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Interview With Ato Abraham Gebremedhin, Diapsora Office Director for Tgrai Regional Governemnt, Ethiopia!
The decision by regional governments to open a Diaspora Directorate Office is a long overdue decision that will augment well the Federal Diaspora Directorate Office under the Foreign Ministry. Ato Abraham Gebremedhin is Director of the Diaspora office in Tigrai regional government. Ato Abraham during his interview with online audience at gezategaru explained how his new office is ready to help the Diaspora invest in their own mother land. He told the audience there are many well researched investment ideas and projects for the Diaspora to take advantage.
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Current Events
PM Meles Zenawi Interview with Meskerem Getachew

It is based on the documentary, Endegena

Thank you Meskerem and thank you ETV! This is a wonderful insightful interview. We hope this type of interview will continue. Infact we hope ETV will turn this to a late Sunday evening program where key figures will share their thoughts and views on a wide range of topics. For a starter it would be interesting to interview former leaders of the EPRDF govt! Let people hear what they think as far as the transition goes now that it has been a year since it started! What will they say about the Tehadeso movement with the advantage of hindsight? Ethiopia’s history of the last decade is rich, it can be told and retold by many, let us hear them pls!

ETV News(Amharic)

13 Red sea players go missing
The Citizen Reporter Dar es Salaam. The Cecafa-organised competitions are always fascinating events as they constantly supply moments of drama, brilliance and absurdity as the council has no idea of the whereabouts of 13 members of Red Sea of Eritrea.

Book Review
Hearts Like Birds.

Semere T. Habtemariam (2011). Hearts like birds. Elk Grove, CA: Negarit Media. 234pp, ISBN: 978-0-615-48427-3. $15.00 (Kindle Edition $7.95)
Review by Mekonnen Kassa, Seattle, WA.
In the interest of full disclosure, I came to know about Mr. Habtemariam, an Eritrean-American poet and author, while I was browsing...“Hearts Like Birds” is an absorbing literary fusion of history, culture, politics, religion, and folklore all rolled in to one book.

Lake Mekelle Initative!

This initiative is intended to inspire citizens longing to see Mekelle's advancement towards becoming a world class city. Implementation of this proposal is one addition that would excel the development and growth of Mekelle city

News, Analysis & Articles

Technological Response to Africa’s Horn Drought: Green Revolution as Policy Instrument

Tsegaye Tegenu July 16, 2011 Since April 2011, the international news media has zoomed in to the Horn of Africa to warn an impending drought and a possibility of massive scale catastrophe if there is a delay in international responses....

Note on the Economics Effects of Queen Sheba Schools on
the Town of Adwa

Desta, Asayehgn, Ph.D, July 15, 2011- Based on artifacts and historical relics, the ancient town of Adwa can be defined as the cradle of African civilization. Available archaeological evidence clearly shows that the town of Adwa is one of the principle homes of the legend of Queen Sheba...

A Week in the Horn

Part I       Part II

Ambassador Dr. Yeshimebrat Mersha Kassa presented credential to South African president

July12, 2011- Ambassador Dr. Yeshimebrat Mersha presented her letter of credentials to H.E. Mr. Jacob G. Zuma the President of South Africa, on 12 July, 2011.On the occasion, H. E President Jacob Zuma said the two countries have enjoyed long lived political and historical ties...

The Monthly Publication from the Ethiopian Embassy in London Ethiopian News (June Edition)

Boeing freezes 787 production line in place for fifth time

Boeing has suspended deliveries of 787 Dreamliner airplane sections from its suppliers to the assembly line in Everett and will hold the line in place a month ...Ethiopian Airlines, which previously had expected delivery of its first 787s to begin around the turn of the year, indicated it will have to wait some three months...

Ethiopia needs $398 million for food aid

Ethiopia said Monday it needed $398 million to help millions of people in need of food aid due to a severe drought. The Horn of Africa region has been hit by one of its worst droughts in decades which has left millions of people facing starvation

Lee pledges to support Ethiopia's economic development

ADDIS ABABA (Yonhap) -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak agreed Friday to provide active support for Ethiopia's economic development, pledging to significantly boost relations with the African nation that helped save the South from North Korea's invasion 60 years ago.

Remembering the Ethio-South Korean Friendship
Ermias Haile, July 9, 2011- A tiny country in the far eastern tip of the Asian continent, sandwiched between Japan and the People�s Republic of China, with a population of close to 50 million and once an economic basket case, South Korea has managed to transform itself...

Abstract submission extended to July 15

Mark Your Calendar
Tigray festival 2011, Washington DC!!

2011 TDA Europe Festival, at Stockholm!
Aug 26 and 27!

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