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Aiga Monument of Courage!
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Light For Ethiopia - Progress on Gilgel Gibe Dams    
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Who in the right mind will oppose such development and who with a sane mind will want to change the course with the unknown!
Bahir of the Fastest Growing City in Ethiopia!
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Current Events

A Week in the Horn


FM Seyoum Mesfin Explains the New Policy About Readmitting Eritreans

Interview with Ato Abay Tsehaye

Ato Abay Tsehaye is, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister and Executive Committee member of EPRDF/TPLF. The interview covers a wide range of topics.

Thought for Today

Organizational transformation begins with the personal transformation of the leaders. Organizations do not transform; people do! by Richard Barrett

   TPLF veteran and founder, EPRDF leader and elder statesman Aboy Sebhat Nega shares his views and understanding on current event ranging from Ginbot 20(May 20) Ethiopia’s National day and its meaning to the one man government in Eritrea. Aboy Sebhat said it is not Isayas Afeworki that is "sick" but the Eritrean people who have been hypnotized to believe whatever Isayas told them who they were and are! In regard to Dr Berhanu’s Ginbot 7 he said only a fool person will believe Dr Berhanu with his recent terror plot was trying to change the system! In regard to the recently issued directive to deal with returning Eritreans Aboy Sebhat said it was over due! Click to listen to the candid dialogue.

(Source Hagerfikir Radio)

News & Analysis

Ethiopia organizes business forum in Moscow to sensitize Russian tourism operators

APA-Moscow (Russia) Driven by high enthusiasm to widen strategies in promoting traditional and cultural tourism destinations among wealthy Russians, who are big-time spenders, Ethiopian diplomatic authorities in Moscow have moved another step further to organize a one day business forum with active participation of most Russian tourism operators to Africa, APA learns from embassy sources on Thursday.

From renaissance leader to pariah
" Was the man ever a renaissance? If he was then Dr Berhanu(G7) has a reason to visit him!(smile all!)"
( THE African Union (AU) has taken the unprecedented step of calling on the UN to impose heavy sanctions on one of its own members. It wants to punish Eritrea for helping jihadist fighters in Somalia with arms and training which it says have caused the deaths of many civilians and AU peacekeepers

For your Information

Ethiopian Embassy (Sweden)held discussion with Ethiopians residing in the Goteborg
A discussion has been held with Ethiopians and foreign citizens of Ethiopian origin residing in Goteborg, the second largest city of Sweden, and its environs on the situation prevailing in Ethiopia.

TDA North America welcomes Nashville branch
(Aigaforum 06/01/09):- Tigrai Development Association (TDA) which got started by Diaspora Tigreans in North America some 20 years will celebrate its golden anniversary this coming August in Washington DC....continuing on such success story Tigreans and friends in Nashville, USA, established a new TDA North America chapter...more

Memoir of Kobele, a poem
Kobele was one of the founders of ANDM, a selfless and heroic individual who gave it all to bring peace, democracy and prosperity. Kobele died a heroic death during the struggle to remove the Derge regime. The poem was read during the formation of the EPRDF youth organization.
Kobele Mastawesha will live on...even!

Trans-continental highway contractor to be announced
Highway to pass through Ethiopia, stretching from Dakar to Djibouti
The contractor for the Dakar-Djibouti highway construction project is to be disclosed shortly, Capital learnt. A meeting to study proposals of the contending companies was held two weeks ago in Addis Ababa. "Two companies from South Africa and Tunisia are competing to be awarded the construction deal for this huge piece of infrastructure,..(source: capital)


On Ginbot 7 and Elias Kifle

Not knowing what hit them the extremists have been in deep coma for the last week or so. What hit them was Ethiopian Eritrean Review exposé about Ginbot 7 trip to Asmara and the planned office inauguration in Asmara. All along they thought Elias the editor was one of theirs and can keep secrets!

'Dead Aid,' Dead Wrong

Mark Your Calendar

Be There!

Gezategaru online community(pal talk) will host a Sunday morning(June 7) discussion with Aboy Sebhat on a wide range of topics. Aboy Sebhat is veteran TPLF leader and founder as well as EPRDF leader and elder statesman. The discussion will be from 10:30 AM to 12 PM (EST) or 7:30AM to 9 AM (PST).

Habbo Project

Please write your money order or check payable to TDA North America and mail it to Dr. Teodros Taddese, -3636 16th St. NW 1049A, Washington, DC 20010, USA

Time table for the screening of "15 minutes operation" film in your area
June 07     Minnesota
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Conference Friday 7 August (9:00AM -19:00AM) & Saturday 8 August (9:00AM -13:00AM)

Haus der Jugend Frankfurt, Deutscherrnufer 12, 60594 Frankfurt For More

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