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Little Spoken Facts, Untried Solutions: Revisiting the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict*
By D. Desta Exactly two decades ago, the first pages of a historical change were being written in the Horn. Change of political powers in Asmara on May 24 and four days later in Addis Ababa signaled a new era. A new country named Eritrea was born after 31 years of armed struggle and the responsibility of nation-building fell on the EPLF regime. In Ethiopia, too, a new leadership of EPRDF started running Ethiopian affairs under a different political arrangement... To date, nobody knows what exactly the net balance of the conflict looks like but there is visible signs the status quo as it exists now appears unsustainable. With certain caution, one may be able to predict the fact that a change is coming soon to the effect
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Current Events
Gezategaru interview with Aite Kiros GebreEgziabher head administrator of South (Enderta) Zone Tigrai, Ethiopia. Aite Kiros explained in detailed on the controversy surrounding the illegally built houses in and around Mekelle.


On "Beqa Campaign" and It's Utter failure...
We have received many articles that basically says "... told you so Ethiopia is not Egypt or Tunisia!" in reference to the debacle of the "beqa" campaigners and their promise of a revolution! We could not post every article for many reasons...but the following from one of the articles not posted caught our attention...the article sarcastically(we assumed!) said... one of the reason it failed was Eskinder Nega failed to show up at the "beqa" square with a gallon of unleaded gas and a match!...God forbid if he was thinking to do such thing but we are glad he did not do it!

ETV News(Amharic)

Dr Merara Of MEDREK on Abay Dam!
Dr Merara is known to say things without thinking twice about consequences. So far he has been able to survive many of his missteps. Not sure he will survive this one. We are still trying to find out what he was trying to say in the following clip... we think we heard him saying "that Hedase Dam is for Abay Lijoch not him!" Dr Merara you are on the spot, the ball is in your court...explain!
  Clip: Dr Merara on Abay Dam

A Fool’s Errand

The human rights impostors called for a day of rage
Cynically coveting the seat of power through carnage
The people instead expressed their feelings with a resounding message:
“Everything is possible
In a climate of peace and stability
No other way is admissible
Chaos and disorder will only destroy the country’s vitality
Even children would have scoffed at such a fool’s errand
Haven’t they heard we have found our own brand?
Our number one enemy is poverty and the Grand
Millennium Dam will be one of the main weapons to vanquish it
May the world come to know our precious independent national spirit!”
Yonas G.

News, Analysis & Articles

Pea Beans in Ethiopia: challenges of creating new Business Models for sustainable Livelihoods

Don Seville (

For Egypt, China is threatening the Nile
"The Nile Waters Agreement, which Egypt and Sudan signed in 1959, gave Egypt 75 percent of the river’s flow, 25 percent to Sudan and none to Ethiopia.."

A vicious attack by Egyptian lobbyists has started in the US against China and other nations investing in Ethiopia. How any sane person/country thinks the above so called agreement is fair and sustainable is beyond us. Let us hope Egyptian would realize sooner or later, preferable sooner, that a new agreement is a must and cooperation not arm twisting is the way to go. Ethiopia with or without an agreement will develop its rivers!

The Grand Dam: The Common Factor for Real Integration

Fanowedy Samara June 4, 2011- Water has been the prime prerequisite for human civilization at large and the demand for it rises over time in line with the ever growing development needs of the world population. This ever increasing demand for water entails a number of legal, political, social, pm...

Accurate prophecy needs to build on facts and reality
(MoFA, June 3, 2011)- There are still too many commentators from the west who appear to enjoy getting it wrong on Ethiopia. Rene Lefort once wrote a book on Ethiopia entitled “Ethiopia: an Heretical Revolution” but that was thirty years ago. A week or two ago he appeared to be poised to write about another revolution in Ethiopia, but this time his supposed new ‘revolution’ is more of a pipedream...
See Also:
A Week in the Horn(June 03, 2011)


Genenew Assefa June 1, 2011- It is a pity that Rene’ Lefort seem to have thrown his lot with the vocal Diaspora detractors of the Ethiopian government who, for the last 20 years, have been predicting and praying for its immanent downfall. Not least by holding vigils, burning candles, signing petitions, raising funds, all in the hope that one day their dream might come true...

Comment from René Lefort " Genenew Assefa comment on the article I have written - "Beka" ("Enough"). Will Ethiopia be next? - is literally astonishing. He has written a 2.520 comment to repeat over and over again, using different forms, that I had "prophesied Woyane's inevitable demise". But he is probably the unique reader of my article who doesn't understand that I have predicted exactly the opposite, as stated from the start in the second sentence of the subtitle: "It is unlikely that the opposition is strong enough to mount the kind of challenge seen in Egypt and Tunisia"." Regards, René Lefort

Addis Abeba: The new “New Flower”

(June 3, 2011)- Ankober was the first political centre during the reign of the Kings of Shoa notably Emperor Menelik. First trying to settle at the hills of Entoto, the Emperor was searching a city...

Dr Merara Gudina’s pathetic fallacy

Dilwenberu Nega June 1, 2011- Gone are the days when the people of Ethiopia used to give pride of place to PhD holders, when they used to look upon them as paladins of virtue and when they used to regard whatever they uttered as gospel truth...

Ethiopian Economy May Expand 7.5% This Fiscal Year

The growth rate may slow to 6 percent in the fiscal year to July 7, 2012, from 7.5 percent this year, the Washington-based lender said in an e-mailed statement today. The IMF’s estimate for 2010-11 growth is below the government’s projection of 11.4 percent for the period...

Twenty years and counting

Berhane Kahsay May 30, 2011- Over a million people turned out to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Derg in Addis, Mesekel Square, in the presence of PM Meles Zenawi. Similar numbers took to the streets of Makalle, Gondar, Adama and Awasa to name but a few...

by Berhanemeskel

Mark Your Calendar
Chuma by Yegerim Asefa

To all Members, Supporters and Friends of Queen Sheba Alumni –International in the Bay Area!

The Local Chapter is holding its annual meeting on:
Place: 2500 Masonic Dr, San Jose, CA
Date: 6/05/2011
Time: 2PM - 5PM

Please come on time and make every effort to attend.

To all Members, Supporters and Friends of TDA in North Carolina Charlotte!
The Local Chapter is holding its annual meeting on:
ዕሇት፤ June 4, 2011
ሰዓት 6:00 pm– 2:00am
ቦታ Charlotte Presbyterian Church
701 Scaleybark Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

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