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    Eritrea behind AU summit attack plot: UN report
    NAIROBI (Reuters) - Eritrea was behind a plot to attack an African Union summit in Ethiopia in January and is bankrolling al Qaeda-linked Somali rebels through its embassy in Kenya, according to a UN report.
    A U.N. Monitoring Group report on Somalia and Eritrea said the Red Sea state's intelligence personnel were active in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Somalia, and that the country's actions posed a threat to security and peace in the region.
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Current Events
If VOA is an Independent Media why isn't ETV considered an Independent?
In a stunning turn around, after years of playing deaf ear to complaints by many of its listeners and the Ethiopian government, VOA is revisiting and reviewing its coverage when it comes to Ethiopia. The VOA Amharic service has been the main target for the many complaints but of late one of its employee (David Arnold)who recently met Minister Bereket has been mired in false reporting. In fact VOA in unprecedented manner was forced to remove any reporting credited to David Arnold about his meeting with Minister Bereket from its web page. The reason given for the removal of the news item was the reporting was outright false. Many think such blunder may have helped the VOA board of governors to force a complete review of past coverage. To this effect the VOA seems to have decided its main target for its programming are the people in Ethiopia not the extremist in Diaspora. The extremist were ignored by VOA managers despite their plea to be heard last Monday(7/25/2011)
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  With Steve Redisch

Round Table Discussion about Ethiopia's Dams

For Your Information

From the newly instituted Diaspora office, Mekelle-Tgirai, Ethiopia.

Interview with Ato Getachew Belay, Director General for the Private Organizations Employees Social Security Agency

Ato Getachew explained to online audience at gezategaru the new Social Security Plan being implemented for all private employees. He explained the difference between Federal and State employee retirement program and private employee’s social security program. He also noted those private employees currently covered with provident fund will have the choice to join or not to join.
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FDRE Private Organizations Employees Social Security Agency (POESSA)

ETV News(Amharic)

News, Analysis & Articles

Full report of Somalia and Eritrea monitoring Group
July 28, 2011- According to the report “Asmara’s containing relationship with al Shabaab, appears designed to legitimize and embolden the group rather than to curb its extremist orientation or encourage its participation in a political process.
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Ethiopia briefs the United Nations Sanctions Committee.
The Ethiopian delegation had informal meeting with the United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee on July 27, 2011 to discuss on measures that need to be taken against the Eritrean regime. During the meeting, H.E. Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Christos, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia made an introductory remark briefing members of the Sanctions Committee of Eritrea’s regime pernicious activities to destabilize the region. Following Ambassaodor Berhane’s remark, experts who were involved in the investigation of the failed plot of the Eritrea’s regime to disrupt the AU Summit last January in Addis Ababa made presentations to members of the Sanctions Committee. The presentation of the experts was aided by video recordings of the interview conducted with the terrorists involved in the plot.
Statement by H.E. Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Christos, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Everything here is not a "bed of rose", but the future is promising!
Abraham Gebremedhin ,July 25,2011 Coordinator, Diaspora Affairs office of Tigrai
July 27, 2011- A press release stating on the opening of Diaspora affairs office of Tigrai National Regional state was posted on Aiga Forum dated on July 6,2011. Moreover, an interview with online audience at gezategaru was also conducted in helping to explain how the newly instituted office is ready ...

Horn of Africa famine: France warns of 'scandal'
More than 10m people are thought to be at risk of starvation and famine has been declared in two areas of Somalia.Al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda-affiliated group which controls large swathes of south and central Somalia, had imposed a ban on foreign aid
BBC Africa analyst Martin Plaut says many people at the heart of the current disaster - in Ethiopia - have emerged relatively unscathed. This is because the government in Addis Ababa has such an extensive safety net in place, he says ...

State Intervention in the Free Market Economy and the Developmental State: Reality versus Myth!
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, July 26, 2011- Benefits and drawbacks of state intervention in free market economy and the developmental state have continued to be the subject of an intense scholarly debate both from a virtual theoretical stand point and a practicable application on the ground. ...

The Ethiopian Middleclass & EPRDF's Future In The Eyes of The Diaspora
Genenew Assefa July 25, 2011- It is becoming increasingly clear that the last of the vocal Diaspora political opposition is losing altitude. As the political radar screen shows, it seems fated to take a nosedive and crash in the very metropolitan jungle where it was born and raised. Indeed telling signs of...

Somali pirates' attack on India-bound Ethiopian ship foiled
An Ethiopian cargo vessel was attacked by Somali pirates near the Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) in the Gulf of Eden. The Somali pirates launched the strike using rocket-propelled grenades which hit a crane on the deck of the ship. None of the crew was inured.The crew increased the speed of the ship and adopted anti-piracy measures to evade the attack. The pirates then tried to hijack the ship, but failed. The Ethiopian ship is now sailing towards India.

A Week in the Horn

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Hiyaw Ashera Clip

Denver for Hedase Dam!!!

Germany for Hedase Dam!!!

Las Vegas for Hedase Dam!!!

2011 TDA Europe Festival, at Stockholm!
Aug 26 and 27!

Bay Area Ashenda Party!!!!!

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