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Wurayna June Issue


Invitation to Invest in A Gambella Cotton Farm

For further Info Contact:
Gambella Cotton Farm
Tel: +251 936696442



DPM Demeke Mekonen Interview at Hedase Le Ethiopia

Part 1    Part 2
The Deputy Prime Minster was the guest of Honor of a Newly Opened Online Discussion Forum, Hedase Le Ethiopia, managed by "Laurate Tsegaye".The Minister answered questions raised from the audience and the moderator on many issues...(sorry for the audio quality)


Update: Saudi Star Mechanized Farm In Western Ethiopia-
in spite of the continuous negative campaign by the enemies of development in Ethiopia against, this company, Gilgel III and Omo Sugar Factory development all three are nearly finished and ready to contribute to the development of the country. Amen!


Ethiopian Legendary Musician Mahmoud Ahmed - 50 years of his music life


More on Diaspora Day Event from MoFA Officials


The Making of EPRDF
Part One

Part Two

You want to know how EPRDF came in to being and how and why the EPRDF Spirit(Woyanent) engulfed the country so fast and so wide covering north to south and east to west of Ethiopia? You may not know why the Oppositions are failing to win majority seat but after listening to the Senior Leaders you will understand why EPRDf is winning the vote. This was recorded during TPLF at 40 Event last February. (Must Listen!!) Aigaforum June 2015


News, Analysis & Articles

Traveldesk: best places in Ethiopia, shrinking hand luggage allowances and volunteer cruising
Ethiopian Airlines debuted their direct route from Addis Ababa to Dublin today (and onward to Los Angeles). As a result, Ethiopia promises to be an exciting new destination for many visitors

The Ethiopian government should investigate any alleged political killings and inform the public the outcome of its investigations. The opposition bad habit of blaming everything on the govt will probably continue with new vigor now that President Obama will visit the country; nevertheless, since people have been killed it should investigate and bring to court those who were responsible.
  • Alleged Killing of an Opposition Member - Arena
  • Alleged Killing of an Opposition Member - Semayawi

  • Africa's Star Airline Ethiopian Lands in Hollywood Star straddled City of Los Angeles!
    (Aigaforum) June 20, 2015 - For the first time Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 504 landed at LAX airport On June 20th 2015. The inaugural flight with a full load of passengers was late to arrive due to weather condition in Ireland but was warmly welcomed...

    ከአሸባሪዎች ስጋት ወደ ልማት...!
    መሐመድ ዓሊ (ከጅግጅጋ)06-21-15

    Ethiopian Airlines Commences Direct Flights to Dublin, Los Angeles
    Ethiopian Airlines has started the continent's first ever direct flights to Dublin and Los Angeles. At the inauguration ceremony held at the Los Angeles International Airport

    US President Barack Obama to visit Ethiopia on African tour
    U.S. President Barack will travel to Ethiopia next month, becoming the first sitting American leader to visit the African country.The White House said the visit to Addis Ababa will come after a previously announced trip to Kenya.While in Ethiopia, President Obama will meet with government officials and ... [Ethiopian Diplomatic Success is Amazing. Despite Ethiopia's desire to remain independent and chart its own course of development agenda, it has convinced, both the West and East, that it is, a partner not a foe to both camps!]

    IMF Staff Completes 2015 Article IV Mission to Ethiopia
    At the conclusion of the mission, Ms. Richter Hume issued the following statement: “Ethiopia’s state-led development model has delivered rapid and broad-based growth over many years. It has also reduced poverty significantly, while keeping inequality low. The outlook for Ethiopia remains highly favorable, reflecting its significant economic potential and productivity-enhancing investments and reforms...

    Ethiopia signs $120 million power line deal to boost exports
    ADDIS ABABA, June 19 (Reuters) - Ethiopia has signed a $120 million-agreement with China Electric Power Equipment and Technology for the firm to construct a high-voltage transmission line...

    Government poised to offer funding for 'second phase' of Girl Zone project
    The Department of International Development (Dfid) is poised to announce funding for a ‘second phase’ of the £54million Girl Hub project, which is designed to ‘empower’ girls in Africa. But the Independent Commission on Aid Impact watchdog today warns...
    Why EPRD Got the Majority Vote (Amharic)
    Feyessa Disassa 06-19-15

    Why are there so many military bases in Djibouti?
    Djibouti, a small country on the Red Sea, is already home to military bases from the US and France, the former colonial power, but China's interest is now becoming increasingly apparent
    The relationship between Ethiopia and Djibouti should be strong enough to withstand the potential ramification of east west presence in this tiny country. Ethiopia should look beyond its current need and develop a sound long term agreement with Djibouti. It is not hard to predict what the West will do to the political system in the country if they perceive China is becoming a threat!
    Ethiopia-British leader on death row ‘might’ escape execution: government
    An Ethiopian opposition leader with British citizenship on death row will not be pardoned but might escape execution, the government said ...
    [Why is the British govt giving Aid in millions to Ethiopia if they condone Andy's work and is asking for his release? Wasn't Andy trying to topple the govt with all means at his disposal? An Ethiopian citizen who could have been killed and maimed by Andy's mission should be important as Andy to the British!]

    Human Resource Requirement Plan For Selected Ethiopian Manufacturing Industry (2015-2025) - Seminar Held In Addis Ababa June 2015

    Reportage.......Aigaforum 06-17-15

    Ethiopia Keeps Going
    Amen Teferi 06-17-15 - Ethiopia is blessed with 60% arable land but like many African countries, it had been highly dependent on food aid. According to Food and Agriculture Organization, Horn African countries

    Regreening Ethiopian Highlands, step by step.
    17th June is the World Day against desertification. A good time to show how Ethiopian highland farmers have built miles of stonewalls and changed their way of farming to re-green barren lands....

    ስኬታማ የልማት ጉዞ
    ሽፈራው ለማ 06-17-15

    Hungarian-Designed Tram Built in Ethiopia Attracts Attention in Kenya
    A Hungarian-designed tram, built in cooperation between the Hungarian firm Dunai Repülőgépgyár Zrt. (DR) and an Ethiopian company in the African country, is attracting interest ...

    Sudan leader Bashir flies out of South Africa
    Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir, has left South Africa, pre-empting a court ruling over an international warrant for his arrest.The Pretoria High Court was due to decide whether he should be handed over to the International Criminal Court, ...[The court probably knew all along they were not in a position to do anything it was simply an absurd move!] ...See Also South Africa court bid to arrest Sudan's Omar al-Bashir

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    The Tigray Community in Switzerland Meeting
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    The Tigray Community in Portland Oregon (TCPO ) Meeting
    June 27;2015
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    AESONE 2015 Denver Event

    Denver - Aurora
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    June 28 - July 4th


    Invitation to a Ginbot 20 Celebration and General Meeting- Ethiopians and Origin Ethiopians Living in the Greater Tri State Area New York

    June 20 , 2015


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