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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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US Congress considers naming Eritrea as Terrorist Sponsor State!

(Aigaforum 06/12/09):- House approved H.R.2410: Foreign Relations Authorization Act Fiscal Year 2010/2011. During the voting Congressman Edward Royce (R, California) tabled amendment 195 on Eritrea.

Congressman Royce's Amendment on Eritrea stating Eritrea's support for the Al Shabaab and other terrorist organizations in Somalia and the threats such actions pose to the national security interests of the United States, calls for the Secretary of State to designate Eritrea a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and for the United Nations Security Council to impose sanctions against Eritrea
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Current Events

Aboy Sebhat Interview With VOA Radio.

Aboy Sebhat with Betreseltan from the Tigirgna program explained in detail the Ethio-Eritrea relation and the Algiers agreement status. And with Addisu from VOA Amharic program, well, what else, Kinjit type politics but this time Addisu seems to be a whole lot less rhetorical and even found non-Kinjit questions to ask!
  interview (amharic)
  interview (tigrigna)

Shashu’s Blog

When the going gets tough and the future seems bleak all you could hold on to is the fire within. Tap into the sea of your energy that will move and inspire you to fulfill your life purpose. What? Life Purpose? What life purpose? You may ask..... More

Have Your Say

For many Aboy Sebhat has been one of the pillar anchor for TPLF success and many believed without his presence and intervention during the many ups and downs TPLF went through during the 17 years of armed struggle it would have been very difficult for the Organization. Aboy Sebhat seems he is moving in to new challenges... Now that you have heard his interviews and eye catching remarks from Eritrea independence to the one man regime there and his view of “thinking out of the box” that is to think about a country and people and not about individuals and organizations what do you think about his at times philosophical message..for comment

Walta Information Center interview with Director General of the Ethiopian Environmental Protection Authority, Dr Teweldeberhan Gebregziabher
“The argument on the environmental impact of Gilgel Gibe III is totally fictitious. Ethiopia commenced the construction of the dam to generate electric power. Nothing comes out of the dams except water. The dam does not arrest the flow of the water. The water continues to flow after it drives the turbine. The turbines generate electricity, finished.” Dr Teweldeberhan Gebregziabher

It is EPRDF’s belief that its political principles need to be transferred to the new generation, Sekuture Getachew, EPRDF external affairs department head   Interview(

The city of Adwa and current development

Ato Araya Merid Adwa city administrator and Ato Beserat Kebede member of queen Sheba alumni discuss on development issues and the status of Queen Sheba elementary school. The elementary school has ceased to be a school and the buildings are falling apart due to age. The new city plan calls the land where the falling buildings stand to be developed for business.
             discussion(source VOA)
Aigaforum hopes the city government and people will preserve the historic nature of the school if and when they decide to develop the area, and also hopes, supporters and alumni members, will raise enough money to help preserve part of the site as historic with out hindering development. The area is prime area as it is in the middle of the city center.

News & Analysis

Jobs Guru Calls On Africans To Return Home

Yusuf Reja hopes to reverse the so-called "brain drain" by reconnecting African employers with members of the Diaspora scattered abroad in an effort to lure bright talents back home. Reja explains the idea behind his company, Zebra Jobs. ... Listen

Ethiopia’s main opposition party, EDP, vows to fight “MEDREK" another Opposition party.

EDP said MEDREK has become a hindrance for the democratic process and must be fought tooth to nail. This time EDP is not alone to call spade a spade when it comes to MEDREK, the Netherland government officials were first hand witness! Ethiopian will hold national election in 2010. Opposition groups have already started the turf war. It seems EDP very successful meeting in Awassa has cause a discomfort with UDJ and DR Beyene group!

Purdue sorghum researcher wins World Food Prize
Gebisa Ejeta, Distinguished Professor of Agronomy at Purdue University, on Thursday (June 11) was named the recipient of the World Food Prize for research leading to the increased production and availability of sorghum in his native Africa

Establishment of the Association "Mahber Kinkin Heyaw Haweltitat Millennium" in Tigrai National Regional State.

TPLF veteran and founder, EPRDF leader and elder statesman, Aboy Sebhat Nega, met with a wide range of Diaspora Ethiopians and discuss on wide range of topics.
Aboy Sebhat met Ethiopian community in and around Washington DC at a meeting held in the premise of the Ethiopian Embassy and was guest at Hagerfikir Radio as well as the online Ethiopian community world wide at large via Pal Talk and Internet radio. He also met EPRDF Supporters and individual community members privately.

In an extended interview with the online community Aboy Sebhat pleaded with the Diaspora Ethiopians to be part of the ongoing development effort in Ethiopia. He said people that know their weakness and strength would be equipped to chart a plan for a better tomorrow! He told audiences that we Ethiopians have a clear understanding of our poverty and backwardness. Aboy said EPRDF's strength is that the organization has clear understanding of Ethiopia’s predicament and that the organization has made sure Ethiopians know that too! This is unlike the one-man government in Eritrea who has fed false hope to its own people!

Reminding Andy and Dr Berhanu

Ben of ( commenting on current Diaspora politics)  and Dr Berhanu, Andy of Ginbot 7 have summed it up nicely as to who these two gentle men are. No one knows what Isayas Afeowrki of Eritrea told these two men to say and not say for sure, but, looking from their daily mantra it is fair to assume they were told to cry foul on behalf of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). But it is all to no avail! We think Andy and Berhanu know ANDM well to cry foul on behalf of them for any reason! ANDM/EPRDF is a time tested vanguard organization, but in case they have forgotten what they know about ANDM, we ask them to listen to these songs, written and sung by thousands of ANDM/EPRDF members when Andy and Berhanu run for their life when the tough got going. ANDM members persevered and won an epic struggle to defeat Derge!

  Song#1       Song #2

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