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Current Events

Ben Commentary on ESFNA and Ethiopian based Artist(s) participation in the Event!Is the line being crossed or not?

Le Hedase/Abay Dam Mez'fen YeTesanaChew le maN LizeFenu nuW Yemi'metut???


Wurayna Magazine was able to sit down with Aboy Sebhat for its 16th edition. Aboy was asked the following questions and answered them one by one.


ዓለም ሰሚዓዶ??
ሃይለ ገብረትንሳኤ ዘቢሄረ ሰራየ
26 ሰነ 2015



The Eritrean regime may think it can continue to cloud its human right violation by invoking Ethiopia as the main reason for its cruelty but the UN and the world at large is not buying its argument. Eritrea's Ambassador was scolded and forced to cut his speech



Dr Arega of Midroc Interview .

Part 1   
Dr Arega was a guest of honor at Hedase le Ethiopia online discussion forum. Dr Arega shared his thoughts on 1) Education and Unity University 2) Midroc challenges and success 3)On Midroc Gold Mining activities 4) and Hedase Dam and collective responsibilities of Ethiopians. We will post the interview as soon!


Invitation to Invest in A Gambella Cotton Farm

For further Info Contact:
Gambella Cotton Farm
Tel: +251 936696442


Oromia Diaspora Festival


News, Analysis & Articles

India, China and the Rest of the BRICS Will No Longer Wait for a Seat at the Table
MOSCOW -- Sailing down the Moscow River on a cool evening earlier this month, I found myself in intense conversation with the chair of the...
Eritrean Demonstration Against Isaias Afeworki Regime - Addis Ababa June 2015

Close to 50 thousand Eritreans in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia demonstrated against the Eritrean Regime.
China announces they will be setting new gold price by end of year
On June 25, a representative from the Shanghai Gold Exchange announced that they are planning on establishing a new physical gold price mechanism by the end of the year that will compete with London and the U.S.
[What does this mean to countries like Ethiopia? Will they have to deal with two set prices?

Ethiopia defends detention of opposition Briton
Ethiopia defended its detention of an opposition leader with British citizenship on Friday and said he was being treated well...

UK tells Ethiopia its treatment of opposition official imperils ties
The British government told Ethiopia on Thursday its treatment of an imprisoned opposition figure, who is also a British national, was unacceptable and that the case risked hurting ties between the two countries
Is this an anniversary talk or the Ethio-UK relationship is such brittle which can be broken based on how Ethiopia treats Andargachew? We think it is an anniversary speech if not it begs an explanation! Didn't the UK apprehend an Official of the Rwandan government recently for alleged crime? Is the UK unaware of who Andargachew was?
Obama visit to Ethiopia brings fresh eyes to the country, say Seattle Ethiopians
President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to Ethiopia in July—the first visit for a sitting U.S. President— is an exciting moment for Ethiopian Americans in Seattle, and gives hope the attention will help erase the negative and outdated stereotypes of the African nation.
REST: Famed footballer pays prolific visit to Tigray
G/haweria Birhane REST-PR 06-25-15

H.E. Ambassador Negash Kebret Botora presented his letters of credence to the Government of Switzerland
Eth Embassy Switzerland 06-25-15

ላንቃ ለራሱ አልበቃ.....አይደፈር አምባው 06-26-15

የከፋው ሙስና.....ሳምራዊት ተክሌ 06-25-15

Yes, Africa Needs Gayle Smith
Tecola W. Hagos 06-24-15 - The United States was quite a different place in 1961 when the youngest president in the history of the United States, President John F Kennedy, consolidated the effort of the United States Government to aid economically challenged
Dear Tecola, I am liking you by the day. Unfortunately our brothers and sisters in the camp of extremism are blinded by can try to reason with them but know you are trying to reason wth Wedi Afom for he is now their supreme commander!(with big smile!).
The countries that love and hate America the most
The Pew Research Center recently released a study on how people in 39 different countries around the world view the United States.
Eritrea investigator calls for International Court probe
The Eritrean government faced renewed pressure over allegations of crimes against humanity on Wednesday, as UN investigators repeated their call for an international criminal probe into abuses.

Obama’s Upcoming Visit to Ethiopia Recognizes Country’s ‘Enormous Importance’
Atlantic Council’s J. Peter Pham applauds decision to add Ethiopia to African itinerary

Time to Listen to Eritreans' AgoniesHaben Wogahta 06-24-15

Can Ethiopian Democracy Thrive Without Strong Opposition?
Ezana Sehay 06-24-15

The 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

The United States sits at 19 and Ethiopia at 111 out of 175 surveyed countries--outshining 64 countries.Although a lot is remained to be desired in this area, I must say Ethiopia is heading in the right direction. Eritrea? Well, we shouldn't compare ourselves with anything Eritrean, but, just to mention--it is at 160. This is a generous placement for that pariah state—in my ...from our reader!

Ethiopia Boosts Federal Spending 20% to Improve Education, Roads
Ethiopia’s government will boost spending by 20 percent in the budget year that begins next month to expand infrastructure in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, State Finance Minister Abraham Tekeste said...[Is the defense budget enough to keep a well equipped and trained army? We all know what other regional countries are doing to beef up their military given the volatile region the Red Sea has become!]

Government in Ethiopia Is on Track to Win With 100% of Vote
Ethiopia’s governing party and its allies are poised to control every seat in the nation’s Parliament, according to official results announced Monday...[No surprise here! The country's economic recovery and growth is something the public did not want to gamble by giving power to the opposition! What will be interesting is if EPRDF could also win the majority Diaspora vote if given chance to vote! We think it could since the opposition is similarly despised in Diaspora for their ineptness and infatuation with the Asmara regime!]

06-24-15(Aigaforum welcomes the decision of the Association to work whole heartedly with TDA and other National Associations for the betterment of all Tigray. We encourage other localized Alumni and Dev Assoc to pass such resolution. It is a fact, the mushrooming of Alumni's, has hurt TDA and other national organizations in Diaspora!)

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2015 All rights reserved.

The Price of Freedom- Six Part Series -TV Tigrai Documentary June 2015!

I was not and am not a TPLF/EPRDF member but I feel the heavy burden of these Martyr's Hidri/Promise. We wonder, if those with political power and successful business people of our time, who can make a difference, also feel the burden of the Promise/Hidri. Thank You TV Tigrai!



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People to People Inc. (P2P)and The Network of Ethiopian Diaspora Healthcare Professionals Announce
7th Global Ethiopian Diaspora Conference on Health Care and Medical Education
September 26th , 2015
Washington, DC Metro Area


Tigrai Martyrs Memorial - Sene 15

June 28


The Tigray Community in Portland Oregon (TCPO ) Meeting
June 27;2015
Time - 3 pm
Location ;- Irving Park
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Tigrai Festival - Europe!

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