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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Ethiopia faces USD 1-bn shortfall in export revenues

Ethiopia's export revenues are expected to fall short of the target by more than $1 billion this year, bucking the positive trends of the past few years, an official report has indicated...Trade and Industry Minister Girma Birru said the only realistic goal he saw for the export sector was to try and match last fiscal's revenues. Admitting that it had failed to look for new markets


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Current Events

What Does Siye want inside "Medrek" in Ethiopia?
Says OFDM sympathizer.

Week in the Horn


Let us know if you have found ways to make this logic faulty!

Hebrezema Interview with Ambassador DINA MUFTI Ethiopian Ambassador to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

On Dambisa and Extermist!

“ The uncomfortable truth is that far from being a prerequisite for economic growth, democracy can hamper development as democratic regimes find it difficult to push through economically beneficial legislation amid rival parties and jockeying interests. In a perfect world, what poor countries at the lowest rugs of economic development need is not a multi-party democracy, but in fact a decisive benevolent dictator to push through the reforms required to get the economy moving ...” Dambisa Mayo (Dead End page 42)

The New Godat of the extreme Diaspora, on their way to Shabia after deafening us with Obama Mania, seems to like Dambisa Moyo as seen in the misplaced “Standing Ovation for Dambisa Moyo”article by a certain Belayneh Abate . Dambisa advice is to stop aid dependence and find other inovative ways and to also look into Asia and declare “China is our friend”. Infact, the Revolutionary Democrats of Ethiopia are one step ahead! They have formed close relationship with China. While Dambisa asks Africa to copy what the Asians have done, the Revolutionary Democrats have declared Developmental state that is developmental and also democratic!

News & Analysis

Eritrea Seems determined to extend its Isolation

(MOFA 05/29/09):-Two recent important developments have once again focused attention on the character and nature of the regime in Asmara. The first of these was the adoption by the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia of a measure concerning the property and interests of Eritrean nationals expelled from Ethiopia during the conflict in 1998-2000 for reasons of national security. This move by the Government seeks to provide a legal framework for the resolution of issues that have been pending on this matter for several years

Isayas Afeworki in an interview posted called those who advocate Asseb for Ethiopia as Sick and scoffed at the idea , to the nodding simile of the interviewers. Isayas said that Ethiopia can use Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan ports and Ethiopia and Eritrea can develop Assab and Mitswa and use it also!

Thank you, Mr. Isayas but we will not take your being bussy fending off THE CIA, arming terrorists and what not. Ethiopia is in the hands of a leadership that is guiding it to unpresidented development. Mind about the project planned for last year but shelved. Port is service and Ethiopia is using all neighbouring ports as sees it fit. His vanity did not allow him but he sort of said how Djibouti is not best option for Ethiopia. Well...Assab and Mitswa will remain swimming pools for Isayas and company including Camels for long time to come so long Isayas Afewoki remains in power in Eritrea or head down begs Ethiopia to use it!! See also:  Isayas interview with Swedish Media

Ethiopia completes study to build 246-MW hydro station
Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water Resources announced it finalized a feasibility study to construct a 246-MW hydroelectric station on the Genale River in Somali State

Somalia president accuses Eritrea of arming Islamists
MOGADISHU (AFP) — Somalia's President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Wednesday accused Eritrea of arming hardline Islamists fighting to oust his government, a day after his own palace came under a barrage of mortar shells.

See Also:   Africa Union Stands By Recommendation For Eritrea Sanctions
Former Presidents:
Federal Pension and Retirement Benefits


'Dead Aid,' Dead Wrong

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Reshan Gebre -- Hagerey

Habbo Project

Please write your money order or check payable to TDA North America and mail it to Dr. Teodros Taddese, -3636 16th St. NW 1049A, Washington, DC 20010, USA

TDA North America (TDANA) set to celebrate its 20th Golden Year Anniversary
The organization will hold its 20th Golden year anniversary in Washington DC starting on August 14, 2009. TDANA invites every one to join this historic celebration.

Detailed event plan will follow soon but if you have any questions call TDA NA head office in Washington DC for further information

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