The EPRDF government is ill-advised on this issue. The proud people of Irob should be allowed to own their destiny! No more babysitting the one man regime in Eritrea! Look how civil the people are while demonstrating unlike what we saw over the last three years elsewhere in the country! Respect them for honoring and respecting the constitution. Do not decide on their fate.
Note: If Shabiya has his way he will finally succeed to defeat the king of kings Aiga mountain and put it inside Eritrea! Never! [Aigaforum June 08, 2018]

Ethiopia Appoints New Army Chief After Peace Vow to Eritrea
Compare the following two paragraphs in this story: 1) "Defense doesn't have ethnicity or race," Abiy said late Thursday in a televised address on the state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting Corp. “We should know that we die together for one country, for one flag.”
2)Seare succeeded General Samora Younes, another ethnic Tigrayan, who'd held the role since 2001. Abiy also named Adem, an ethnic Amhara as the new director-general of the National Intelligence and Security Services,

Can you see how the neo-liberals infested media is setting us to kill each other? PM Abiy said defense does not have ethnicity yet Bloomberg is telling us that is not true! This knowing Abiy being groomed as their man in town! PM Abiy stay away from these people and you will be a very successful leader! If not Ethiopia's future will be that of Egypt!

TPLF/EPRDF The Past and The Future!
Ermias Hailu 06-08-18 - From its humble beginning on "የካቲት 11, 1967", the Tigrayan People Liberation Front (TPLF) has evolved as the undisputed and formidable driving force behind the renaissance of Ethiopia. The TPLF won many bloody wars against its various rivals and came to power in 1991 as hard core of EPRDF coalition.

TPLF: On Ethio-Eritrea Issues and the Algiers agreement
TPLF will not compromise on Tigrean interest nor will it be a partner to any agreement to hurt its own standing among the Tigrean people! The statement says TPLF accepts to work wholeheartedly to resolve the ethio-eritrea issues once for all if the government in Eritrea is willing to discuss the Algiers agreement as a package!
Tigray Governance forum
A group of concerned Tegaru individuals has recently announced their preparations to undertake a forum that will deal with socioeconomic and governance prior agenda of people of Tigray in Addis Ababa.

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