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Ethiopia Begins Electricity Exports to Neighboring Djibouti, Utility Says

Ethiopia began power exports to its Horn of Africa neighbor Djibouti, an Ethiopian Electric Power Corp. spokesman said. The electricity shipments began on May 27, Addis Tagele, a spokesman for the state-owned utility, said in a phone interview today from Addis Ababa, the capital.The connection will bring Djibouti cheap energy to fund its industrial development and is expected to generate $10 million for Ethiopia in the first year “The maximum at the moment is about 20 megawatts,” he said.
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Current Events

ETV News(Amharic)

Waltainfo Interview with Artist Solomon Tekalgn

Gezategaru interview with Aite Kiros GebreEgziabher head administrator of South (Enderta) Zone Tigrai, Ethiopia. Aite Kiros explained in detailed on the controversy surrounding the illegally built houses in and around Mekelle.


On "Beqa Campaign" and It's Utter failure...
We have received many articles that basically says "... told you so Ethiopia is not Egypt or Tunisia!" in reference to the debacle of the "beqa" campaigners and their promise of a revolution! We could not post every article for many reasons...but the following from one of the articles not posted caught our attention...the article sarcastically(we assumed!) said... one of the reason it failed was Eskinder Nega failed to show up at the "beqa" square with a gallon of unleaded gas and a match!...God forbid if he was thinking to do such thing but we are glad he did not do it!

Dr Merara Of MEDREK on Abay Dam!
Dr Merara is known to say things without thinking twice about consequences. So far he has been able to survive many of his missteps. Not sure he will survive this one. We are still trying to find out what he was trying to say in the following clip... we think we heard him saying "that Hedase Dam is for Abay Lijoch not him!" Dr Merara you are on the spot, the ball is in your court...explain!
  Clip: Dr Merara on Abay Dam

News, Analysis & Articles

H.E. Wzr/o Azeb Mesfin Speech On the Occasion of First Spouses on the Elimination of HIV in Children June 8, 2011 New York

June 10, 2011 (New York) –I am honored to be here today and would like to thank Dr. Sidibe for organizing this very important meeting. Dr. Sidibe has been a tireless supporter of our organization and we, the First Ladies of Africa, are grateful for both the financial and moral support he has given us over the years...Let me begin by telling you a little bit about OAFLA. Nine years ago, 37 African First Ladies gathered in Geneva to mobilize ourselves in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As First Ladies, we had a responsibility to be a powerful voice for Africa's most vulnerable-women and children

UK Ethiopian Diaspora celebrate the 20th anniversary of May 28 in London
LONDON, 9th June 2011- Ethiopian Diaspora members residing in the UK celebrated the 20th anniversary of the demise of the Derg, pledging to mobilize funds for the Renaissance Dam, a symbol of a viable and prosperous Ethiopia, in the presence of a high level Ethiopian delegation led by the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Hailemariam Desalegn.

Construction sector to create 1.2 mln jobs

Addis Ababa, June 10 (WIC) –The construction sector in Ethiopia, the fastest growing economic activity, will create job opportunities to over 1.2 million compatriots over the coming five years, Arkebe Oqubay, advisor to the Prime Minster with the rank of minister said.

Ethiopian Investment, Trade and Tourism Forum in London

June 9, 2011(Eth Embassy London)- The Ethiopian Investment, Trade and Tourism Forum, the first of its kind in the UK, opened in London today in the presence of Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, His Excellency Hailemariam Dessalegn, and Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Africa, His Excellency Henry Bellingham, MP, investors, entrepreneurs, invited guests and members of the Ethiopian community in the UK...

Models for Environmentally Sustainable Development: Reviews of Developmental State versus Employer of Last Resort-Led Development
Part I

Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D. June 9, 2011- As the tide of independence was surging in Africa in the 1960s, advocacy of the modernizing potential of industrialization was regarded as a means of overcoming the traditional African problem of dependence on agriculture. The theoretical insights underpinning this strategy were developed by W. Arthur Lewis...

Dutch Minister sees Ethiopia's potential

After a three-day work visit to Ethiopia Dutch Minister for International Cooperation Ben Knapen is favorably disposed. Despite concerns of human rights and imminent drought, he sees great potential for development, especially in the agricultural sector.

Spinning “Discussion Paper: Illicit Financial Flows from the Least Developed Countries: 1990–2008)”

By Mathza, 6/7/11- I was prompted to write this commentary after reading three articles that appeared in the internet recently*. The writer gives vivid and detailed pictures of the situations before 1983, May 20, 1983, after 1983 (all in EC) and today (a must read). Here is an individual who went through hell like practically all Ethiopians during the Derg regime and acknowledges and appreciates the peace, security,...

Ashegoda Wind Farm to start power generation in July

Addis Ababa, June 8 (WIC) – Ashegoda Wind Farm, Ethiopia’s first wind farm, is poised to start projection of the first megawatt of electricity in July this year. The wind farm project is under construction in Ashegoda, 20 km south west of Mekelle, seat of Tigray regional state, by Vergnet Group, the French turbine manufacturer and wind farm developer.

Ethiopia's Investment Plan May Be Unsustainable, World Bank Official Says

Ethiopia's dependence on foreign capital to finance budget deficits and a five-year investment plan is unsustainable, said Ken Ohashi, the World Bank�s country director for the Horn of Africa nation. IMF data show the economy has expanded an average of 11 percent over the past seven years

Ethiopia: Indian Firm to Design $78 Million Mekelle-Djibouti Railway

Overseas Infrastructure Alliance (OIA), an Indian company, was awarded a 78 million dollar contract for the design and survey of the planned Mekelle-Djibouti Railway Line by the Ethiopian government a month ago.

Speeding up Industrialization in Ethiopia: What works and what does not.

Tsegaye Tegenu, June 6, 2011- Ethiopia is today on quick race track. We are racing to avoid the negative consequences of population growth and pressure in the country. Population had grown more than five times since 1900, three times since 1955 and had doubled since the early 1970s. High population growth has come silently and enormously like Tsunami wave...

Mark Your Calendar

Alumni and Dev Associations Annual Event Calender, 2011

Queen Sheba -- DC July 2-3

Agazi -- Denver July 9-10
(Date has changed!!!)

Axum -- Denver June 26,

Awlaelo -- Atlanta June 18,

Shire -- Boston July 3

Enderta -- Seattle July 2-3,

-- Atlanta July 2,

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