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Weather Map for Ethiopia

Discussion on Ethiopia's Democratic process development- Part 1

Eritrea's contempt for International law

Eritrea’s leaders like to refer to their country affectionately as the youngest nation in Africa. Whatever they think that reference represents in fact, one thing is certain. Eritrea’s precocious talent for destruction and violence has grown to become its distinct characteristic and all too often it makes a point to flaunt it in wholly unwholesome ways...

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Current Events

Ethiopia in the news: This week!


Ethiopian government communication bureau program

PM Meles Zenawi Press Conference....(Part Two)
Topics discussed are: Economic growth, Hydroelectric projects & their political implications and more...
Part One

Appreciating PM Meles!!!

wedi weldi emo......Amir Dawood)

back by popular demand!!

More songs of praise birNihigo

Remembering Hawzien

  Sene(June) 15, Memorial day! remembering Hawzien!
(dimtsi woyane, tehadso )

The current young generation has a promise to keep. Our people who perished in a broad daylight bombardment left this Hidri (promise) written in blood. The young generation ought to take the motto never again and stand tall to guard the promise.

Our people may have defeated Derge and all anti peace and development forces in the cutthroat struggle 18 years ago, however, Derge remnants and other left over forces, are gathering in the corridors of foreign capitals to wage yet another “color” revolution to cause mayhem!

They were defeated squarely during their “ color” revolution in 2005 and they should be defeated with their planned “Twitter” revolution!

Aigaforum calls the young to stand tall against these forces where ever they are. Say never again!

ZelAlemawi Kebri Ni Swuat (Glory to all our Martyrs!)

News & Analysis

For your Information!

Some of you have asked us to find out more information on condominiums for sale in Mekelle City. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of individual unit cost and finance terms for different mortgage plans.
detailed price list    detailed price list(no geez font required)

Announcemnt of availability

Note: Some of the elementary schools listed as in progress or not complete in the table have been completed since!

Excerpts from an FT interview with Meles Zenawi, prime minister of Ethiopia.

FT: Africa seemed to do very well at the G20 meeting. Are you satisfied that what was agreed to is being delivered?
Meles Zenawi: Yes in the sense that unlike previous promises this time around roughly half of the fifty billion dollars....(

PM Meles to attend G8 Summit in Italy
Addis Ababa, June 23, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi is to attend the G8 Summit to be held in Rome, Italy representing the African continent, a senior Ethiopian government official disclosed

Africa worst at meeting U.N. anti-poverty goals
ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Ethiopia and Cape Verde are the only African countries on target to meet U.N. anti-poverty goals because poor nations have not received support promised by richer ones, a U.N. development chief told Reuters...

(Aigaforum 06/19/09):- After recuperating from a severe blow from the joint operation of the Ethiopian and the then Transitional Government of Somalia (TFG), the terrorists in Somalia seem to be regrouping. The recent terrorist act that took the life of Omar Hashi Aden and Abdulkarim Ibrahim Lakanyo, a former Somali ambassador to Ethiopia, is no doubt a blow to peace in Somalia. Both men were tough on terrorists and were instrumental in building bridges in the horn region...
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Somalia's parliament asks neighbors to send troops

Book Review by Let/ General Tsadkan (retired)
Professor Gebru Tereke’s book The Ethiopia revolution… was reviewed by three people at the Addis Ababa university. The three people were a prominent EPRDF fighter and General in the Derg’s army and a prof. at Addis Ababa university. The audience was large the presentation was scholarly.
Part One     Part Two     Last Part

Trademark License Agreement sign in Stockholm.
Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm and Lofbergs Lila AB of Sweden, sign Ethiopian coffee Trademark License Agreement on June 18, 2009, at the Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm. The agreement is signed in recognition to licensing and trademarking rights of Ethiopia’s specialty coffees... More

WFP Apologizes
The United Nation World Food Program (WFP) Apologizes to the Ethiopian Government for becoming the source of a smear campaign against Ethiopia
See Also: WFP letter to MFA

Security Council to Consider IGAD and AU Request to sanction Eritrea
Somali FM Muhammad Abdullah Omar told Asharq Al-Awsat that the UNSC will discuss an application by IGAD and the Peace and Security Council of the African Union accusing Eritrea’s intervention in Somalia’s internal affairs by supplying Somali opposition forces militarily, financially, and logistically. (

Germany commends Ethiopia’s role in ensuring stability in Horn,whole Africa
Addis Ababa, June 17, 2009 (Addis Ababa) - Foreign Affair Minister Seyoum Mesfin held discussion with his Germany counter part Dr. Frankwalter Steinmeier on issues of bilateral concerns and the horn, the Ministry of Foreign Affair said...Seyoum is expected to take part and deliver a speech at the annual International Berlin Meeting which attracts high profile personalities


Summer Commentary 2009

Mark Your Calendar

To all Ethiopians in Edmonton

Fund will go towards building Public Library in Mekelle, Ethiopia

Agazi Operation, a Hyper Film Production

  • July 11--3PM--Wahington DC HOWARD University TOWER AUDITORIUM ROOM

  • July 16--6PM--Oakland CA Congregational Church Harrison St

  • July 18--5PM--San Jose CA 2500 Masonic Drive

Time table for the screening of "15 minutes operation" film in your area
June 29     Chicago
July 04    Washington DC
July 05    Philadelphia
July 12    New York

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