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Developing countries join G8 at Huntsville summit
In a barrage of camera flashes, the leaders of seven African countries, Haiti, Jamaica and Colombia arrived at a resort in Huntsville, Ont., joining the meeting of G8 nations that opened Friday. Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed the select group of developing-country leaders after handpicking them to attend side meetings at the G8 summit. "I'd like to offer a special welcome to our new attendees," Harper told reporters. "I'm glad that once again we're able to build on the G8's strong tradition of outreach to African partners."
Discussions with the leaders of South Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Malawi, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Senegal will focus on development issues.
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Seattle Childern's Fire Fund

You might have read in the newspaper or seen a video clip of the fire that took five lives in Seattle just two weeks ago. Several people had asked how they could help and I am forwarding the information to you all.
Here are the names of the individuals that were the victims:
Eyerusalem Gebregiorgis, 22, Nisreen Shamam, 6, Nyella Smith, 7, Joseph Gebregiorgis, 13, and Yaseen Shamam, 5

Now if you want to send a condolence card or a check directly to the victims family here is the address:

Seattle Children's Fire Fund c/o Daniel Gebregiorgis
P.O.Box 75092 Seattle, WA 98175

You can also donate by depositing on any Bank of America branch in the US. Make sure you have your donation deposited to "Seattle Children's Fire Fund".

Tsehaye Debalkew interview with Hager Fikir Radio on "netsanet"(liberty) as it relates to Ethiopia and Ethiopians, Saturday June 19, 2010!!

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Ethio Canadian Communities Council Toronto Canada

Today June26/2010 members of Ethiopian community in Toronto came out in support of PM Meles Zenawi for his visionary role in reperesenting Africa in G8/20 here in Toronto Canada.

Ethiopians from all part of Canada participated in these Peacefull demonstration at Nethan Philips Square if front of city hall... Solomon Meconen Media relation officer

Caution needed against hasty assessment of 'Eritrea's renewed good faith'

The recent agreement signed between Eritrea and Djibouti to resolve their border dispute has received positive notice from the international community coming, as it does, from a regime that has been vehemently denying the very existence of any dispute. Various sections of the international community have been expressing optimism following the agreement, the assumption being that this is a positive indication that the regime in Asmara is mending its ways...
See Also  A Week in the Horn(MFA, 25.06.2010)


To be (A NEOLIBERAL) and Not to be (A LIBERAL):
A Rejoinder to Adal Issaw

Revolutionary Democracy Vs. Liberal Democracy:
A Belated Reply to Yosyas Kifleyesus�s Article

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