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Current Events

Betreseltan from VOA Tigrigna interview with ato Alem Biset from Tigrai regional government.

Betreseltan asked Ato Alem about the reported drought and malnutrition in Ethiopia. Ato Alerm denied there is any drought specific related malnutrition but that the deep rooted poverty is still a problem in many ways in Tigria!
  part I
Thank you VOA Tigrigna and thank you Betreselatan! We can only hope other regional governments will take matters in to their own hand and report of any danger caused by drought or otherwise! This will help in two ways: 1) if there is indeed drought that could cause famine down the road, people all over the world will be informed and lives will be saved by their donation and b) if the news is exaggerated or outright false, it will save many hearts from being heartbroken due to the dreadful news of famine that is being fanned by the lords of poverty.

Ethiopia drought: UK pledges £38m in food aid
Even if we believe the current drought is manageable and will not cause famine, we are just dumbfounded by the silence of the government of Ethiopia and its media outlets on this issue! How hard could it be for the government to be in front of this issue? Year after year it has to be dragged to explain and update! Bad habit! No wonder VOA and BBC are being sought as authorities by many on such news...sad!

Abstract submission extended to July 15

No agreement to extradite Berhanu Nega, US
(“There is currently no extradition treaty between the United States and Ethiopia,” said Diane Brandt, the US embassy spokesperson, when asked if the US will handover Berhanu Nega to Ethiopian authorities if asked to do so...

Comment- Many argue the failure of the opposition, the likes of Kinjit; to seize the opportunity given by voters during election 2005 was the main reason for their failure to garner any support during election 2010! Today, it is fair to say they have not only lost respect from voters, they have become a poster character for wanted men dead or alive! Who would have thought then with all the euphoria around Berhanu Nega becoming mayor of Addis that one day he was going to end up willfully as a promoter and leader of an outlawed organization that is in bed with Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea! Who would have thought Berhanu of all people would become the subject of extradition because of terrorism?

ETV News(Amharic)

News, Analysis & Articles

Analysis of the Outcomes of the 17th African Union Summit under the theme "Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”
In July 2006, the African Union Heads of State and Government that met in Banjul, Gambia, endorsed the African Youth Charter (AYC). The Charter is the political and legal document which serves as the strategic framework t

Queen Sheba School Alumni and Friends- International Holds its First Annual Conference!!
Tsehaye Debalkew, July 3, 2011, Washington DC- In what could be termed as an expression of nostalgia and a resonating atmosphere of feeling of togetherness, former students and friends of Queen Sheba School of Adwa, in Tigray, Ethiopia, converged for a two-day convocation and festival from all corners of the US and Canada here in Washington DC., yesterday.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the US Tells University of Mississippi Community of Ethiopia's Impressive Economic Climb!!
July 3, 2011, Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC- Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S. Girma Birru addressed Mississippi State University Community last Wednesday at the EF Yerby Conference Center on campus. In his address, the Ambassador impressed upon them the tough gains that Ethiopia has attained by registering double-digit economic performance in the last decade continually year in year out.

Greater Philadelphia Diaspora Association Raises Close to One Million Birr
Tsegaye Arrefe, July 3, 2011- In quintessential Philly fashion, the Greater Philadelphia Diaspora Association has embarked in a decidedly leadership role when it comes to shaping how the Diaspora’s action

An extraordinary session of IGAD’s Executive Council
(MoFA July 1, 2011)- The 39th extraordinary session of IGAD‟s Executive Council, the Council of Ministers, was held in Malabo... During discussions on the best way to deal with the problems posed by the Eritrean regime mention was made of the recent attempts by an Eritrean based-terrorist group to disrupt the African Union summit in Addis Ababa last January, and the bombing in Kampala which had resulted in the death of innocent civilians last year. The Council was told that the bombing in Kampala had been planned in Asmara under the code name of the “Asmara Retreat”.

Meles Zenawi, PM of Ethiopia, TV interview, Insight -with Vickram Bahl

PM Meles Zenawi, talks to Vickram Bahl of ITMN TV on Ethiopia's development, partnership with India and also on many personal decisions taken during his years in power. He also talks of his future plans after this current term as Prime Minister.

Language and Religion In Eritrean Politics
By Saleh "Gadi" Johar, June 29, 2011( countries known as Ethiopia and Eritrea today, are close neighbors to the Arab world. In fact Eritreans have been closer than most people would like to admit. For Muslims, they know that their Kur’an itself is called mesHaf, a word borrowed from Geez[1], metsHaf.

Ethiopia The Guard of Peace

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