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Meles Zenawi, PM of Ethiopia, TV interview, Insight -with Vickram Bahl
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Current Events
Comment--If Israel can survive and become prosperous with the limited water resource it has, it is unimaginable the Nile basin countries cannot survive with all the water resources they have! All it takes is for cool heads to prevail and agree a win-win solution.
With all the hype and full scale propaganda that is going on with Nile politics, we sure are glad Ethiopia today is led by able and astute leaders who can play the game and deliver results!
The Ethiopian mother in this documentray has said it all...she will die happy even if she saw the light at the end of the dark tunnel for one day! And we are sure you will all agree with us if we say to our mother...we, all her children, will do all in our power to keep the light on and never ever be turned off no mater what!

ETV News(Amharic)

Messebo Building Materials Production PLC inaugurated its second line cement expansion project in the presence of H.E. prime minister Meles Zenawi at the factory compound in Mekele, Tigrai on 25th of June, 2011.

Pencil Mountain founder on way to Africa

If there is one person who can win over even the most hardened Vaughan politician, it is pint-sized Maple student Hannah Godefa.

News, Analysis & Articles

Horn of Africa sees 'worst drought in 60 years'
The numbers now affected are huge, OHCA says: 3.2m in Ethiopia, 3.2m in Kenya, 2.6m in Somalia and more than 100,000 in Djibouti. Every month during 2011, about 15,000 Somalis have fled their country, arriving in Kenya and Ethiopia, according to OCHA. While conflict has been a fact of life for them for years, it is the drought that has brought them to breaking point. Many have walked for days, are exhausted, in poor health, desperate for food and wate ...

While the drought is sever and is causing hardship to many let us be mindful about the lords of poverty who sensationalize the story for their own selfish reasons. The Camps in Ethiopia are all located in border area and have been used to host Somali refugees as well. Despite the recent abduction of NGO workers by the ONLF,the Ethiopian government is making sure people affected are getting help!

Philips to introduce high-field MRI technology in the public sector in Ethiopia
The Philips Achieva 1.5TA high-field MRI scanner will be installed at both St. Paul’s General and Specialized Hospital and at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital, the two largest public hospitals in the country...

China premier's call for reform draws accolades and barbs
BEIJING (Reuters) - A vain "screen idol" or a prophet of Chinese political change? In the wake of China's crackdown on dissent, Premier Wen Jiabao has again promised China's citizens democracy and human rights. The response from seasoned observers in Beijing on Thursday ranged from catcalls to applause.

@natlsecuritycnn- U.N. Sec Council votes to send 4,200 peacekeepers to Abyei, Sudan, as part of a recent agreement between Sudan and Southern Sudan.

UN Security Council to vote on Abyei force Monday
UNITED NATIONS — The UN Security Council will vote on a resolution Monday allowing a 4,200-strong Ethiopian force to start peacekeeping duties in the disputed Sudanese region of Abyei, diplomats said. The force would monitor the withdrawal of north Sudan troops from Abyei as well as human rights in the region as part of its mandate, diplomats told AFP.

Ginbot 20 celebrated in SouthAfrica, Ethiopian Embassy

Export-led or Domestic Demand-led Growth Policy for Ethiopia: Getting Choice and Sequence Right
Tsegaye Tegenu, June 25, 2011- This piece of writing is a reflection to the news about Ethiopia’s power export to Djibouti and Sudan. The news heralds the shift of the export concentration from the predominance of primary products .

Eritrea: True to form… producing an ever-growing list of the “enemies” of Eritrea
June 24, 2011 (MOFA) -The government of Ethiopia recently made public some details of the terrorist campaign sponsored by the regime in Asmara and its effort “to turn Addis Ababa into Baghdad.” The scale of preparations and the amount of explosives of all kinds that were amassed for the campaign were certainly frightening.
See Also:  A Week in the Horn (24.06.2011)

Comments on “Little Spoken Facts, Untried solutions: Revising the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict, by Dade Desta”
Haile Desta June 23, 2011 -The article, “Little Spoken Facts, Untried solutions: Revising the Ethio-Eritrean Conflict”, by Dade Desta, attempts to galvanize all concerned people and as a result I hope it will bring vigorous reaction, especially, from the citizen of both countries to the issue he is trying to address in a fascinating way.

Servant Leadership: A Leadership Style Whose Time Has Come
Dr. Sertsu G. Medhin June 22, 2011- A crisis in leadership is brewing worldwide. Nations and organizations are becoming increasingly difficult to lead and manage. The ever changing social, political and economic environment is agitating followers to raise a new set of demands which is posing a serious challenge to traditional forms of...

If development cooperation with foreign investors not working what else should be the choice?
By W. Yilma June 21, 2011 I read Mr. Lester R. Brown article on Aiga forum website, which was published on New York Times OP-ED Thursday, June 2, under the title of “When the Nile Runs Dry”. Mr. Lester article is short, but it contains very deep and complex issues we Ethiopians should be deeply concerned with...

Ybel Industrial and Living Steel Construction introduced a prefabricated house construction in Ethiopia...... .....

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Yared Berhe /babush/ Madi Guana

NEW Abraham G-Medhin Tigrigna Music 2011

If you are lucky to be in Washington DC at the Queen Sheba Alumni Event July 2-3 You will meet Abraham and his....!

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